5 Questions That Will Help You Discover Your Passion and Calling in Life

Updated: April 19, 2024

Finding your passion is important if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Well actually, finding your passion is important if you want to be successful, period.

So how do you know your passion? How do you discover your calling in life?

Asking these five questions will certainly help.

Does it hurt inside if you’re not doing it?

Someone who loves traveling will feel bored and restless when they haven’t gone on a trip for too long. They’ll crave for that vacation because they’re tired and simply wants to rest and have fun.

Someone whose passion it is to travel will feel depressed, empty and even become physically sick when they haven’t been out for a few weeks.

They want to travel because that’s the only way they can truly feel well and alive.

Is it what you think about when the world is quiet?

We all have those moments of silence, when we are alone with our thoughts. When the outside world stops speaking, what does your voice inside your head say?

A friend, whose passion is baking, will have recipes running through her head.

That train of thought will not stop until the real world calls her back.

Will it be the one thing you’d choose to do, if you had the choice?

What would you do if you have enough money to do just one thing in your life? You’ll definitely choose the one that gives you the most self-fulfillment.

When asked what he would do differently if he can go back in time, a friend said he would take on photography earlier than when he actually did. He picked up his first camera in college, and he still feels he started late.

Do results matter to you?

Getting the best results is NOT as important as being able to experience the process. When you’re following your passion, what matters most is the journey, not the destination.

A true painter will always create art, even if nobody will buy it. A singer will always perform with passion, without expecting an applause.

Does it help the world become a better place?

To discover your passion means finding that opportunity to share yourself to the world. Following your calling is a selfless act of giving back to others.

That’s why the best teachers are not those that communicate well nor those that give the easiest exams. Rather, the best ones are those that make learning new things, a great experience for the students.

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  1. thank you for writing this article. I did experience some of the things that you mentioned. Our passions are known by our heart’s desires.

  2. Very timely… I’m having a dilemma because I just got promoted at work, but then I am thinking of pursuing my dream to be a professor of Psychology (that’s why I am taking my masters)… the sad thing is, the salary is what’s keeping me from taking the plunge. I know I’d love to teach but I also want to become financially free. Any advise ? :))

  3. this is really helpful I’ve always think about being an artist but I have this fear on becoming “poor”… I have a great job. But whenever i’m alone I always think about being someone else… I always planned on pursuing it and I told my friends about it… but reality always bumps unto me that I should think about securing my future first but until when?

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