Warning: Reading This Can Be Too Much Work For You

Updated: March 22, 2020

Technology has greatly increased the pace at which we live today.

Now, it only takes a few seconds to get in touch with someone; only a few minutes to research and get information we need; and almost everything is now available in “instant” form.

Unfortunately, because we’ve grown accustomed to getting things so fast, most of us now suffer from having short attention spans.

We now get distracted easier, thus making it harder for us to focus on doing single tasks. More alarmingly, most of us have become impatient, and would loathe things which are slow to come.

In the end, because we have shorter attention spans; because we get distracted easier; and because we’ve become more impatient; our minds have become more averse to long-term commitment and hard work.

Read these three stories and you’ll understand what I mean.


The Guy With The Short Attention Span

Last week, I was introduced to someone who wanted to meet me because he wanted to put up an online store.

I was glad to give him a basic overview of what he must do – from domain registration and ecommerce setup, up until product pricing and marketing.

I talked for a good thirty minutes. And during that time – I could see him spacing out of the conversation several times. I know because he would suddenly “snap back into reality” and ask me to repeat what I just said.

In the end, when I asked him his thoughts, he simply said that it sounds like “too much work” and he’s now doubting himself if he could find the time to do everything.

The Guy That Got Distracted Easily

Last year, a high school friend got in touch with me, asking if I was interested in joining his network marketing company. I politely declined because I have other priorities at that time.

However, I offered help with his recruitment. I reviewed his materials and gave him tips on how to get better leads and convert prospects into sign-ups. I even went as far as introducing him to some of my friends whom I think would be interested.

After a couple of months, I sent him a message in Facebook, and asked how his network marketing venture was doing.

He said that he stopped because it was “too much work” – and instead, he shifted to selling real estate, because he thinks he has better income potential there.

That was last year. Today, he’s selling insurance policies. When I asked why he again changed industries, he says that doing field trips with potential buyers was… you guessed it, “too much work”.

The Guy Who Is Not Patient Enough

“How long before you started to earn from blogging?” asked a friend of mine.

“I earned my first $100 after around 6 months,” I answered.

“That long?” he answered.

“That’s actually not very long. Some take more than a year,” I replied. “You could say I’m just lucky because I had a good niche. However, I must tell you that I really spent a lot of time marketing my blog.”

“Marketing? I’m not good at that. I just want to write and earn like you,” he said.

“Well, I can give you tips on how to market your blog. I can also give you websites that you can read to improve how you blog.”

He fell silent.

“Blogging for income is not just about writing articles,” I continued. “It requires a lot of dedication, persistence, learning, and again… marketing.”

“Oh, I never thought earning from blogging required too much work,” he concluded.


Indeed, we are now living in a fast-paced world; and technology has made almost everything available at your fingertips. But again… that’s “almost everything”.

Success. Wealth. Fortune. If you want these, then you will need focus, patience and most specially, hard work.

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  1. Yep the whole “too much work” sounds very familiar. Prior to leaving my job and striking out on my own I had several people express an interest in doing what I was doing do they too could get out of the rat race. After explaining what was necessary every single one admitted that it was just “too much work”. I guess it isn’t “too much work” to give up 40-50 hours of your week to an employer for the next 40 years.

  2. the same reaction when people asked me how to work at home via online. I started 2 years ago and it took me 6 months to stabilize my income. at first it was not really easy to get contracts and the salary was low but i persevered. Now, i’m earning more than the what i was receiving when i was in the corporate world. I enjoy the freedom, i cannot imagine going back to my old job in the office. i get to save because i don’t have clothing and transportation expense.

  3. Hi Jehz, bakit ka naman natawa? Pero I’m sure naka-relate ka kasi marami ka ring na-encounter na ganyan ang attitude sa blogging. Haha.

  4. Hi Fitz. There are really many people nowadays who want “quick money”. I’ve been blogging for almost two years and I know it takes hard work and patience to earn money from your blog. I hope more Pinoys would learn the value of sowing and reaping..

  5. I think “patience” is one of the main things I had to learn in the Internet. I am a natural “go-getter”, so it was hard waiting for certain things to happen. I found out though that a gradually climb is better than a quick climb.

  6. Very nice post. I guess some of the questions i always ask myself and others have been answered here. Thanks fitz. More power!

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