How To Register Your Business In The Philippines

Updated: April 10, 2017

What are the Philippine government agencies that you need to register with when starting a business?

Remember that it is important to register your business to avoid any legal problems once business operations start.

Furthermore, it’s common practice for competitors to check on you if you have all the necessary registrations completed because if not, this will be an opportunity for them to disrupt and delay your operations by notifying the proper authorities.

Below are the government agencies that you have to contact in order to give your business a legal personality.

Depending on the structure of your business, your first step is to get a certificate of registration for your business name in one of these agencies:

  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – for single proprietorship
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – for partnerships or corporations
  • Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) – for cooperatives

After getting your certificate of registration, you will need to visit the following offices:

  • Homeowners Association – for businesses inside villages and subdivisions, you need to get a homeowner’s clearance
  • Barangay Hall – secure a barangay clearance to operate your business
  • Local Government Unit (LGU) – visit the municipality or city hall office and process your business permit
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) – apply for a business taxpayer identification number (TIN), register your books of accounts, point-of-sales (POS) machines and receipts

At this point, you may now legally start your business operations, but you’ll need to then register your employees (which may include yourself) to the following agencies:

  • Social Security System (SSS) – secure an SSS number for yourself and your employees
  • Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) – for businesses with five workers or more, register your business with DOLE
  • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) – as required by RA 7742, SSS members earning at least P4,000 a month must be registered with HDMF. This agency administers the Pag-Ibig Fund.
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) – all employers of are required to register their employees to this agency as stated in the New National Health Insurance Act (RA 7875 / RA 9241). PhilHealth manages and administers the government health care system.

Furthermore, there are certain businesses that are required to secure a special clearance, permit or license from selected government agencies.

Check if your business falls under any of the categories below and note the document that you need to secure and where to get it.

  • Animals, animal products, animal facilities, veterinary drugs: registration certificate from the Bureau of Animal Industry
  • Aquatic animals, importation, fishpond lease agreement: permit from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR)
  • Fertilizer products, pesticide products: registration certificate from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (DA-FPA)
  • Fiber, fiber products processing and trading: registration certificate and commodity clearance from the Fiber Development Authority (DA-FIDA)
  • Film and television production and distribution: registration certificate from the Movie & Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives: permit from the Firearms and Explosives Division of the Philippine National Police (FED-PNP)
  • Food, chemicals, health related business: registration certificate from the Bureau of Food and Drugs, Department of Health (DoH-BFAD)
  • Flour, corn and grains related business: operations and license from the National Food Authority (DA-NFA)
  • Pawnshop, lending and finance related businesses: registration certificate from the Central Bank of the Philippines, Department of Finance (DoF-BSP)
  • Plants and plant products: nursery accreditation, registration, seed and phytosanitary certificates from the Bureau of Plant Industry (DA-BPI)
  • Recruitment or placement agency for foreign employment: registration certificate from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Department of Labor (DOLE-POEA)
  • Recruitment or placement agency for local employment: registration certificate from the Bureau of Local Employment (DOLE-BLE)
  • Schools, technical-vocational and other educational institutions: registration, accreditation and permits from the Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) or from the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (DOLE-TESDA)
  • Security agency business: permit from the Philippine National Police, Department of Interior & Local Government (DILG-PNP)
  • Meat plant and slaughterhouse operations: accreditation and registration certificate from the National Meat Inspection Commission (DA-NMIC)
  • Mining, quarrying, logging, waste management and related businesses: permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
  • Motor vehicles, automotive & heavy equipment, engineering, electronics, electrical, office & data equipments, medical & industrial equipment, appliances & devices: accreditation license from the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (DTI-BTRCP)
  • Real estate projects: register with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLRUB)
  • Sugar, muscovado, sugar-based products and related businesses: registration certificate from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (DA-SRA)
  • Telecom business: license from the National Telecommunication Commission, Department of Transportation & Communication (DOTC-NTC)
  • Tourism-related projects: registration and accreditation certificate from the Department of Tourism (DOT)
  • Transportation: permits from the Land Transport Franchise & Regulatory Board (DOTC-LTFRB) or Maritime Industry Authority (DOTC-MARINA)
  • Video production, sales and rental: accreditation from the Optical Media Board, Office of the President (OPOMB)

There may be other special registrations needed for other businesses that were not mentioned above. It’s best to ask the Department of Trade and Industry for any specific inquiries regarding this matter.

Registering your business legally in the Philippines is not a difficult task. It may seem confusing at first but there are always help desks and assistance available in these agencies in case you get lost in the process.

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  1. Nice reminders, Fitz. Just hope these government agencies can find more effective ways to check that this businesses are really complying with the rules, especially when it comes to the safety of their customers.

    I will be looking forward for the next part-series, as I am really now enjoying reading business related posts.

    Who knows, I may be the next Henry Sy…lol!

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  3. sir, i’m planning to set up a local manpower agency. Can you tellme what are the steps? requirements? thanks in advance….

  4. hi sir/ maam,

    me and my husband planning to set up a business in Philippines soon, we need help how to get a licence and how we can register our business, i did saw that u are doing it so if i can ask how much your charge for registering and how long it takes and we need help where to get a licence after we did the registration.pls email me for some info, thanks

  5. sir i just want to ask something regarding with my business before, my business was still registered at DTI but my business was not existing already and also i don’t even closed my business permit?…but I’m planning to have a business again, what step should i do first?

  6. Hi jeofrey,

    Are you reopening the business on the same location? Then just process the city business permit and you’re fine.

    If you’re opening the business in another location but you’ll be using the same business name, then you need to change the registered address in your DTI and then process the city business permit.

    Hope this helps.

  7. My local DTI office says they serve all of Oriental Negros. I’m assuming I can though still be able to register businesses with names relating to other cities in the Philippines from this same local office as long as the main address of record for each one is in Oriental Negros?

    I can’t imagine I’d have to go to Davao just to register a business name like (for example) “Davao Imports” as long as the main office is in Oriental Negros.

    (I hope)

  8. Hello. I just dropped by this page and it’s so detailed. Really makes sense especially for those who are just starting up with their ideas and plans to do their own business. Thank you.. 🙂

  9. Im interested in setting up a local manpower agency.Do you know were
    can I attend for a seminar?

  10. sir, i’m planning to set up a local manpower agency with four to five employees. Can you tellme what are the steps? requirements? thanks in advance….

  11. sir, we are about to start a home based business with my friends. we are four in a group and we wanted to generate our own product based on what we have learned at school. but we are not sure what permits should we get and do we still have to register our name to DTI / SEC? please help us on what should we have to do. we are fresh college grads and we basically don’t know anything about legalizing the business. thanks a lot sir

  12. Sir,
    I have friend requireed filipino workers, so it make me thought to open my own manpower agency. How and what are the requirments needed to set-up this business?


  13. I am interested in opening a resteraunt in the philippines do i have to have a filipino partner if i lease or rent and do not purchase the property

  14. Triple I Consulting can help in any business registration requirements in the Philippines. Handling the complete registration process as well as government licenses and additional requirements required depending on the nature of your business.

    Visit Us:
    Triple I Consulting Inc

  15. @Eric

    Hi Eric,

    You do not need a filipino partner if you wish to lease land for a restaurant. You can register a sole proprietorship in the Philippines and if you are willing to put up $200,000 USD in capitalization you can have it 100% foreign owned.

    You can also register a 100% foreign owned corporation with $200,000 USD capitalization which can even be reduced if you will introduce new technology or employ 50 direct employees.

    You can contact Triple I Consulting for all inquires on investment in the Philippines.

  16. sir,

    Is it true if I’m a foreigner I can invest at worth $10,000 but I have to give my employees all the benefits like sss, philhealth or simply the required benefits, how true is this?, and is their other means or way I can invest with just minimum capital like $10,000.

    hope to hear from you because this is really enticing.


  17. @nima

    Hi Nima,

    Foreigners can invest in many ways in the Philippines with only $10,000. However if they want their business to be 100% in their ownership they’ll need more money for capitalization.

    They can certainly set up a corporation in the Philippines with Filipino directors and partners, if they use nominated directors properly they will still retain full control and almost full ownership of their company.

    The capitalization can be used for anything, it should be used to pay for the companies related expenses, but can be issued out as an advance to the directors(just pulling the money back out).

    For more details email us at info at Triple I Consulting

  18. @business registration philippines

    You should check your spelling, but a foreigner is required to place more foreign investment because they associated risks involved with foreign nationals investing here.

  19. […] Here is a superb site that includes what you need to do in order to start a biz in Pinas: How To Register Your Business In The Philippines […]

  20. Hi Sir.. i just want to ask something.. my husband and I wants to put up a business.. We are planning to put up an internet cafe with a minimum of 6 units, and an optical shop. I just want to know, how much are we going to pay for business permits (each). Thank u very much

  21. Hi mochie, the business permit fees vary from city to city, and also depending on your declared capital. But as a ballpark figure, that would be around P15k annual – if that’s too high, then you can always choose to pay quarterly, if it’s possible in your local BPLO.

  22. hi im opening a home service salon, do i still need a business permit for that like the normal businesses? its going to be my first and i need to open it soon but dont know the requirements and steps to do it… i hope you can help me

  23. @Sandra

    Yes you still need a business permit from your local city hall.

    First step is to register your business. I would suggest as a single proprietorship you can do this at your nearest regional DTI. After ward go to your barnagay to secure barangay clearance. Finally go to the city hall and submit the requirements for business permit.

  24. Hi sir,i planning to set up a business lending money ,i need help to get a licence and how can i register my business,i did saw that your doing it, can i pls ask how much you charge for registering and how long it takes, pls email me of some info.,thanks.

  25. Hello Sir,like the other people in here ,I want too have a legal business and want to set up ,money lending where in i can help people get out from a very tidious 10 percent charge by bombays.My information is I need to have a million start up capital.Too register it yet I dont know the steps.Please help.thanks a lot

  26. hi sir,i have a small mini stop around the area of a bus terminal.i have my business permit,with 2 employees, with i have to secure a certificate of registration? i have an old dti but with a different business name but i havent used for a long time ??can i use it for my new business?? pls email me for some info.thanx

  27. […] My suggestion is to start the business as a freelance project. Legally, you can just declare your earnings in your personal income tax. However, since you’ll have “employees”, you’d have to talk to them and make them understand that the business is not yet a legal entity and thus, they will be working as an independent contractor. When things go well, you can then register and apply for a business permit. […]

  28. Does manpower agency need to secure mayors permit from the local government where their workers assigned? Main office of the manpower agency is in manila and have complete business permits, manpower agency client is located in region 3. Please advise.

  29. To whom it may concern,
    We are planning to put up a a small water refilling station,what do we need or requirements to start this kind of business. Thanks a lot for your help. God bless!


  30. What is the turn around time of requesting transfer of business permit after you accomplished all the required documents? Is it allowed when a certain RDO is holding the transfer for a few months from the request?

  31. hello.i am operating a small business in our town and just renewed my permit recently. but i was not able to register to the BIR eversince I commenced my business. is the tax order of payment different from the BIR tax? i am confused. how many times do i have to pay my taxes? please advise.

  32. Corporations and all individual engaged in trade or business should be registered with the BIR before they commence their operation. This is also to receive an authority to print official receipts and pay the necessary taxes to the BIR. Taxes may be monthly, quarterly or annually.

  33. good day sir!

    hi sir, me and my friends wants to start a small business, i would like to ask what are the procedures/steps or what are the permits will comply to register before we start the business?

    hoping for your response. Thanks.

  34. Sir I joined a direct selling business/mlm. My income is based only on rebates comission. I already applied for DTI but planning to change the namme because there was a trading word after the business name I applied in the DTI. Someone told me that I should apply for another DTI and canceled my previous DTI, because Im not dealing with trading business. Im a little bit confused. What are the appropriate business name when dealing with mlm and your income is based solely on rebates? Someone told me this is a non vat business, because the items that we are giving to our downlines are the same price with the head office, it is like we are just a pick up center wherein our members can get their items to any business centers provided they have their membercode. I hope some can help me with.. regarding DTI, brgay, mayor’s permit up to BIR. ANd lastly, do I need to apply for SSS and Philhealth for my assistant.

  35. hi sir,

    i am doing a marketing project and i need to know how much it would cost to have a complete registration for all the permitsi needed if i were to open a non-stock corporation which is in the food manufacturing side.

    hope to get an answer ASAP! thanks!

  36. can a registered business name be transferred to a new owner/corporation? How is it done?

  37. to whom it may concern;

    i already have a dti n bir but it was all bout leather goods(bags & wallets) in greenhills…and stop payin my tax since i stopped my busi there! now my prob is i’m planning to put a food busi in katipunan, & i’m goin to use a different name for that what shall i do,with my previous DTI name? do i stil use my old bir or have to just transfer my bir or use a new one for the food busi? pls do response! am hoping you can help me wth this.. and also what can yau guys suggest? more power to you!! godbless!!!

  38. Hi Chinno, just register everything again. It’s a new business, so it will have a new DTI, a new BIR and everything else.

    If you’re worried about your previous business, just let the DTI registration expire and inform BIR the date your first business closed down.

  39. Fritz:

    Thank you! Let’s take a further, more steady the ‘sticky post’! more would you help people in need of your good advice! until next time…

    Godbless & More power!

  40. hello can you tell me what the cost will be to start a motorcycle retail business here in the philippines? such as the permits and there papers needed? i know the philippines are very corrupt and do not want them over charging me to get the permit and starting.

    thank you

  41. I plan to open a restaurant and bar in davao. could you please email me and tell me approximately how much you charge for this service
    bob white

  42. hi Fritz!!

    Just wanna ask about the shipping company where my friend is connected. he asked me a favor to gather information what will be the requirements to register their company here in the Philippines. their company is located in nigeria. they want to access here in the philippines.

    looking forward your opinion regarding this..


  43. Hello sir. I am teaching English to Koreans online. I don’t have any website cause I get students from personal friends recommendation.
    I am planning to get a business permit pero I don’t know where to start and I don’t know what kind of permit to get. Please help po.

  44. Hi Fitz,

    I have already a running business Online, dealing with Quality Web Hosting Package and making my online customers their business website at only 3000 Pesos/year – including all setup of my customers business email accounts and web address(domain name). All payment transaction is done online via Paypal/Credit Cards.. I want to extend this in Philippines as I’m currently in UAE. DO I have to register my business their? I want to extend my market in our local market.
    Thanks for any information.

    God Bless us all!

  45. hi i want to open a manpower agency in davao,pls email me the requirments or steps,,,

  46. hello everyone i would just like to ask if farms(copra lands) are required to be registered as business?

  47. hi,

    my mom and her husband want to start up a business like manpower agency here in the Phils. Can you please email me the steps and requirements for us have the idea on handling it. We just want to have the idea and have at least a guide for us n0t to be corrupt with those fixers. Thank you so much. Looking forward to receive ur reply soon. Thank you.

  48. Hi! I am planning to start an online business…do I need to register my business name in DTI? I am planning to sell it thru facebook and multiply. Thanks and more power!

  49. Hi, we’re planning to open a business in a mall, a food kiosk. Is it advisable to apply for partnership since there will be 2 of us? What’s the downside of partnership from single proprietorship? Also, around how much is the business permit and license? Thanks.

  50. hi! We have 2 companies right now. Our first company was registered by me alone and it’s really costly (time, effort and money). For our second company, we hired an accounting firm for the registration and it really help us save not just on money but also on effort and time. Here are their contact nos: 553-8772; 553-9747; 519-0954. Hope this would help. Good luck on your business!

  51. hi sir , i am new here in Philippians. and m not a citizen of this country but i want to start business here can you please guide me how can i register my business here and what are the requirements. and kindly if u guide me about the expanse of all this procedure .that will be really helpful for me thanx

  52. Hi,
    I need to know precisely the steps of registering an overseas recruitment agency in Philippines, how much should be the capital or required to start the recruitment. Kindly extend your knowledge about this steps to start up an agency. What if the sole proprietor is a Hong Kong residence. what is the necessary documents the government requirements for her to start and if in I case I am the woamn incharge of running on it in Philippines agency. Thank you very much of your time I’ll appreciate your reply. God bless and more power.

  53. Hello Bilal Khan,

    My name is Vincent P. Satuito, President of Wall Street Accounting and business solutions. We specialize in obtaining business registrations and permits. We have helped a lot of foreign investors start their businesses here in the Philippines. We have translators that could help you, and because most of our clients are foreigners, we are affiliated with a law firm that could help you with your immigration requirements. Please feel free to contact me at the email given above, or call me at +632-533-8772, or text me at 09159046522. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers

  54. Hi to everyone!

    I just have a question regarding the business licence and mayor’s permit. Our company is operating one business but in two different buildings. Technically, we’re in two different locations. But, the buildings are adjacent and we are paying rent to just one corporation. My question is, do we really need to get another Brgy. Clearance and business licence for the other building?

    Or, can we simply operate in two buildings but with only one business licence because we just have one business operation anyway?

  55. hi fitz! thank you so much for posting these article on how to register your business in the Philippines, it really helps me, im taking up my thesis right now and i really dont know how to start a business or where do i have to go, it really help me a lot! thanks bro!

  56. hello. just chanced upon your site and it’s very informative. Would appreciate if you can help me with my query. My wife and I are thinking of taking part in bazaars this xmas season by selling her home-made chicken potato salad. A lot of people have suggested we try making a business out of it as it’s very good. The question is: do we need to secure the various permits for this? I don’t know if you need dti, mayor’s permit, brgy clearance, and bfad papers if you’re making food from home then selling them in flea markets or church bazaars and if these are required by bazaar organizers before you can join their activity. We are new to this an we’re just being careful. Thank you so much for your time and advice.

  57. Hi, I wonder if you guys can help me, I have plans of opening a business in Philippines for that I have a partner there and he send me an estimate of business registration this are the numbers: Registration of Buss. Name 5,000.00
    SEC Registration 68,000.00 estimate
    Buss. Permit (LGU) 48,000.00 estimate

    Are this numbers right ?

    Thank you for your time. Regards


  59. thanks for this! but where’s your source? I gonna need that for my report.. hope you just even link the url or the source itself for students like me. thanks! more powers!

  60. Hi shey, my source for this information is DTI itself. I was able to interview one of their staff about this and she gave me several brochures and forms that gives these information.

  61. Hello,

    Im looking to form a corporation in Philippines with a majority shareholder being a filipina and then rest would be assembled from foreign investor. The investment total is approximately US$60K all in. The business would include a restaurant and some food carts. How should we set up the corporate, if we are allowed, and how can we ensure foreign investors control in the corporation. Are foreign investors, in this kind of situation, allowed to take part since it is a restaurant business? I am finding mixed information on the net…

  62. Hi, We are planning to start a photo printing business of my partner. I just wanna know what license we need to take to register our business? please help us. thank you..

  63. Hello Everyone,

    Tanong ko lang po, i’m planning to put up a business here sa pinas and i want to get business permit on it. Since my product is a fuel additive galing US. I did not find which government agency it falls. Can somebody point me out with this matter?. Thanks a lot. Your help much appreciated.

  64. I am planning to open my own security guard agency (unarmed). can anybody give me professional advice on what permits, clearances, and insurances I need in order to operate?

    What other necessary requirements (licenses, trainings, accreditation, etc) are necessary to enable our company to provide clients the service they need?

  65. Hi. thanks for this very helpful website of yours. ;)But like the others I have many question though regarding the business I’m planning to do. I want to put up a home based ONLINE travel agency. Parang travel agent ako,coordinator ganun.. So i want to put in in a website so i can easily market and offer it around the world. Do i still need business permits such as DTI (sole ownership only), and mayor’s permit? Also how can i secure BIR permit kasi syempre gusto ko naman may reciept ako na ibibigay sa clients ko? Also do i need certification from Department of Tourism since it is tourism related?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  66. tanong ko lang po kung kailangan pa bang kumuha ng DTI permit, mayor’s permit at BIR registration pag ang business ay saging.? Thank u po.

  67. Hi,

    I would like to ask lang po kasi I’m planning to sell online at I am currently working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Gusto ko po sanang magparegister ng online business ko dyan sa pinas. Possible po ba ito? Meron po bang license to sell online sa Pilipinas? Thank po.


  68. Hi Cecille, yes it is possible to have a registered online business in the Philippines, but your business operations should be here to be able to apply.

    In my opinion, if you’re just starting on a small scale, then you don’t have to register it as a business for now.

    Try first how it goes but when it becomes a serious and steady income source, then that’s when you register it as a retail shop with a business address in the Philippines.

  69. Question lang po, nagtayo po ako ng business ngaun lang 2012, meron na din po ako DTI permit, brgy permit. Pwede po ba hindi muna ako mag apply ng Mayors permit try ko lang po kasi muna ng 6 mos. kung magki click yung business ko.

  70. Hi this is Francis. I would like to start a translation service business (Mandarin-English) and I need to know which permits i have to get and if i go online, would it also require some special permits? Further, does translation service require a permit to certify that the translated documents is recognized by the Philippine Government? Looking forward for some information and advise.

    Thank you.

  71. Good day!

    meron po akong 3 unit apartment,kelangan po ba ng BIR clearance,sanitary,brgy clearance,sss,philhealth,fire safety clearance,at ipa-register daw ang name ng apartment sa DTI,para makakuha ng mayor’s permit, yan daw ang requirements ngayon,eh malaki na ang binabayaran yearly na real property tax etc….

    please advise po,Thanks ang more power!

  72. Sir,
    I am planning to put up a security agency..can you pls. give me an idea of how much would be my iniatial capital including registration, licenses, permits and a revolving fund to operate such business…hoping for your utmost and urgent advice for this concern…..thanks and more power!

  73. Sir,
    I would like to ask if what requirement I need to comply. Soon, I will establish my own on-line school in Cebu. Please help me. thank you very much..

  74. how much is the initial capital in starting up a manpower agency. I live in calamba city which surrounds with industrial parks and companies. I am also looking for business partners. Just send me your intention through remalnaru at yahoo dot com

  75. @neeks,

    foreigners cannot control business in the philippines unless the business is in form of direct investment, meaning it represents branch operations in foreign countries by domestic concerns. As corporation in the Philippines requires 70% full ownership of Filipino citizens.

  76. Hi, just quick questions.. I just obtained my dual citizenship and I’m looking into starting a resto-bar in the Philippines. According to this thread, foreigners have to pay a much higher fee in obtaining licenses, and I’m just wondering if that includes myself? Second, I am planning on operating the establishment either in Makati, Eastwood, Ortigas, or Tomas Morato and I just want to know or have an estimate as to how much the start-up cost will be including all the licensing fees. Thank you so much for the help.

  77. Hi!!!

    do small street-side eatery like tapsilogan needs permit? if so, what are the permits needed to operate such small business and how much would all the permits cost?

  78. sir panu ko ma veverify ung business ko kung naka register na sa bir?
    at pwede ba sa internet ko ma verify? salamat.

  79. Good morning, I have already the permits for my business like, local permits, DTI permits BIR permits, an Accident Insurance. And as of now I am securing the SSS permit, Philhealth permit, and DOLE permits. But I am confusing because the DOLE government here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan requiring me to have a netwoth of 3M and a registration fee of 25,000.00 Pesos. I search to a computer that the registration fee is only P100.00. What is really true registration amount?

  80. my company is planning to set up a business in Philippines soon, we need help how to get a licence and how we can register our business, i did saw that u are doing it so if i can ask how much your charge for registering and how long it takes and we need help where to get a licence after we did the registration.pls email me for some info, thanks

  81. Hi! I plan to open a Home Service business. My main office is in Quezon City so I have secured a Business Permit from QC already. The business has also been registered with BIR already. However since the business is a home service type, do I need to secure permits from all Cities I will be servicing? Thanks!

  82. I am a foreigner with permanent residency, I started a sole propretry
    business of importing and exporting 100% the same goods.
    I registered with DTI, BIR, Mayors Permit etc and have an importers licence, now the DTI says they are deregistering my business because
    they said I need to be registered with the Foreign Investment, Banko Central etc as well as having to put up P2.5 million in cash for capitilisation. the requirements they showed me could not possibly be met by a sole trader.

  83. planning to open a business called SOFTWARE HOUSES in the Philippines this comming JULY 2012..please help me what should i do to get a Business Permit or any papers required to run my small business..SOFTWARE HOUSES makes Computerized System in each i only have atleast 2 to 3 workers.

    Please help..

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  84. Hi Sir,

    I am wondering if these steps apply to registering an online realty business? I just passed the recent real estate brokers exam this March and I am planning to start my own small realty business online. After registering my business name with DTI, do I still need to go through barangay hall, lGU then BIR? Thanks and more power.


  85. ask ko lang po pag partners po ba sa dti na? or pwd nio po ako i guide kung panu pag partners?tnx

  86. gusto ko po sanang magcreate ng local employment agency, Ano po ba ang procedures at mga licences na kukunin ko? TNX!

  87. thanks sa info pero kelangan ko ba ng mga permits kung online business meron ako?

    thanks in advance!

  88. we are planning to put up a local manpower agency..can you refer me to agency who can help me re: requirements, capital etc..


  89. Check with DTI, they have now a one-stop shop called Philippine Business Registry.

  90. hi
    foreigner need to pay sss or phill health or pag ibig
    or not . we have some indian employ

  91. Sir i just want to ask something regarding with my business before, my business was still registered at BIR but my business was not existing as in it never opened and also i dont even completed all the necessary requirements for putting up a business. It didnt matrialized no business at all.Now im opening a sari sari store & planning to register my store in BIR what step should i do first? Im afraid that they might see my previous business & charge me bigtime.

  92. Hello, well i am married to a filippina and will get my 13A visa and want to open a small business in philippines, i dont know how to start? I dont know if i want to open the biz under my wife name or get 2 associates, what is better? and in eather case can i work in the bisness or be managing it? and my capital investment is about $20,000.
    thank you

  93. good day sir…i’m planning on putting up a store for my perfume do i go about having my products named or branded as my own? thank you in advance and more power

  94. Gud PM SIR!

    what law mandates other requirements/documents in securing business permit e.g. security agencies

    thank you and more power

  95. Hello, thanks for writing this up.

    I have a what might be just a silly question. I am starting a business (single proprietorship) in Quezon City. I do not have a TIN as I’ve been working out of the country.

    From what I understand, I go to DTI first before BIR. But looking at the forms of DTI, the are asking for a TIN number and the BIR form for obtaining a TIN is asking for DTI registration.

    I am confused, which will be first. How can I complete the DTI registration form when I don’t have a TIN and how can I complete the TIN application form if I don’t have my DTI registration?

  96. Dear Sir/Madam;

    may kaibigan po ako na gusto mgtayo ng business dto sa atin sa pilipinas,,ang business po nya ay mga fashion jewelry….Gusto po nya mg distributor dito ano po vah ang requirments na kailangan at saan na mga ahensya po kmi mg file.tnk po

  97. Hi sir,

    I started an online business and registered the name in DTI a month ago. Ask lang po if when ko dapat i register sa mayor’s office ung business. or ok lang po n hindi na muna?

  98. Hi Sir,

    Question lang po …if magreretail lang ako ng mga meat products (example:longganisa from different regions)…do I still need to register to BFAD? and dun sa agency for meat?


  99. Hi, ask lang sana kung maay idea ka sa pag put up ng mail delivery business? like ung mga nag dedeliver ng mga bills and letters? need pa bang i register un sa ntc? and mag kano ang fee kung sakaling sa inyo ipapalakad ang registration from sec at sa iba ang agency? thanks in advance.

  100. Sir/Maam,

    Tanong ko lang po, I’m a student, but I’m planning to create my own Street wear and Clothing Line brand, in short young entrepreneur. But I found it too confusing in terms of if I’m going to register to BIR or what? Yes, kailangan ng DTI so that I can really own my brand name. Pero sa BIR hindi ko po sure, kasi wala pa naman akong shop, dahil own laptop ko lang ang gamit ko and outsourcing ang ginagawa ko dahil mga friends ko ang manufacturers. So how about that?


  101. Good day…I would like to have your advise. I am currently running my small business and it was a bakery. And we are planning to have a branch. Do i need to apply for a new DTI and Business Permit in our local municipal hall wherein the other location i found was approximately not more than 500 meters away from the original site. Pleased advised. Thank you.

  102. I am planning to open a second hand car business here in the Philippines. I have suppliers from abroad and they will send the goods directly to me. What should I do to market the cars legally? Should I make my own trading company? How about LTFRB and LTO things of this cars? Can you please tell me about the process that I need to follow?

    Thank you very much. God bless…

  103. Hi,
    We have an existing business and we plan to expand using the lot in front of our location and our business will be under the same name. Do we still need to secure a new business permit and what other things do we need to keep in mind? Thanks!

  104. Hi Fitz, kailangan ko ba ng business permit pag ng open ako ng small online business and selling it via multiply or others websites like facebook etc

  105. sir,
    just want to know if i’m still liable to the bir accounts of my in law if i will continue to manage his business and register it on my name, since the capital investment is mine. do i need to pay his old bir accounts?please help and thanks a lot

  106. good day sir! I had my realty business registered in Sta. Cruz, Laguna last July 2012. I am a freelance broker/homemaker. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck in my sales this year. But I diligently pay the local business tax every quarter and file with BIR every deadline. I just declare “no income/transaction”. My question is, can I still renew my business permit even if my business did not have income the previous year? And until when is my business permit valid, is it until July of 2013? Or is renewal every January? I thought business permits were valis for 1 year. Thank you very much.

  107. Hi joanne,

    Yes you can renew your business even if there was no income. And yes you have to renew this January, both the business permit and your BIR registration.

  108. Hello, sir.

    My father passed away without registering his 3-door rental business for few years. (Seems compliance in the remote provinces are not that strict in comparison here in the metro.) Thru s.p.a., i am now the designated caretaker of our family of the properties he left. Will it be alright for me to finally make the rental business legit by registering with the dti, munisipyo and bir, even though the building is still under my father’s name ? It would take awhile for the family to settle his estate and the business is already existing.

    Thank you very much and more power.

  109. Hi Andras. Yes, it would be alright to register the rental business since you already have an S.P.A.

    But my suggestion, is to go to the city hall and consult the business licensing office first with regards to the process as they may be additional steps in the registration.

  110. Hi andras,

    My suggestion is you should first register the 3-door unit to the respective heirs (tagapagmana)since the property is still under your father’s name. You can transfer the title of the property to your name and other heirs if you already paid the estate tax and able to secure CAR or Certificate Authorizing Registration.

    Before you can obtain mayor’s permit, you must have DTI registration first. Let’s assume you received Mayor’s / Business Permit, off course you should register also in BIR. The details indicated in the permit is relevant in BIR registration. Since your father was already passed away, you could not register his business in BIR under his name. You cannot register it also under your name. SPA is useless in BIR for this issue.

    These are the ideas:
    Paano mo ireregister ang business na hindi naman nakapangalan sayo?
    Kung magreregister ka sa DTI kanino mo ipapangalan?sayo?sa kapatid mo?or sa iba pang tagapagmana?
    Sa BIR required ang birth certificate and title ng propery na ipaparegister mo.
    Kelangan kung kanino nakapangalan iyong property sa kanya rin dapat ipangalan sa BIR.

    I think you should have to ask further advice to make sure you are in the right track. You may also get someone to work for you and fix everything accordingly.

    For accounting, taxation, business registration and documentation, and consultancy services you can reach me at 09178048617

  111. Hello sir,

    My employer here in Japan wants to put up a business in the Philippines, which is a plastic processing factory. Can I do the process? so that to minimize cost of processing, since we ask help from a lawyer but it is very expensive.

  112. Hi Donnie,

    Off course you can process the business registration of your Japanese employer here in the Philippines but there are so many concerns to observe.

    You must be familiar with Republic Act No. 7042, also known as “Foreign Investment Act of 1991” (FIA). Well, as a general rule, foreigners or foreign corporation can invest as much as 100% foreign equity except for those reserved for Filipinos under our existing laws.

    But let me ask, what is the intention of your boss in doing business here in the Philippines with regards to form of ownership?
    Sole Proprietorship? Partnership? or Corporation?

    Where is the target location of the business? Is it under Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)or not?

    To be honest there’s a lot of issues to consider, compliance in various laws and the untiring tax issues.

    I want to help you by giving appropriate advice or some relevant reminder but the information provided is not enough. Nevertheless, kindly read below for more details about Foreign Investment Act (FIA).

    Restriction under FIA (Negative List A)

    No Foreign Equity
    -Mass Media except recording
    -Practice of professions
    -Retail trade enterprises with paid-up capital of not less than US$2,500,000.00
    -Private Security Agencies
    -Small-scale Mining
    -Utilization of Marine Resources in archipelagic waters, territorial sea, and
    exclusive economic zone
    -Ownership, operation and management of cockpits
    -Manufacture, repair, stockpiling and/or distribution of nuclear weapons
    -Manufacture, repair, stockpiling and/or distribution of biological, chemical and
    radiological weapons and anti-personal mines
    -Manufacture of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices

    Up to Twenty Percent (20%) Foreign Equity
    -Private radio communication network
    Up to Twenty-Five Percent (25%) Foreign Equity
    -Private recruitment, whether for local or overseas employment
    -Contracts for the construction and repair of locally-funded public works, except:
    a. infrastructure/development projects covered in RA 7718; andˇb. projects
    which are foreign funded or assisted and required to undergo international
    competitive bidding (Sec. 2(a) of RA 7718)
    -Contracts for construction of defense-related structure

    Up to Thirty Percent (30%) Foreign Equity

    Up to Forty Percent (40%) Foreign Equity
    -Exploration, development and utilization of natural resources
    -Ownership of Private Lands
    -Operation and management of public utilities
    -Ownership/establishment and administration of educational institutions
    -Culture, production, milling, processing, trading excepting retailing, of rice and
    corn and acquiring, by barter, purchase or otherwise, rice and corn and the byproducts
    -Contracts for the supply of materials, goods and commodities to governmentowned
    or controlled corporation, company, agency or Municipal Corporation
    -Project Proponent and facility Operator of a BOT project requiring a public
    utilities franchise
    -Operation of deep-sea commercial fishing vessels
    -Adjustment Companies
    -Ownership of condominium units where the common areas in the condominium
    projects are co-owned by the owners of the separate units or owned by a

    Up to Sixty Percent (60%) Foreign Equity
    -Financing companies regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission
    -Investment houses regulated by the SEC

    Restriction under FIA (Negative List B)

    Up to Forty Percent (40 %) Foreign Equity
    1. Manufacture, repair, storage and/or distribution of products and/or ingredients
    requiring Philippine National Police (PNP) clearance:
    a. Firearms (handguns to shotguns), parts of firearms and ammunition
    therefore, instruments or implements used or intended to be used in the
    manufacture of firearms
    b. Gunpowder
    c. Dynamite
    d. Blasting supplies
    e. Ingredients used in making explosives
    f. Telescopic sight, sniper scope and other similar devices

    2. Manufacture, repair, storage and/or distribution of products requiring
    Department of National Defense (DND) clearance;
    a. Guns and ammunition for warfare
    b. Military ordnance and parts thereof (e.g., torpedoes, depth charges,
    bombs, grenades, missiles)
    c. Gunnery, bombing and fire control systems and components
    d. Guided missiles/missile systems and components
    e. Tactical aircraft (fixed and rotary -winged), parts and components thereof
    f. Space vehicles and component systems
    g. Combat vessels (air. land and naval) and auxiliaries
    h. Weapons repair and maintenance equipment
    i. Military communications equipment
    j. Night vision equipment
    k. Stimulated coherent radiation devices, components and accessories
    l. Armament training devices
    m. Others as may be determined by the Secretary of the DND

    3. Manufacture and distribution of dangerous drugs

    4. Sauna and steam bathhouses, massage clinics and other like activities
    regulated by law because of risks posed to public health and morals

    5. All forms of gambling, e.g. race track operation

    6. Domestic market enterprises with paid-in equity capital of less than the
    equivalent of US$200,000

    7. Domestic market enterprises, which involve advanced technology or employ at
    least fifty (50) direct employees with paid-in-equity capital of less than the
    equivalent of US$100,000

    To avoid huge expenses, you can look for accountant or consultant who can help you for the entire registration (DTI,SEC, BIR and local government). For questions and free advice, you may send email at [email protected] or contact 09178048617.

  113. Hi.. 3 years ago I have registered a business name with DTI but it was not push through. I wish to do the business now and planning to get a Municipal Permit then register it with the BIR under my existing TIN number.

    One of my friend told that I will be penalized by the BIR if they see that the DTI registration was 3 years already but it was not registered with them. He advised that I rather register a new name than using the old one.

    Is this correct? What can you advise?

    Thank you very much.

  114. Hi sir fitz,
    My husband and i want to start a commercial space rental business, can the two of us be considered as a sole proprietorship or are we a partnership?

  115. Hi MJ, either would be fine, but it would be simpler if you register under sole prop. Only one name will be legally declared as the owner, but it would be less paperwork and you can get the business started immediately.

  116. hi… i would like to sell school supplies every summer vacation only. Im planning to have it just at our garage. it’s more like a (very) small scale, seasonal home-based business. are the requirements the same? thank you!

  117. Hi lito,

    I suggest that you should registered new trade name in DTI to avoid priblem in applying business permit and BIR registration. But also cancell your old trade name with the agency.

    Don’t worry the process in DTI is so simple.

  118. Hi, we have a house here in (owned by me and my sisters) baguio and we upgraded our basement into a single room with bathroom (kinda like a small pad). and now i am thinking of renting it out what are the necessary steps i should take to make this possible? thank you

  119. Sir

    I am an Indian citizen and I am interested in import (FOOD) business from India My business need US$ 50000 – only. Please give me advice that how I can start new business in Philippines.

    What are the requirement,?

    How I can come business partner of the company.?

    How long take time.?

    How much money should be deposit in Bank?
    . and

    who can help me to do registration ?

    if any consultant please give me reference.


    Mahendera Kumar

  120. hello Sir Fitz can you send me info how to apply license permit in your company. I like your post cos it seems it is reasonable price. I am going to open a business. PLs kindly send me details.
    Cp 639393438513. Thank you…

  121. Hi sir 🙂

    Balak ko sanang kumuha ng pwesto sa palengke… Saan dapat ako pumunta para mag paalam na gusto kong kumuha ng pwesto sa palengke. Sa government po bah yung lupa sa palengke ?

  122. nice article! i have a question.. what if i’m earning 9 million pesos a month and all that money is directly deposited to my bank account. my question is are the government or BIR is going to look after me? or are my bank is going to ask questions why i have a huge of money deposited monthly? FYI my business actually is not doing illegal or something, i just don’t like to register my business because most of our government officials are corrupt i’d rather gave it directly to foundation.

    i’m sure 3 to 4 years from now i will be earning like that. just an example: let’s just say my business is limousine rentals and i’m earning php150,000 monthly, all my limousines is under my name and not with a company.. am i still need to pay for the taxes?

    thanks in advance!

  123. Hi Frits,

    I Have concern regarding with the business of my boss. It is DTI registered as sole proprietorship under his spouse name but business permit it is under her name. What would be the best legal action on this ? Hope you can help ue. thanks

  124. hi i just want to ask if how can i open a business?
    i want to open a business like tuitorial.
    wat can you advise?

    thank you and bregards

  125. Hi, I have few questions:

    Do online retail shop need to register even if it’s only home-based? How?

    My friend would like to ask if his sole proprietorship registered business can be converted to non-profit organization under the same name? He knows it is needed to be incorporated and not meant to make profit- he plan not to make profit if changing business status is possible, he just want to know if it is possible.

  126. hi sir,

    Mag tatanung lang po ako..kasi po magpapatayo po kami ng business na salon at ang capital namin is 150,000 po,,ngayon po gusto namin i register as corporation po…kasi tatlo po kaming magpipinsan…so ok lang po ba kung corpo kami sa business permit?

    salamat po,,

  127. Hi,

    I would like to put up a leasing business. We have a vacant lot in a prime location and would like to lease it.

    What are the necessary papers/documents I need to make my leasing business in accordance to our law.


  128. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for these info. How about a business that doesn’t have a specific place? Like, I have this plan to locate my business every Monday at place #1, Tuesday at place #2 and so on. Was that too much? Where can I register my business for that and how much is the estimated cost? It is really helpful. Thank you Fitz 🙂


  129. Blessings to you Sir, I just want to ask about the information, because We are planing to build the radio station, and my quistion is where agency of the government in the Philippines that we can register our Radio Station, and If you will help me how much the cost that we can pay for you?Please call and send to my e mail…

  130. Blessings to you , I just want to ask about the information, because We are planing to market our cosmetic products in Philippines, and quistion is where agency of the government in the Philippines that we can register, and If you will help me how much the cost that we can pay for you? Kind Regards

  131. Sa isang small business na Dimsum House in taytay palengke po how much do I need to pay for DTI and Mayor’s permit and baranggay clearance.and wwhat other permit is needed and its cost and total if rossible?Sana masagot nyo will help me a lot.Tnx.

  132. Hello,

    I have an internet shop and I closed already before reaching 1 year from its registration date, (January 2013). Do I have to pay anything to our city office since I closed it. Am I going to be penalize for not informing the closure?

    Thank you and Best Regards,

  133. Hello. Do I need to register a business permit sa baguio if 2 months lang ang plan for opperation? Planning to sell shoes and clothing po. Thank you.

  134. dear sir/mdm

    gusto ko sanang mag inquire kc ung amo ko kuwaity national,male,age 54yrs, so gusto nya mag-open ng company jan sa pilipinas ,pwede po ba or anong dapat gawin or anong document ang kailangan.pls kung may time kau na replyan ako true email.

    Jesabel Granada

  135. Hi Sir,

    I have a home-based travel agency in Zambales, I want to have an office in Manila where the clients can go for inquiries, etc. Do I still need to apply new business permits for this office?


  136. Hi, we want to put a business in philippines next yr. pwede ko ba malakad ang business permit kahit wala ako sa philippines and other person will do it for me?

    any info will be much appreciated.


  137. Hi Kat, yes you can already process the business permit. But I would advise against it because once it’s done, the assumption is you will already start operation and must file taxes regularly. My suggestion is to just register a business name with the DTI, and finish the business registration when you’re ready to operate.

  138. Hi fitz,
    thank you for replying si fast. Ok. That clears a bunch of stuffs. But can someone else apply it on DTI or SEC( in partnership with my husband) in behalf on our name? Will it work doing that even we are here abroad so that when we get home konti na lang gagawin namin.

    thank you,


  139. I want to start a foodcart business in different location, what address I will use to register in dti? Can I use a home address?

  140. Hi I’m Christian a filipino who lives here in Mabolo Cebu City Philippines, I have a lot

    of query and I would like to start with, are foreigners allowed to invest and partner with

    us to do a Pastry business here, how and what are the requirements that we need to comply.

    We have an indian friend who wish to set partnership with us on our Pastry business. We

    have a home business where we set customise cakes. It’s somehow a little home business that

    we would like to put to the next level and have a store.

    we would like to know more about

    the requirements and what we need to be able to accomplish such.
    If you can help us with

    this, what would it cost us and the timeframe to comply all the requirements as this is to

    be set as soon as possible. Can you assist us to make this possible and what are the fees /

    cost that we would be paying for your service.

    We seek for your response as ssoon as


    We would be meeting up with our freind (Indian) this week that’s why we need to

    comply and complete this as soon as we can.

    Seeking for your response on this.
    You can

    contact us through my email address provided above.

    Or you can serch me through Facebook and contact me there.


    yours, Christian

  141. Sir ako po si Joel Villalobos nagtatrabaho po ako sa isang Acupunture Clinic sa Dasma Cavite. at ang main po namin ay sa Greenhills Mandaluyong. panu po ba makakakuha ng SEC ang isang korean sa ating bansa? gusto po ng kaibigan kung korean na kumuha ng SEC anu po ba ang dapat naming unahin at gawin para makakuha kami ng SEC??? at kung sakali po bang kumalas kami sa main clinic sa mandaluyong anu po ba ang dapat naming gawin at unahin na mga requirements para hindi po kami magkaroon ng problema? maraming pong salamat at sana po ay ma email ninyo sa akin …

  142. Hi Fitz,

    Good afternoon.
    I am from Singapore Base Company but assigned here in the Philippines, our major Sales Office in Singapore. My boss is Korean at the same time Permanent Resident of SG. He is planning to put up office here in the Philippines as our local customer here in PH requires it. I inquired to SEC and explained to my boss, honestly I agree to him that business registration here in the Philippines for Foreigners is not an easy task.

    So he visited consulting company in SG and discussed opening office here in the Philippines, and They recommended us to check “Registered Office” in Philippines as many foreigners use it without registering company in Philippines meaning if we use “Registered Office” we need not register our company in Philippines. But there are conditions There should not be any commercial transactioin in Philippines, The office should only be used as a sales office,
    all POs, invoices etc. should be issued or received from Oversea companies.

    My question is do know any “Registered Office” here in the Philippines? Our local customers is located at Laguna and Batangas.

    Looking forward to your response with detailed information. Your inputs will help alot.

    Thank you.

  143. Hi Fitz,

    My boss is korean and he’s planning to put up office in here in the Philippines.
    Do you know any “REGISTERED OFFICE” here in the Philippines? As many foreigners use it without registering company in Philippines meaning if we use “Registered Office” we need not register our company in Philippines. But there are conditions There should not be any commercial transactioin in Philippines, The office should only be used as a sales office, all POs, invoices etc. should be issued or received from Oversea companies.

    Looking forward to your response with detailed information. Your inputs will help alot.

    Thank you.

  144. Hello sir,

    Balak ko pong magtayo ng maliit na sari-sari store ang capital po mga 15,000 at magbenta ng bigas kahit dalawang klase lang. do i still need to get a business permit? if i get one, does it cover na po yung pagbenta ko ng dalawang klaseng bigas or kukuha parin ako ng another permit for the rice? at ano po ang mga requirement sana kung may idea kayo. thanks po

  145. Hi,
    I’m reselling tube ice and branded ice cream from home for 2 weeks now. I Don’t have a store. I just use a space in our house for the freezers. Do I need to get license? What type? Please help me on this. Thanks!

  146. Good day po, I am from Philippines and currently living in Turkey. Me and my husband are planning to build a dating site in Philippines. My question is, how can we get a business permit for our online business? What are the requirements? Do I need just to register the name of our online business at DTI? We will not having a working place or let’s just say just managing the website at home. I hope you can help me. Thanks and may the God bless you.

  147. Hi Sir,

    i am planning to start online business for baked goods. Can you please advise me on what are the needed documents for me to start? Hope you could advise me.

  148. Greetings!

    I have a cellphone retail store located at Olongapo City. I renewed my permit last Jan 2014. Then we get another SPACE on that same building last April 2014 same ground floor same business name and owner. My concern is do I need to apply and pay for new business and mayor’s permit? the distance of my first retail store is only 2 STEPS from my second retail store.

    Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you


  149. Hi sir/mam,

    greetings! I am planning to have my own business within this year. i would love to open a AIRSOFT SHOP here in our province. But i was thinking it would be homebased business since i cant afford to rent a place for business. I would like to ask if it is possible for me to apply a business permit using my home address as an addrss for my business. I am planning to import AIRSOFT GUNS AND SPAREPARTS from Hongkong. I know that i need an IMPORTATION LICENSE to be issued by the PNP FED. I was wondering if you have any idea how much that importation license/permit cost? Thank you for your help!

  150. Hi sir/ mam

    I don’t have any idea what to do after i file my business name from DTI and Business permit from city hall. We have a livestock business of culled chickens here in Cagayan de Oro City. We already rented a space (lot only) outside the market since we sell live chickens. We do wholesale, retail and peddling of our product. It’s not a very big business and the income is just enough to cover the salaries of our 2 employees and rent and little to set aside for savings.

    My dilemma is wat kind of tax should i file from BIR? We dont issue any receipts or anything. It’s a smal kind of business of my family.

    Please help me out.


  151. hello,sir.
    i would like to say thank you in advance. my problem is that i have already registered a international company in manila, all the required permit is completely all ready. but we have no operation for two years, let alone the tax. Now we are going to transfer the company in Municipality of Opol, is there any advise for me?
    I HAVE ALREADY been to THE aboved agencies, but the problem is still there, unsolved. The BIR suggested me to close the office in manila first then reopen a office in this place with the former name. i am not quite sure the whole procedure about this task in here. AM i SUPPOSED to close that main office in manila or just to reopen a branch office here? and how about the tax in manila, will it related with the annual production of a new branch office in OPOL? MILLIONS OF THANKS

  152. Is there a need to date my application of business on the same date of the lease contract?

  153. good day po. may itinayo na business po ang mister ko na sounds rental two years ago. kumpleto po ung registrations and permits kaya lang po the following year hindi na po sya nagrenew kasi po ay nag abroad sya. plano po naming buksan uli yung business. ano po bang dapat naming gawin? magrenew po or magregister na lang po ng bagong permits sa munisipyo and bir? thanks po… sue

  154. If I set up a local manpower agency under sole proprietorship. Is there a required number of manpower/pool before I can apply my registration? One company ask me to handle their extra laborers under agency.

  155. Hello good morning sir… i just wanna ask what should i do if I’m planning to open a business in our town but unfortunately DTI and BIR are not cooperating. It will take two months to get the permit and I can’t wait. What will I do… Is it ok to operate even if I don’t have business permits? thanks…

  156. Hello Sir,

    I just wanna ask, the company that i am working right now is using my license and they said that they only pay me if they started using my license in their business. How would i know that they’re using it or not? Coz they always said “not using yet”. FYI they are still processing their business permits and I am almost 2 months working here with my photocopied license given to them from the first day I started working here.

    Thank you….

  157. Good Day.
    I am planning to put up a home-based online travel and tours..(with no employees,just me)
    Do I need to register and pay taxes to BIR?
    What are the things I need to do,to make it

  158. Good Day.
    I am planning to put up a home-based online travel and tours..(with no employees,just me)
    Do I need to register and pay taxes to BIR?
    What are the things I need to do,to make it legal even if it’s an online travel and tours?
    Thank you and hoping for your reply. 🙂

  159. Hello po gusto ko po mag open ng company about online business pano po ba ko mag apply ng business permit.

  160. Hi Fitz! I am planning to set up an association and wanted to know what steps to take and how much it will cost me. I have to set up the association before we get people in to become members, right? It’s a dream I have for this professional association of teachers because there is a clamor for it. My colleagues tell me it’s not worth it because it’s a lot of work, but I am doing it for my fellow professionals! Hope you walk me through the process, since I have absolutely no idea where to start. 🙁 Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  161. magkanu ang bayad ko if ever ma ifile ko ung ITR sa BIR ko nagsimula ako 2012 at balak ko ito ifile sa january 2014, magkanu kaya ang bayad ko….

  162. Hi po…dati na kasi ako empleyado pero nagresign na ako at balak ko magsell-online…may DT na ako pero wala pang BIZ PERMIT kc dko alam kung paano ako kukuha ng BUSINESS TIN number…may TIN na po ako dati -pwede ko ba yon gamitin para sa online business ko? thanks! God bless…

  163. Hi Beng Valeros,

    Yes, you can use your TIN. Since you already have a DTI permit, Follow the following steps:

    1)Proceed to the barangay to secure your barangay clearance.

    2)Once you have barangay clearance, go to your municipality or city where your business will operate to secure for the Mayor’s business permit.

    3)After that, proceed to BIR for business registration. BIR Form 2303 as a Certificate of Registration.

    I assumed that your business is a sole proprietorship because you have secured a DRI, so, you will need to bring the following documents to the BIR Revenue District Office in the place where your business is located:

    *Your 2×2 colored picture with white background

    *Any valid ID which shows your name, address, and date of birth (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

    *Mayor’s permit for your business. If the permit has not been released yet, just bring proof of your application for the permit

    *The certificate of registration of your business name, which you’ll need to get from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) beforehand

    *Your personal tax identification number (TIN) card

    *A sketch of the location of your business

    *Your birth certificate

    *Your marriage certificate, if any

    *The birth certificates of all your dependents aged 21 years or younger

    *For Cebu entrepreneurs, if you need assistance in securing business permits, business registration with SEC, DTI, BIR, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and BIR tax compliances, LOA & Co. can help you.

    We can be reach with the following numbers:

    Phone: 032 267 0267 / 032 254 2581
    Mobile: 09107845671
    Email: [email protected]

    Our Office is located in Causing-Feria Bldg. Jones, Ave. Cebu City.

    Thanks and God bless everyone!

  164. if ill be opening a party needs business. small shop only. do i need to have bir docs? or dti and brgy will do?

  165. How about registering an online business? What would be the main difference for it? I am currently selling online and posting my ads in free classified ads sites like olx and mybenta at the moment, but I would to be able to send out sales quotes to offices, so I would be needing to have my small online business registered.

  166. Hello! My sister and I are planning to put up a shop. However I already have an existing business under my name. I was just wondering if it’s legal to have multiple businesses under one person? Thank you!

  167. Hi! I just franchised a food cart. What are the requirements to register? and how would be the process? Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  168. Online businesses should register like a regular business. I just finished registering my online business. I don’t have an online shop or own website but I post my ads on I went through the same registration process. There are 3 offices to go to: DTI, City Hall/Municipal Hall, and BIR. DTI for the registration of your business name. To become legit, you have to secure a mayor’s permit to operate (You may also want to check if your local government would require you to secure a provincial permit).You will go to BIR to get a TIN (or if you already have one, make update or transfer of location) and authority to print receipts and invoices.

  169. We planned to accept tutorials on summer for 1 month next summer. We intend to accept more or less 30 students from kinder to grade 3. My question is do we need to apply for a permit? If we failed do get it do we face any legal problem with it? Thanks..

  170. Hello sir I just check your site now , my self I belong to India , i am 41 year old and I have my own investment and cloths business in India , Now I planning to set up a business in Philippines soon, I need help how to get a license and how we can register our business, and please give me information what kind of visa I can collect to start my business there .
    i did saw that u are doing it so if i can ask how much your charge for registering and how long it takes and we need help where to get a license after we did the registration.pls email me for some info, thanks

  171. Hello Sir. My Dad has agricultural properties. He wants this registered as a corporation. Since there is not much capital poured into it so not much money coming in, may I ask the lowest we can declare as capital?

  172. Hello Fitz,

    Ask ko lang po. I have online telemarketing business. We have different clients from US and we hired freelancers online to work with us. I am currently renting an apartment in Pasig and I would like to know the process to have a business permit, even its an online business only. Do I need to inform my landlord that I am doing a business? Because I seen that I need to pass rent lease on DTI. Can you give me some advice about the things that I need to get business permit? Thanks in advance.

  173. Hi! Im planning to start an online home based ticketing service. But the home owner association does not agree. What do i need to do? Help please. I feel my rights for growth is being compromised. Where do I seek help with regards to my situation. Thank you so much in advance. I would greatly appreciate your advice. More power

  174. Hello sir I just check your site now , my self I belong to Pakistan , i am 40 year old and I have my own investment and cloths business in Malaysia , Now I planning to set up a business in Philippines soon, I need help how to get a license and how we can register our business, and please give me information what kind of visa I can collect to start my business there .
    i did saw that u are doing it so if i can ask how much your charge for registering and how long it takes and we need help where to get a license after we did the registration.pls email me for some info, thanks

  175. Hello Sir! I have a vacation house in Batangas and I am planning to have it rented on a daily basis , do I need a permit for such seasonal business?thank you in advance

  176. would like to ask do i still need a business permit if im planning to start a home service massage? thanks

  177. Hi Sir,

    May I ask if your product is for poultry? where do we register it? Thanks in advance

  178. Sir, ask ko lang pano po kuha ng COR sa BIR kung ang lupa na tatayuan ang business ay pagaari ng iba at di naman nagpapaupa. Binigyan po kami ng letter na pwede kami magtayo ng business as in authorization letter lang po. Pwede na po ba un sa BIR? Salamat po.

  179. Im copernicus david , i worked here in dubai as a basketball trainer, MPAC basketball academy, my boss wants to start his academy in davao city. We need your legal advice how can we start up. How we be able to apply as L.L.C. limited liabiliy company..

  180. Hi,

    I would like to start the business in phillipine such as a garments,resturant,supermarket.may i know procedur of investment.amount with me $40000/.i belong to pakistan.kindly guide me.


  181. Hi Fitz,

    I am planning to run a home service massage. I went to the nearest Brgy. Hall to ask info about permits and licences. According to them, since it is just a small business and will not require to purchase equipment, no need to secure BIR and DTI records. Is this true? In case not, can I possibly start with brgy permit and have it a try first before securing necessary permits? Would there be sanctions of this, if ever? I hope you could help me.

    Thank you.

  182. Hello po. I’m planning to have a homebased online food business. Pre-order like pasta and main dishes on a per tray. What are the permits that I need to get.

  183. Dear Sir Fitz,
    i would like to ask if i already registered my dti and not yet ready to file any municipality or bir coz want to try if the business will success then we will proceed for the said registration. Is there any penalty if the BN will not proceed to municipality as soon as have the DTI?

  184. Hi, does selling products online needs License to operate? or something like doing Home Shopping, does it need license to operate? Thank you.

  185. hi, I would like start a trading(wholesale) company in Philippines the products are medicines, medical device. Is the category of company No Foreign Equity, we are foreigners and not much capital to operate. thanks a lot

  186. Hi,

    I would like to inquire how much it would cost us to hire you to do for our payroll for 5-6 employees only and taxations? We are a starting up company.

    I would love to hear your feedback.

    Thank you,

  187. I have a plan to put up my water refiling station business, i would say that i have experience about water treatment machines as my current job overseas, basically i already have Reverse Osmosis Treatment Machine build by my self about 70% done. I need to know what should i start terms of registrations applying permit, should i register my machine or i have to complete and produce product to send it to DOH laboratory? In addition after i put up my own refilling water store i would like to build water treatment machine for sell so it may need to register my equipment to DTI.
    If you do all i need in term of putting up my business how much it cost me?


  188. Hello Fitz, Such a detailed explanation. However, I would like to check with you as I was continuing with the thread but didn’t find any similar query like mine. Im a foreign national here on a 9G visa sponsored by my husband. Boredom kills and so started some home based Candles. Now people want me to supply in consignment basis. Since I would like to be fair and also generate receipts, what is the best way to go about with it. There are no employees here. Just me. Its not anything large scale either. Maximum of may be 20- 50 candles a month. I also do some paintings at home which i wish to sell off. Do you think I could register the same as a Art house or gallery? Do i really need to have a office space or can I just give my home address. Do i still need to have a Filipino partner for the same.? Your advice would be much appreciated?

  189. Hi Shireen,

    If you’re pursuing it in the long-term (3+ years) and plan to scale up in the future, then I recommend registering it as a business.

    If not, then you can just do it as an extra income venture as long as you don’t regularly exceed P50,000 gross income per month in sales, because by then you’ll now be considered a business and must register.

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to register the business under your name alone. My suggestion is to have it under your husband (as sole proprietor), which is the easiest and least complicated option as I’m assuming he’s a Filipino citizen.

    Yes, you can register your home address as your business address. But ask first your barangay if there are “zoning laws” in your area that restricts people from registering a business with your address.

    In case you need a business address, there are virtual offices in Metro Manila now that offer those services for less than P1000 a month — you can use their physical address as your business address, and they have a receptionist to welcome any visitors.

  190. Hello po, Im Vietnamese working in Philippines for 5 yrs, and i want to open a Vietnam restaurant here. Please anyone have any ideas and give me some advice po. Have any agency or lawyer that will help for documents and business ownership, i dont have filipina gf or wife po, so what should i do to start the business.


  191. We’re planning to buy an existing food house (small resto) business. Kindly advice on how to transfer the ownership of that existing business? (Current owner is a Sole proprietorship and planning to have it to be a partnership? TIA

  192. Hi, I need your help. What industry does management/consultancy falls under? I spent the whole day checking the site but no appropriate industry was found. My brother wants to start a general partnership – avionics consultancy. I don’t think he is under non-scheduled air transport since they wont engage in anything like that. Please let me know if you have an idea about this. Thanks

  193. Hi! I have a sister who has a registered business in the Philippines. I have a freelancing team that runs for almost 6 years now and our team has its own business name online. In the U.S. we have something like “Doing Business As” where the Business Name is different from the Legal name registered in the papers. Do we have something similar in the Philippines? Say for example the legal registered business is “ABCD” where we can use this officially when it comes to contracts, payments, logistics, etc. but when it comes to marketing, business proposals, online presence, branding we want to have something different like for example “The Alphabets”. Is this possible?

    Sample Business Proposal intro would be: The Alphabets doing business as (DBA) ABCD is an organization that provides consultancy services. XXXXXX XXX XXX XX

  194. Hi, I’m planning to set up asingle proprietorship business in the Philippines,i’m a Filipino and my products will be electronics products and electrical gadgets,Is there any lawyer who can help me to process all the requirements?And how much all the payments and charges?thanks.

  195. Hi! I’d like to ask, I’m setting up an events business but I have no physical address. I just work on the go (coffee shops with wifi). I already registered in DTI, what about in the local government and BIR if I don’t have an existing physical address?

  196. Hi, Fitz! Thank you for the article!
    I’m appreciate if you could help with my question:
    I`m a foreigner and interested in opening in some Philippines islands places of entertainment with arcade games like air-hockey, dance game, etc. Those are non-gambling machines.
    Could you be so kind to explain the rules and policy to get license for this type of business, what kind of company do I have to open, and what are the fees for you help in openning this business and getting licenses .
    Thank you in advance!

  197. Dear sirs, I’m a sole agent for one leather global company in Europe and I add Philippines as one sole agent because my wife is a Filipino but I need to know how to register such business in Philippines in Manila

  198. Hi Fitz. Is it possible that I just register my business name with DTI as a reservation and just operate the business later? I have a brand name with a good number of followers in social media. I plan to use the same brand name in the future for my business, for now I just want to reserve it in DTI. Is that possible?

  199. Hi, i just want to ask regarding my business. I already got my dti permit for my cctv and computer installation services. I am confused if i can also sell some cctv products. What will i put in bir forms line of business. J Thanks in advance.

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