How to Earn P100,000 in 30 Days (Episode 28)

Updated: December 9, 2021

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Summary of Episode 28:

The story of Brian. (1:35)

The story of Lea. (2:54)

The story of Fred. (4:07)

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There is an abundance of opportunities out there, but you need to open your eyes and look closely to see them. (8:14)

Your knowledge and skills are your best tools for making money. Look for and choose opportunities that will optimize them. (8:47)

Understand that there’s no such thing as an overnight success. (9:21)

Your foundation determines your execution. Your education determines your application. (10:06)

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  1. YES, it is certainly possible to earn in excess of P100,000 exclusive of your regular employment. Unlike Fred, folks would likely pay me to STOP singing (my singing skill IS THAT BAD!!!) so I am sure that I would earn much less than he did attempting to sing. Now, Brian, on the other hand, has studied the market and has learned how to harness volatility and make it his friend rather than something to fear! When markets go wild, the moves will often be extreme. In my world of option trading, the premiums we sell also go to the extreme so volatile times equal extra profits and more opportunities to profit.

    My family saw a lot of pain outside our subdivision and we too suffered some as our three local business ventures are still closed (mid 2020) due to the lock-down from COVID-19. Conversely, we were also feeling very blessed as those super high option premiums I earned trading at night allowed us to extend help to many family members, some close friends as well as continue to support our charitable giving to organizations that needed help more than ever during the crisis!

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