Myshkin Ingawale: A Blood Test Without Bleeding

Updated: March 19, 2023

Let me share with you today a fine example of how a social entrepreneur creates value that changes the world.

The video below features Myshkin Ingawale. He is one of the founders of an Indian med-tech company called Biosense Technologies.

And in this TED Talk, he tells us about ToucHb, a portable, mobile phone-sized device that can diagnose and monitor anemia non-invasively, i.e without needles.

I hope you enjoy this short, interesting video which has brought me much inspiration in the past couple of days.

The best part of the talk for me was when he said:

We thought we could build it, so we built it.

But, but it didn’t work.

So we built it again. And we did this 32 times.

But I’m very excited to tell you that last year we did build it — it works.

Imagine failing 32 times!

Some people might have given up after the 10th, or 20th time – but Myshkin Ingawale didn’t because I’m sure he believes that failure is a necessary step to achieving success – and you should too.

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