My Financial Goals and Resolutions for 2008

Updated: September 28, 2014

The Chinese horoscope is welcoming the Year of The Rat this coming February 7, 2008. A lot of people, specially Pinoys who are followers of Feng Shui, are excited because The Rat has always been considered a protector and bringer of wealth. Personally, I see this as a good opportunity to set a few financial goals and act on a couple of resolutions simply because I’m all psyched up that making money this year will be easy, income opportunities will be plenty and earnings will be higher. With all the optimistic luck going around, I’m hoping that these financial goals and resolutions of mine for 2008 will be readily achievable, thanks to The Rat.

My Financial Goals and Resolutions for 2008
1. Push through with the t-shirt printing business that I’ve been planning for almost six months now.
2. Have at least 100 RSS and email subscribers and make at least P1,000 (approx $24) a month income through this blog by June.
3. Allot more time and budget in sales and marketing of my current business.

That’s it. Three things to keep me busy this year. Wish me luck specially on the first goal.


Moreover, I browsed the blogosphere and read what bloggers are hoping to achieve this year. Most of them like Juggler are hoping to earn more money from their blogs just like me. Fellow Pinoy, Marhgil Macuha, who also celebrated his blog’s anniversary, wants to expand his subscribers and page visits to earn more income. On the other hand, iamsutil says that his number one resolution is to learn how to save money, I hope you achieve that goal man!

Lastly, I believe that it’s not yet too late for you to make your own goals and resolutions for this year. If you want to read some guidelines on how to properly set goals specially for the new year, then I advise you read this article by Jim Smoot.

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