Probe Features Mystery Shopping

Updated: February 23, 2015

Probe recently featured mystery shopping in one of their segments.

The television program hopes to inform its audience about this very good income opportunity specially for those who enjoy going out and shopping.

I was contacted by Probe last week after they stumbled upon my article last year on how to become a mystery shopper.

So just in case you missed it, here’s a recording of the episode segment.

Enjoy watching!

If you’re interested in becoming a mystery shopper, then please read my previous post about mystery shopping and contact the offices of the companies I mentioned, specifically the Philippine licensee for Shop N Check, which is John Clements Consultant, Inc.

Many thanks to napakagwapong si itot (he requested that anchor text) for the video recording.

I would also like to thank Probe for giving me the opportunity to appear on TV. And of course, Google for showing them my blog (Search Engine Optimization FTW!) 😀

Lastly, if you’re interested to know more money making opportunities both online and offline, then please don’t forget to subscribe to Ready To Be Rich.


  1. wow! mabasa nga yung post na yan para makapag-apply din ng mystery shopper 🙂

    celebrity blogger ka pala Fitz, sayang hindi ko napanood. Buti na may poging Itot na nagrecord ng episode

    anyway, I love your presentation yesterday at iBlog5, especially the ‘not usually mentioned’ spot on! I learned a great deal!


  2. Astig! Di ko toh napanood! dating mystery shopper ka pala. hehe 😆 parang ang sarap naman ng job na yun weee

  3. Hi Fitz,
    I saw the posting about mystery shopper. Mahilig akong magmall pag libre oras ko. Maurirat din akong tao. Is there an age limit for that job? I enjoy browsing your site. Sana noon ko pa ito nakita. Very informative. Thanks!

  4. before in my previous bank that I worked..we have mystery shoppers they are the one who tested the tellers if they are giving the quality of services to their clients.

  5. Hey

    yup, being a mystery shopper is super fun and super astig gawin!
    im a mystery shopper for almost a year now and im still enjoying on doing it…

    they pay me through bank deposits and i always get an assignment every weekends since im not available every weekdays.

  6. Fitz,

    Hi! can you recommend me jobs na super daling gawin, ex. 2-3 hours only, available on my own sched and pays good naman… aside from mystery shopper. pls email me naman!


  7. fitz

    i need help, i remembered before way back when i was in college, i had a friend and her aunt works in a big company at makati i think, my friend asked us if we want to participate in a mission, it was like this…. we went to a large room and we were asked to watch a lot of commercials (different kinds) from shampoo, tooth paste, conditioner, soap) variety of products and they told us not to take down notes, after 10-20 commercials we were interviewed by a lot of representative from the company and asked us what commercial can we remember, what about the commercial and whats unique with the commercial, and why did we remember that commercial among others. after that they paid us 300 – 500 pesos.

    i dont know the company name, can you help me?

    i’d like try various kinds of jobs, im a mystery shopper now and i’d like to try to change into a new career…

    can you name some of the companies that usually does these? (Paid for watching and rating commercials)

    and also my friend is asking if you do have a list of all of the mystery shopping companies here in the philippines?

    pls email me here [email protected] (thats hanny underscore letter L in lower caps, o not zero and number 1

    wow that was hard… kasi if you look at my email add, small caps L and number 1 looks the same and o and number 0 looks the same…. hah! i just noticed that now….

  8. ok mag MS kung binabayadan ka sa tamang oras. at kung talagang nilalagay nila yung lahat ng comments mo for the benefit na lang din ng consumers di ba? e kaso hindi..

  9. hello fritz. good day to you!

    i am a mom of 3, 43yrs old and currently retired from being an employee specifically in most brands of pizza restaurants. i now own and run a small diner.

    i need your help on how to become a financially freedom person.

    thank u!

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