What Is RSS and How Does Social Bookmarking Work?

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The internet is a rich source of information. If you like to surf, then chances are, you have a list of your favorite websites.

This list tends to be short if you purely rely on memory but with all the new websites and blogs which come out everyday, how do you manage to remember and visit all of them?

The answer is by subscribing to their RSS feed and sharing them in social bookmarking websites.

What exactly is RSS? The acronym stands for RDF Site Summary but has become popularly known as Really Simple Syndication. Below is a very informative video by Common Craft that explains RSS in plain english:

Social bookmarking has become very popular in recent years simply because it is useful and fun. It doesn’t only make you remember your favorite websites, but it also shares them to other people so that they can likewise read and enjoy those web pages.

Plus, it connects you with other people whose interests are similar to yours. Below is another video by Common Craft that explains what social bookmarking is and how it exactly works.


These modern techniques, RSS subscriptions and using Social Bookmarking websites, are currently the best way to read and organize your favorite websites.

You can practice now by subscribing to the RSS feed of Ready To Be Rich. Just click the button below:


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Additionally, if you find this article helpful, then why don’t you sign up in a social bookmarking website now and share this article to others.

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12 Responses to “What Is RSS and How Does Social Bookmarking Work?”

  1. Win $250 says:

    this is such an informative and helpful article. Many Thanks.

  2. Fitz says:

    Thanks pinoyunited.

    When I was still new at reading blogs, I’ve always asked these questions and found my answers from different websites. With this post, I’m hoping to provide my readers a one-stop and easy to understand article about RSS and social bookmarking.

    I’m glad you found it informative and helpful.

  3. Ambo says:

    thanks for this article. it’s such a big help to newbie bloggers like me. oh btw Fitz, i subscribe here via email.



  4. Fitz says:

    Thanks Ambo for visiting my site and specially for subscribing! Mabuhay!

  5. Lian says:

    Very useful.

    I am a freelancer data entry and I got curious about bookmarking job. I always see it being post.

    Now I know what is social bookmarking and how to do it.

    Its really cool. Simple to understand.

    Thanks Lee

  6. amy says:

    thanks..i really appreciate what you share. now i get more understand what the rss mean:-)

  7. hi mr.villfuerte, i had been reading your article since June, its so informative and very much helpful, specially for those aspiring entrepreneurs.I wanted to have my own business but don’t know how to start because i don’t have a background in this field. I’m a health care provider but i want to venture on food cart franchising business. By reading your articles this give me the drive to pursue my vision of having my own business. I’m leaving in a condo, i found the right location for my hopeful new foodcart business, just infront of my unit is a soon to be school area. I’m hoping to put my foodcart in the sidewalk just below my condo. My question is what are the necessary permits do i need to have and do i still need to ask a permission of our building admin.,or does the baranggay and mayors permit alone will do?
    thank you very much.

  8. Fitz says:

    Hi Andrea, please check out this post:

    Philippine Business Registration

  9. titaping says:

    thanks Fitz this is a big help… am on my way to start my own work at home plan… More power to you and God bless!

  10. I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research.;**

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  12. matagal na po akong naghahanap nito in other blogs and sites. dito ko lang pala mahahanap. and yes your site is the first in my list.

    by the way, do you know any pluggins about RSS feed that i can use directly in my blog?


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