Get Paid To Be A Mystery Shopper

Updated: March 15, 2017

Many people consider mystery shopping as one of their dream jobs. Who wouldn’t? It’s fun to get paid while doing something that you love.

Market research companies regularly hire secret shoppers to check how their client’s business is performing in terms of customer service.

Mystery shopping measures the consumer’s experience against the set standards of the company and evaluates if the business is delivering quality goods and optimum performance in service.

Being a mystery shopper is more than just going inside a store, buying a merchandise and reporting back how it went. Secret shoppers are like movie actors who need to memorize a script and follow a set of instructions while inside the establishment.

Aside from purchasing an item, they can also be tasked to go inside a store and complain about a service, inquire about a specific product, or simply observe the flow of business, among other things. A mystery shopper must have a good memory, is a keen observer and have satisfactory acting talents.

To give you a better picture of the several things that a mystery shopper does, here are some of my own personal experiences on three assignments.

Mystery Shopping as a Drive Thru Customer in a Fast Food Restaurant

I was tasked to evaluate the drive thru system of a famous fast food restaurant. Three branches were assigned to me which I was able to visit in two days.

Some of the things that I needed to do were to observe and take note of the cleanliness of the drive thru area, the efficiency and politeness of the staff, the waiting time in the car queue and the quality of the food they served me. Overall, this was an easy assignment.

Mystery Shopping as a New Depositor in a Commercial Bank

I was tasked to open an ATM account in a commercial bank. I’m supposed to pretend that it’s my first time to open a savings account and had a script of questions which I needed to ask them.

I am required to remember and report back the answers which the bank representative gave me and likewise note the time it took for them to complete and process my application. This was again an easy task, the only thing I didn’t like is that I had to wait for a month before I can close the account so I can get my money back without incurring penalty for early closure.

Mystery Shopping as an Interested Buyer in a Car Dealer Shop

I was tasked to inquire and pretend that I’m interested in buying a car from a dealer. I had to ask the salesman several questions and likewise report back his answers. I also needed to take note of how the payment options was presented and explained to me.

This assignment was difficult for me because I had little knowledge about cars and the assignment required me to carry a natural conversation with the dealer about motor and engine performance specifications.

How To Be A Mystery Shopper

If you think that you can do this type of freelance work, then your first task is to find a legitimate company where you can get your assignments. There are many promoters out there who shamelessly scam consumers into becoming a mystery shopper, so beware.

The first thing that you need to know is that applying as a mystery shopper DOES NOT cost anything. You will not be required to pay a sign-up fee. You don’t need to enroll and purchase information for a certification program.

Simply put, you do not have to give them money for any reason. Moreover, fraudulent mystery shopping promoters often use anonymous newspaper ads and unsolicited emails to get victims.

Do your homework and do a background check. Visit their office if possible. It will also be helpful if you can check with your local business directories to make sure that the promoter is listed or registered.

At current, there are a few companies that offer mystery shopping jobs. Among those I know are Prestige Research PH, SatisFIND, and Shop’N Chek Philippines. I got my mystery shopping job opportunities from the last one, Shop’N Chek.

The payment is reasonable and you will be assigned to establishments in your city. Furthermore, as it is a part-time job, you are not obligated to accept every assignment given to you. Just politely refuse it if it’s in conflict with your schedule.

That’s it! Good luck and happy mystery shopping!

It’s been awhile since I did mystery shopping. Actually, it’s been more than 3 years already because I got busy with managing my businesses. So I’m not anymore updated with the industry should you have questions. I apologize.

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  1. The NSS, MSPA and SCWI are all international companies which offer mystery shopping services to various countries.

    Here in the Philippines, SCWI is working under John Clements Consultants, Inc. Their office is in Makati, and they constantly need mystery shoppers so if you have the time, then go and sign up for their program.

    If you’re not based in Metro Manila, you could send them an email and inquire if they have assignments available for your locality.

  2. It’s fun to get paid while doing something that you love. I did this job it was a good experience for me. It is some thing more than shopping because you need to recollect your experience and report back but all I can tell you is that Mystery Shopper Jobs are fun to do.

  3. hi! let’s say you were assigned to purchase something to eat in a fine dining restaurant. Are they going to give you money for this project or you have to shell out first, then it will just be refunded back to you?

  4. @Richard
    Yes I agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Hi! Regarding your question, unfortunately, you’d have to shell out your own money first. But it’s rare that you’d get projects that would require spending a large amount. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by!

  5. hi Richard,

    I am interested in becoming a mystery shopper.Which companies do you recommend (can I also have the website / email address?)
    I tried signing up for SCWI but I wasn’t able to finish with the options as it asked me whether I’m from the US or Canada. Don’t they have operations in the Philippines? If they do, how can one apply?

  6. Hi Rhey.

    Please refer to the John Clements website and contact Shop ‘N Check Philippines. Just tell them that you want to apply as a mystery shopper.

    I haven’t talked to them in a while, I think there was an influx of applicants when I posted this and they might have temporarily stopped accepting mystery shoppers. Nevertheless, have yourself listed and surely, you’ll get an assignment once slots open up. Thanks and good luck!

  7. Hi Fitz,

    I am an avid subcriber of your site. Infact Im always excited to scheck my mail evryday what’s new with your blog.

    I never thought that there was indeed some companies looking for mystery shoppers. Well I just signed up recenrly, hopefully Ill get an assignment soon!

    Good day and God Bless.

    Best Regards,

  8. Hi Fritz,

    im from frontline focus and i would like to invite you to be one of our mystery shopper. Should you have questions,send me an email or gimme a ring at 0918-9419451. Hoping to hear from u soon πŸ™‚

  9. Hi there! I also want to be a Mystery shopper. I read an article about it in a business magazine. I also visited the website Of John Clements and learned they need Mystery Shoppers. I am planning to apply for this position. Thanks.

  10. hey Fitz!

    thanks for the info! it was really helpful. πŸ™‚

    I’m planning to contact them by tomorrow. Is it okay if I call them? or should I just contact them thru e-mail?

    thanks again! and God Bless!

  11. i want to be a mystery shopper, too.i think i have the three qualities you mentioned…haha.i don’t think though if i’ll have the time. πŸ™‚

  12. I saw this on the PROBE Episode tonight. I searched for info on mystery shopping here in the Philippines and I found your blog. You were one of those who were interviewed, right? By the way, nice blog. I just became a subscriber.

  13. @edelweiza and Maricel,

    If you want to become mystery shoppers, just visit the website of John Clements Consultants, Inc. I provided the link above.


  14. My wife would make a perfect mystery shopper, she has so many questions and they are usually based on a script… haha. I think I can also do this when I’m out of the rat-race. Thanks again Fitz, I learned about this first from your blog.

  15. Nice fitz,

    i like what you’ve done here! very informative and very interesting topics!

    keep it up! many people are viewing your blog everyday!

  16. hi fitz,

    this is so amazing i am so interested to hook my self in your industry, any openings for this query?i would be glad if there is.i saw this once on t.v. Is it still active?btw you can reach me at [email protected] or [email protected]

    thank you so much, hope to hear from you soon

    – jay

  17. hi. .i want to apply at John Clements but I can’t find the requirements. btw, are there any? like age or anything? coz u see i’ll be turning 18 this November so i’m still considered a minor:)


    btw, nice blog!

  18. Hi everyone, I’m interested with this mystery shopper thing and I’d like to know more. Can you send me info on my e-mail?Thanks

  19. Hello Fitz your blog is very helpful
    Can you share other companies aside from John Clements
    Do John Clements accept walk in applicants?
    If possible a contact person.
    Need a job badly our company stopped and need part time job for my family’s needs. Please message me if you have time. Thanks so much

    [email protected]

  20. Hi! looking for a part time job and i think this would really fit in…any other listings of company that is looking for a mystery shopper?! thanks…this is a big help!

  21. does it operate until now? I mean the one that is base in the Philippines. thanks in advance! and by the way I like you site…it’s informative and “astig”. I’m creating my own site from scratch and it is still on the process I just admire your page.

    πŸ™‚ carmz

  22. hi,
    i am currently working for a private company.
    strict rules are implemented against moonlighting but for obvious reasons, i believe everybody really needs other sources of income nowadays. how are you paid for being a mystery shopper? tax deduction is alright with me but i just don’t know how i would resolve getting into both work. i really need extra income and fast. hope you could help me with this.

  23. Hi, I was just wondering how do you apply? I mean what do you have to send them to apply? Do you have to be a college graduate to be a mystery shopper. I hope you can help me! I would love to try being a mystery shopper Thanks!

  24. Hi! I’ currently working for a US based company but I need extra income. I’m very interested to be a mystery shopper. How will i apply? What are the requirements? I’d love to become a mystery shopper. Hope you could help me. Thanks!

  25. Hi! I’m looking for a part time job. I’m interested to be a mystery shopper. what are the requirements and how will i apply. looking forward for your response. thanks in advance.

  26. im interested to become a mystery shopper …
    where can i apply ?
    here’s my contact no. : 09235541980

  27. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for your blog, I learned of this extra income job and have been receiving assignments from John Clements! By the way, are you aware of Bare International? I just learned about them from one of the Internet forums. They also give assignments in the Philippines. Do you think they’re legitimate? Thanks and more power to your blog!

  28. I need work ………. pwde ba ako dyan mahirap single mom……… wala ako work hayskul lang natapos ko 3 pa anak ko send me email if pde ako aply dyan

  29. would like to apply as a mystery shopper i live in paranaque and work in pasay city macapagal blvd

  30. Good Day!

    hello Mr.Fitz i wqas a mystery shopper before but since i got company job that time i stop now im vacant for almost 8 months and no job i realized to comeback again in this partime job as i wish to be stable to me in everyday task i hope to be part of your team. thank you …

  31. Hello Fitz,

    As I’ve heard, I am more interested to be a Mystery Shopper and i’m looking forward to get hired with this kind of work. I am presently working now as an External Auditor all over Mindanao area and it might be an advantage to be a mystery shopper if your company do have branch here to be audited. How could have my application to be a mystery shoppers, Sir Fitz.


  32. I have been a mystery shopper for SNC Philippines for 8 years.. It has been a very satisfactory relationship ( i would like to believe the feeling is mutual). Lately, though, the payments have come late and the “shop coordinators” pressure you into accepting shops for the simple reason that “deadline na po bukas…please, wala na po iba gagawa nito…”
    So if you think it’s glamorous to be a shopper, please think’s intellectually-draining and physically-exhausting to say the least..or maybe it’s just burn-out?

  33. hi, i’m interested in becoming a mystery shopper, i’m a professional teacher and i’ve been at work for 8 yrs now, here’s my #0930-8989587, tnx!

  34. I was given an assigment for mystery shopper for petron, but it sucks!!!! until now, they never paid me for refund.I always tried to contact them but the answer is always ON THE PROCESS.. it is already more that 3months of waiting, WHERE IS MY REFUND??????

  35. where do we send application for Shop n Check?I tried applying on line but it didn’t get through..can we just email? could you give the address?tnx

  36. Hi! This is Chas of Shop’N Chek Philippines. If you are interested to be our mystery shopper, please do email me at [email protected] with your name and location/s or you can just walk-in at our office:

    Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
    2/F RCI Bldg., 105 Rada St. Legazpi Village, Makati City

    This is not limited to Metro Manila residences. We are also looking for mystery shoppers nationwide and in other countries.

  37. Hi Fitz,

    Good day! May i know where is your office located? I want to apply. I was a former mystery shopper at CASIRESEARCH. I worked there for 4 years, i just resigned last month. Here’s my number, 09238940078. Hoping for a reply. Thanks!

  38. hi can anybody refer me to any mystery shopping job. i am very much interested about it. thanks!

  39. Hi guys,

    Don’t bother applying as a mystery shopper. It’s not worth it! Believe me, I’ve tried it and haven’t received any compensation at the same time was forced to do projects that I’m not familiar with. You will just waste your time!

  40. Hi guys,

    I’ve been doing the mystery shop for over 2 years now and I can say it’s all worth it. Easy job but when you get used to it, you’ll get bored. But it’s actually a good source of income. I earn like a regular employee every month for doing their assignments. However, it takes longer now to receive the reimbursement and fees. Supposedly, you will receive all the fees after a month pero ngayon it takes 2 months to get your fees. Pero kung madami ka namang pang shell out for the assignments, okay lang naman siguro maghintay ng 2 months. For sure naman nagbabayad sila eh. Its just that minsan mabagal gumawa ng request for payment yung coordinator na nagbigay ng assignment kaya delayed din ang fee mo… Those who are interested to apply please check on the comment of Ms. Chas Above. She included their office address pero si Ms. Chas po is no longer connected na sa shopnchek.

  41. Hi Guys!

    Mystery shopping needs a cash capital in SNC because it takes 3-4 months to get your reimbursement from them. I’ve been doing a mystery shops also from another company and they are paying me promptly. You will get your reimbursement on the 30th of the next month you completed your shop. I hope SNC will be as prompt as this company!!

  42. yeah, d poblem lng s super duper tgal bago bgay ng fee,, like me.. halos kalahatig taon na wla pah.. noh buh yan.. scam ata 2,.

  43. wag na kau magbalak pah,, magcc lng kau.. nag shop aq, under SHOP n Check, super tagal ng fee.. now eh 5 months na wla pah,, ndi worth it.. tae!

  44. Hi. Shop n Check is not a scam but I would agree that they tend to have delays in payments. The best way to handle this is to be patient but also to keep on reminding them about the fee.

  45. Ang haba na ng patience namin as in 6 months na lng wala pang bayad. Alam ba kaya eto ng mga company na pinagshoshopan namin?

  46. @Chizum. ano pong name ng isang company na pinag’mystery shop nyo?

    I’m interested to do mystery shopping. πŸ™‚ thank you so much.

  47. Some mystery shopping companies do have delayed payments but there are other companies that give upfront payments although those kinds of companies are rare nowadays.

  48. Hi Everyone!

    Marketworks Research Solutions Inc., are looking for mystery shoppers who are based in the Bicol Region, Batangas City, Lipa City, San Pablo Laguna, and Sta Rosa Laguna. We do mystery shopping for retail stores and restaurants. Kindly send us your queries/info at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks!

  49. before naman hindi delay mag bigay ng fee ang snc.. but now sobrang delay na magbigay what happen kaya? attention Ms. Carolyn Uy, nakakatamad na magshop sa sobrang tagal ng FEE…..

  50. hi Any frontline focus here im a mystery shopper before i’ll visit more han 30 times i need my certificate please contact me to my email thank you……………

  51. hey there! i know you had several thumbs up here in your website and it has been a great help really. Hope you wont get tired working on this website and your fellow Pinoy will be truly proud of you…i know it has been a challenge but you’ve come a long way now. More opportunities to come! Thanks for posting!

  52. This is a cool job (if you may say that this is indeed a job)! But, yeah, I used to do some mystery shopping projects before and I enjoyed it. Hoping to get similar gigs. Thanks for the info here in your post. Keep it up!

  53. Mystery shopper is bogus.. I’ve signed up for John Clements.. And indeed someone called me up and hire me for a mystery shopper in a bank. They send the money alright. But this certain guy named Luis santos. Will tell you to send the money to his account. Just to check the services of the said bank.. I shouldered the money to send him the receipts via LBC.. Telling me these receipts will be proof of me being the mystery shopper and will send me for reimbursements. Sadly after 2 weeks, follow up. Told me that their accounting office are still in the process. After a month and so.. No more Luis santos. And there’s 2 female called me to ask about the mystery shopping experience. I think these agents calling are also the one benefitting with the money for the said mystery shopper. They are the ones who will submit the observations and get your reimbursements. Sad to say, was excited on the first try, and would be my last. Good thing i just spend 200 pesos for the delivery. But still wasted, and still the result.. Bogus big time.

  54. Hi Faith. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I shall forward your concern to the people I know in John Clements.

    To everyone
    Please refrain from leaving your contact details here. And always make sure that you are dealing with someone from the company before accepting any jobs.

    It helps to actually go to their office to double check, and submit your reports / receipts directly to the office because you can actually get paid instantly there.

  55. Hi Faith, thank you for sharing your experience. But maybe it is not the intention of the person to get money from this type of part time job. First, he sends out money for you to be able to evaluate a certain bank by using the said money for the transaction. Of course, for the mystery shopping company to validate your visit, they have to have the slips from the bank that you really did the visit. That’s the time that you have to send the slips/receipts via LBC. It is sad to know that there was a delay with your reimbursements. But it is still best that you raise your concern to the people of Shop’N Chek if Luis Santos was no longer there. This is a way for you to validate if it was really a bogus. I think you can always contact them via email or direct lines.

  56. pero magkano ba talaga kinikita ng isang mystery shopper per project? if depende, like example how much sa ganito ganyan?

  57. Shop n check is legit, just make sure that the one who assigned you to do the task is really from them. I have no bad exp with them, its just that the time for you to get a reimbursement may take quite a little time. I am enjoying being paid while doing the tasks.

  58. Hi Fritz,

    I’m really interested to become a mystery shopper because way back, I think, 2005 I heard that words and it will become a puzzle in my mind. Fast forward to 2014, nine years after, I searched again for those words and my cursor dropped in here.

    This blog was really my starting point. Because of YOU, I had believed in your blog that there were really a mystery shopping and it’s not just a mystery. It’s real!. Since then, I read more about mystery shopping.

    It was already three months ago, when I became a Mystery Shopper. A full timer employee every weekdays and a mystery shopper every weekends.

    Not bad, I already earned P5,800 extra income to date.

    As a thank you gift, I bookmarked your page and starting reading all your blogs.

    Again, thank you.


  59. Hi πŸ™‚ I agree with the Check out my blog. I have written a quite detailed “know-how” about mystery shopping that sure would help those who wanted to become a mystery shopper. My example provided is about Fast Food Shopping. Shop n Check Phils., is a legit Co..I made some shops for them the past month and just last Monday. Payments should be expected after a month but they really pay..
    If my article had helped you, please like and share:) Thank you. God bless us all

  60. I love observing on areas where customers are accomodated. Pero Sa Una pa lang mismong admin ng info., one of the Company where to apply you’ve listed ang pwedeng i report. He’s not capable of doing his task answering querries. Año ba yan! πŸ™‚ can I go to the office directly instead to apply?

  61. Hello all,
    Bare International, a leading mystery shopping company is looking out for people to join us as mystery shoppers for evaluating brand outlets.
    Mystery Shopping is the art of evaluating customer services discreetly and professionally.
    Its the perfect way for you to earn money by being an evaluator in your spare time. By giving us a detailed report on all the details of your visit, you can help change the way customer services are provided everywhere.
    Drop a mail if interested: [email protected]

  62. Hi Fritz i am a newbie in this field
    when will i know if i am hired as a mystery shopper i already pass my resume and fill out the online registration form

    i apply in Shop’N Check Ph

    Thank you

  63. Guys. Stop posting your personal informations. I will try going to the said location just to be sure that I will not get scammed. Btw, I’m also interested in being a Mystery Shopper.

  64. @Rowena Hi, I am currently working for Bare International. What is your email address? I can refer you to the company, I believe they are still looking for mystery shoppers especially the ones who live outside Metro Manila.

  65. Man looks like a very fun job. Im really interested. Do you guys know where to start, apply for the job?
    My email address is [email protected]. im free right now so i can do this job full time =)

  66. sir fitz, greetings.. nag start po ako as MS in a well known dept store since September 4, 2017. . dito ako naka-assigned sa Lucena City, Quezon province, Phils.. pwede po ba kaya na mabigyan nyo ako ng advise and tips as well of how to take a video and capture a pictures of the outrights and consigners of the dept store sa paraan na di ako nila mahahalata..
    please help me.. tnx po.. God bless

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