How To Come Up With A Good Business Name

Updated: January 9, 2024

Choosing an effective name is one of the first and most vital steps in putting up a business. But how do you generate a good business name?

This is important because, for starters, it’s the first thing that people will see. And the impression they get from your name will influence how they will initially react towards your business.

Will they become curious and inquire about your products and services? Will they remember you and go to your business when they need it?

A good business name will establish marketing recall and build early equity. And below are some tips on how to come up with the correct name for your business.

Speak to your target market

Your business name should reflect your target niche. Hotshots Flame-Grilled Burgers is a good example, the name employs the word ‘hotshot’ to describe young urban professionals, which is their target market.

Another one is Minute Burger which speaks to people on the go and tells them to go there if they want a quick hamburger. Visualize the people whom you want to serve and check if your business name will appeal to them.

Describe what you do.

Incorporating your main product or service in your business name is always a good idea. Bruno’s Barber Shop is simple and straightforward, while Creative Nail Salon clearly tells that they specialize in nail art and design.

Imagine your business name printed on a calling card and you leave it in a public place like a park bench. If someone finds your business card, would they immediately understand the nature of your business?

Keep it simple.

Your business name should be easy to say, spell and remember. Avoid unfamiliar words or tongue twisters. I attribute the local success of Hotel Sogo to this. The name is short and can be spread by word of mouth.

Imagine yourself dictating your business name over the phone; would the receiver clearly understand it the first time you say it and would he be able to spell it correctly?

Do not use trendy names.

When Pinoy Big Brother came out, I started seeing business logos and names patterned after the famous television show. Businesses named as Pinoy Big Burgers, Big Brother Karaoke Bar, and Pinoy Big Bistro were just a few that I remember seeing.

After these fads run their course, you will be left with a stale and outdated name, and that’s probably what most people will think of your business too.

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  1. I have a global webhosting business and I decided to go local. I added a Pinoy to my business name and even before I was ready, I got queries already. True a name means a lot.

  2. Your blog is getting better and better! Previous posts were good, but this one is just FABULOUS.

  3. My name comes with my email and so my birthday I was thinking about my business name it’s a foodcart franchised business what will be the tips you will share for my success?>

  4. ganun talaga.. sa negosyo di naman kailangan masyadong mahaba ang pangalan ng negosyo eh.. ang imprtante madaling matandaan at higit sa lahat maganda ang pakikitungo mo sa mga tao para mas makilala ka di lang sa pangalan pati sa pakikitungo…

  5. Is ‘Wesbyn’ acronym sound good for a business name? I intend to open an e-center in the rural area

  6. hi
    i am creating another computer shop, hard time of creating a new name, my sis says it should be out of the box or unique name, trouble is my ideas always within the box, any ideas…?

  7. Hi Allan, I think go with you sister… unique attracts more people, for example boring names I wouldn’t go and see, try a word backwards like Retupmoc (computer) Its VERY unique HAha lol

    Good luck

  8. Hi all of you have great points I come from a business background, and now starting my own fashion label all these rules also apply but its hard withe everyone using their names I want something unique as well for branding my label and company nny suggestions on the unique side?

  9. my husband and i are starting our own mechanic shop and cant think of a name or a good logo or a slogan for that matter. haha. Please help!!

  10. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for the tips..our family wants to start a business like water refilling station,but until now we haven’t come up a good name or logo yet,can you give us some ideas,please.THANK HEAPS!


  11. Hello,

    I am planning to put up a side business as an event stylist for children’s birthday parties, baptism…Can you suggest a good name for my business? I don’t want to go simply as Event Stylist or any formal name for my business.


  12. I’m trying to start and jewelry and craft website but I have a hard time coming up with names. Any suggestions? My partner came up with Amy Bear Creations. Amy for my name Bear for her nickname.

  13. I remember this Crispy pata place in the South called Crispy per minute back in the 90’s when the afternoon showbiz talk show was at the height of its popularity. Of course the name was amusing, but you’re right. The name just didn’t seem such a good idea anymore a decade later since the younger generation didn’t recognize the pun anymore.

  14. noemi says:
    January 6, 2008 at 11:21 pm
    I have a global webhosting business and I decided to go local. I added a Pinoy to my business name and even before I was ready, I got queries already. True a name means a lot.

    Hi Noemi,

    I’m planning to create a website for my new business.
    I’m hoping you could assist me in webhosting..

    How can I contact you?

  15. @Jed
    Noemi has already converted into private hosting. If you need assistance, you may go to – it’s owner, Mr. Ruel, is a friend of mine. He can assist you with your needs. Just contact him through his website.

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