Your Guide To Creating Your Dream Job

Updated: January 25, 2020

What’s your dream job? I know someone who dreams of becoming a National Geographic photographer, and another one who wants to be a chef in his own restaurant.

Then, there are some who dreams of becoming a famous actor, and those who seek fame as a world-renowned singer.

So again, what’s your dream job… and more importantly, how far are you from getting it? Do you still have a long way to go, or is it within your reach already?

Congratulations if it is the latter, but if not; and you’re unemployed or stuck in a job you hate, then there is no need to feel helpless and frustrated, because there is a solution to your dilemma.


Don’t wait for someone to give it to you. Don’t hope that you’ll soon find it. Because there is no need to seek it, if you can create it yourself.

Steps To Creating Your Dream Job

1. Know what you love doing.

Assume you’re a billionaire, but you need to find a job just to make yourself busy. Where would you choose to work? That’s probably your area of passion, and the field you should work on.

Being able to do what you love brings happiness and it’s something you should never ignore. Here’s how to find your true passion in life.

2. Know what you’re good at.

It’s been said that if you seek excellence, then success will follow. And the best way to be excellent at something is to hone the skills and talents already within you.

Ask yourself, among the things that you love doing – which are the ones you have natural aptitude in or at least, great potential to excel – and follow that path. Remember that doing what you’re good at brings self-fulfillment.

3. Draft a plan.

So far, it’s all been about your heart. Now, it’s time to use your mind and make a plan on how you can make your dream job a reality.

Are you going to start a business? Then here’s how you can get ready to become an entrepreneur.

Are you going to be a self-employed freelancer? Then here’s the first few steps you can do to prepare yourself to become one.

4. Make steady progress.

True success never comes overnight, and all the best and most satisfying accomplishments in life are those which you worked for over long hours, day in and day out.

Everyday is an opportunity to come closer to your dream job, so don’t waste your time procrastinating or getting distracted by things that matter less.

5. Find your market.

At this point, you may already be happy (as per the Venn diagram above) – but still short of good income. There is no need to worry, because with every moment you spend in doing… you become better and will start to attract wealth.

Take time to learn about, and reaching out to your market. Believe in your business and in yourself, but most importantly, believe that you have value to offer the world which others will be willing to spend for.


6. Build and leverage your income.

Nobody wants to work their entire life, and there will come a point when you just want to spend your time doing what you love and what your good at, without having to worry about the money that comes in.

This is why building and leveraging your earnings and your assets into creating passive income is important. At this point, you are at the “cusp of greatness” and there’s no reason to stop.

7. Be empowered.

Alas, the final step to creating your dream job is to feel empowered with the fact that you are now in control of your life. That you are actually, as the cliche puts it… “seizing the day”.

While the steps above forms just a very rough outline of what you should do, it is nevertheless complete in every sense. So there’s no excuse for not taking action today.

Stop blaming others for the lousy job you have now. Stop waiting for others to give you the dream job that you want. Instead, change your present and create your own future – it’s the most incredible thing you can do in your life.

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