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The One Critical Investing Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

Updated: February 8, 2017 | Investing, Personal Finance | 8 Comments

Learning how to invest is an important part of becoming financially free. Good thing that it’s not that hard to start investing today. However, many fail to understand how investments work, particularly, in terms of how it makes money. At the most basic level, your investment income comes in three forms. First, as capital gains; […]

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On Multiple Sources of Income and Working Smarter Not Just Harder

Updated: June 24, 2017 | Mindsetting, Productivity | 17 Comments

How many sources of income do you have? A friend of mine has about six. He works as a part-time bookkeeper, sells vitamins for a direct-selling company, owns an eLoad business, buys and sells computer parts online, works as a Math tutor and occasionally gets an allowance for running important errands for his father’s company. […]

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