Top 5 Tips That Probloggers Will Usually Not Tell You About Making Money Online

Updated: May 13, 2018

A lot of people want to make money through blogging. If you’re one of them, then I’m sure you’ve read a lot of make money online blogs and tried to learn the things that these probloggers are teaching.

This is also what I did at the start when I first came into the blogosphere.

After more than a year, I’ve learned that there are certain things that these probloggers are usually not telling their readers about making money online.

And that was my topic when I talked at the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit last May 9 at the Malcolm Theatre, UP Diliman.

Going up the stage, I felt like Richard St. John during his TED Talk. I had so many things I’d like to share and discuss but only a few minutes to do it.

So for those who missed my talk, let me share with you now the pointers I gave the audience that afternoon – the top 5 tips the probloggers will usually not tell you about making money online.

Speaking at iBlog 5
Speaking at iBlog 5


Blog about your passion that has commercial value.

It’s important that you blog about your passion because it will motivate you to write. However, if you want to make money out of your blog, you should remember to choose a niche that has great commercial value.

During my talk, I shared that I am an avid fan of logic puzzles like Sudoku and also loved playing badminton.

Between these two passions, I said that if I were to start a blog, I’d choose to write about badminton because potentially, I’ll get more advertisers with that niche.


Get a domain name and webhosting if you want more technical control of your blog, but blogs in free sites can earn as much as self-hosted blogs.

Having a domain name is important for personal branding. It also helps people to remember your URL easier. Meanwhile, subscribing to a webhosting service will give you more technical control over your blog design and functions.

However, one should realize that blogs in free sites such as Blogger can also earn as much as self-hosted blogs. It may take longer but eventually, your blogspot blog can be a high income earner.

Quality Content

Write quality content about topics that people search for.

Everyone says that you should write quality content. This means you should write articles that are unique, informative, entertaining and/or thought-provoking.

However, many probloggers don’t mention that you should write quality content about things that netizens usually search for.

I gave an example for travel blogs and how they usually just write about their experience and nothing more.

If you want search engine visitors, incorporate in your entry or make a series of posts that would also answer common searches like the best places to visit, fun things to do, cheap hotels they can stay in and other information for the places they visit.

This is what I did for my Ilocos Vacation Tour article, which now gets a lot of search engine visitors everyday. 🙂


Learn Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Traffic is one of the prime factors that lead to high income in blogs.

Most probloggers put great emphasis on SEO because it is search engine visitors that usually converts to ad clicks. But the main problem with SEO is that, it’s a bit technical and it takes time.

For immediate traffic, specially for new blogs, one should invest in SMO. Social Media Optimization focuses on getting referral traffic from other blogs and websites.

This means commenting in other blogs, promoting your articles in social networking communities and microblogging sites, participating in online forums and many others. Referral visitors are the ones that convert to subscribers and regular readers, that’s why it’s essential.


Be patient, making good money through blogging takes time because it’s not easy to write for and maintain multiply blogs.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long term investment of your time and effort. With enough focus and persistence, you’ll eventually make good money online.

However, one of the reasons why making money through blogging takes time is because it’s also not easy to set up and maintain several blogs. Ask any problogger how many blogs they have and they’ll answer they have 3 or 4, some even more.

The principle lies in multiple sources of income. Focus on one blog and make it earn. Document your efforts and duplicate it for another niche.

With every blog you create, you’ll earn faster because the months of experience has already taught you valuable lessons. And with proper time management, you’ll be able to maintain several blogs and earning a total of four digits in US dollars.

With friends in iBlog 5
With friends in iBlog 5

Towards the end of my talk, I mentioned that problogging is not just about making money online. It is about creating value, building a community and sharing a piece of yourself to the world. I ended with a quote from Ria Jose, a problogger friend from Davao.

She says: “I believe I am a problogger, not because of the amount of money I earn from blogging, but because of the level of commitment & dedication I put into blogging; and the accountability & responsibility I have to my readers, to blogging as a media, and to the niches I blog about.”

Thank you to everyone who listened to my talk during iBlog 5. It was also nice meeting old and new friends that day.

Special thanks to Ms. Janette Toral for giving me the opportunity to speak during the event.

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  1. this sir, is what caught me off-guard!

    ang yabang ko pa naman sa katabi ko nuon, sabi “andun sa blog niya yan” as you were introducing the Top 5 Tips.

    but then, you pulled the surprise by proceeding with the “will not usually tell you” subjects.

    bravo! worth the wait.

    thanks, I learned a great from your topic! 😉

  2. sorry, that should read “I learned a great deal” I couldn’t edit it.


  3. Hi Fitz! I also attended this event. Saw you as speaker! Great talk about how bloggers make money online!

    Unfortunately, we haven’t met. I arrived late but thanks to Jehz for reminding me. Also, I departed early since I have to meet a friend.

    I hope to meet you in the next iBLOG 6 bloggers event.

  4. Great! Ayan o, parang naka attend na rin ako ng iblog5. Na pick up ko pa rin valuable points mo in your talk. “,)

  5. i certainly agree on the top 5 tips. but i also think that some probloggers are giving away these tips on a piecemeal basis. it’s often the risky tricks that are kept from the general public’s eyes.

    btw, i play badminton too! saan ka ba naglalaro? 🙂

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  8. Hi Fritz,

    Nice talk sa iBlog5. One of my favorite. Hope to learn from you more.
    Sayang di ako nakapagpa-picture. hehe!

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  11. kahit di ako naka-attend, i can feel the enthusiasm bloggers had for your talk. these are very good advices.

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments. 😀

    @Tyrone, meron pa namang ibang blogger events, or sa PGB outing! Hehe

    @ceblogger, casual play lang dito sa may Paranaque

    @Dexter, oo nga, maraming probloggers sa audience eh, mga nakaupo sa likod. 😀

  13. You speak with authority dude.. hats off to you. You’ve helped a lot of bloggers out there.

    Teka muna, pano ba sumali sa PGB ninyo? LOL

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  16. The only thing that I’m missing in top 5 tips is having my own domain and a web host(I don’t have money to finance it). The tips are so so true… and right now I’m concentrating to one blog,I got the idea of having many blogs to earn more but it’s not easy as you think, Blogging is more about dedication,passion and perseverance. I came to realize that earning money will just follow up… What a great post^^

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  18. fitz, i live in paranaque. i’m on a search for badminton playmates in the area. makati pa ako pupunta if i want to play.

    btw, the tip “Blog about your passion that has commercial value” kept ringing in my head. passion led me to open a sports blog. i hope it will make more money soon.

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  21. ..i have been an addict reading your blogs! i just started last week, and my day wont be complete..i crave to see your writings everyday.

    thank you so much!

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  23. Nice article. Ever since mybloglog closed, I’ve been difficulty getting more income from blogging. To add insult to injury someone hacked into my blog and computer and it took me a while to get it back in order. Times are tough and I’ve searching the web and looking for a way to get more income from my adsense ads as well as sustain. I admit I haven’t full use of my membership in digital filipino as well as blog communities. Can you offer some suggestions? The income I generate goes to supporting my mother and I because I’m taking care of her.

  24. this post will save us newbie blogger from initial disappointments as we’ll be more familiar with what’s to expect early on. Thanks again Fitz!

    – Rogie

  25. Isa ito sa pinaka gusto kong blog sa lahat. Ang galing mo boss fitz;D

    How I wish magkaroon din ako ng ganito ka sikat na blog.

    Sa ngayon bumili ako ng domain to start my blogging career. A blog created to help on promoting our country.

    Please visit…

    Thank You!

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