Control Your Cellphone Expenses Through Globe’s Load Tipid Combo

Updated: January 26, 2012

A lot of my friends are on mobile prepaid plans and their primary reason is because it allows them to properly budget their cellphone expenses.

While I think that’s a generally good idea, I can’t help but notice how some of them don’t really get to save much.


Well because first, when they run out of load, they just immediately find a store to reload – which somehow defeats the purpose of controlling your budget.

Second, there are times when they would spend several minutes looking for an eloading store because none is available nearby – that’s an unnecessary waste of time in my opinion.

Third, as a prepaid plan subscriber, they don’t get to enjoy some of the perks of being on postpaid – like bill rebates and even free mobile phones every so often.

If you wish to actually save money on your cellphone bills while on prepaid, one should really decide on a workable and fixed budget, load that amount on your mobile phone once a month and stick to it.

Other than that, you can also apply for a postpaid plan which really offers opportunities to save money (and time).

I’ve been a Globe postpaid plan subscriber for more than 10 years now – and through those times, I’ve enjoyed as much as P250 a month bill rebate; got myself several free mobile phones (which I sold for extra cash) and never had to experience the stress of running out of load and disconnecting while I’m on an important call.

Currently, Globe is offering everyone the opportunity to experience the rewards of having a postpaid plan through their My Super Plan. And for those on a strict budget, I suggest you specifically look into the My Super Plan Load Tipid Combo.

This is their most budget-friendly postpaid plan which actually works like prepaid. Every month, your SIM automatically gets loaded with your chosen amount which you can use not only for calls and texts, but to enroll in prepaid promos as well.

And here’s where it gets better… when you’ve already consumed your available load, you can just go to a reloading store and buy more, just like prepaid. BUT if you didn’t get to use up all your load, then the unused balanced just rolls over to your next month.

The best part? All that load you get each month, including those which rolls over, NEVER EXPIRES – it’s just like being on their immortal load prepaid promo again.

The Load Tipid Combo is available for P300, P500, P800 and P1500 a month. They all come with free all-network SMS allocations and a… wait for it… FREE phone!

In the end, whether you choose prepaid or postpaid – remember that sticking to your budget is always a matter of willpower and having the ability to make smart financial decisions.

Willpower takes practice, but smart financial decisions can only be possible if we seek knowledge and become aware of the available choices ahead of us. This is how you change your destiny, this is how you create the life you want.

Learn more about Globe’s My Super Plan by visiting or calling their customer service at telephone number 730-1010.

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