On Fire Poi, Facing Fear and Taking Risks

Updated: April 18, 2019

One of the reasons why I love going to the beach is because it’s one of the best places to spin a fire poi.

Ever since I got acquainted with this hobby, a visit to Laiya, Puerto Galera, or Boracay is never complete without a night session among my friends.

What is a poi? It means “ball” to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. They primarily used it as a tool to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Nowadays, aside from being a hobby toy, it is also being used as a performance skill. Fire poi spinning is considered by some to be the most difficult and dangerous type of performance poi.

Below is a simple video which tells the story of my first burn (a term that refers to the first time a person will spin a fire poi).

I can still vividly remember that night when I learned how to face my fears and got the courage to take the risk. I hope that this will inspire you to likewise do the same in your life.

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Author’s note: Please do not try this without professional supervision.


  1. i guess that’s where the polynesian influence or our language is coming from – poi – as in apoy.

    risk is always with us, everyday of our lives. but again, that has to be coupled with confidence in ones self, else, it’s almost guaranteed that you ain’t gonna cross the bridge and take the risk if you don’t have the “it”

    risk is something that could either break you or make you though i’ve read some people’s experience that the mere experience in itself of taking the risk is rewarding in itself.

    i’ve had my share definitely and i will still do it again. am just preparing all that i need.

  2. Yes, risk is always with us… just going outside the house exposes us to a lot of danger (i.e., being struck by lightning), but because we know the chances of that happening (a calculated risk), we have the confidence to brave outdoors

    You cannot control everything in your life and you cannot really prepare for all possible scenarios, that’s why sometimes, you just need to have faith in yourself and take the risk

    As I always say to myself, “The only regrets we have in life are the risks we didn’t take.”

    Thanks reyna for sharing your thoughts on this.

  3. uy i wanted to try this too! πŸ™‚ can you teach me? hehehe i already now how to make a circle using those colorful lights

  4. *nosebleeding while listening to reyna elena and fitz*


    risk nothing and you lose nothing but then, you also gain nothing. risk everything and you lose everything but then, YOU COULD GAIN EVERYTHING.

    it’s really your choice. i am both risk taker and safe player, depends on the situation…but these days, i’m becoming more cautious with my actions kaya my life gets a little boring…

    fire poi? i’ve yet to try it…pero mas gusto ko mag bungee jump! Weeeehhh!!!!

    pwede ba mag tagalog dito? hehehhehe

  5. hi malen,

    i speak and write tagalog so i’d say it’s fine with me, dunno about the owner of the blog. you see i studied thagalug at the University of Pennsylvania’s Foreign Languages… CHARINGGG!!! HAHAHAHA, gusto nimo ‘day mag-binisaya na lang kita a! o mag-birikulan na sana kita digdio! hehehe!!

  6. Fitz is that really you on the vid? Ever since I was a kid I’m already fascinated with fire, how they dance around, how they flicker. It’s always a mystery to behold the energy of a fire.

    You know fitz before I was afraid of taking risks, but now, even if I gained enemies with my risk taking, I really don’t care because it’s all part of the risk. You win some, you lose some. Meron nga isa nagsabi sa akin in the past, I think 10 years ago, If I will stay on my comfort zone and continue to please everybody even at the expense of my own growth, the people’s perception of me and what they are thinking, I will not mature as a person.

    Your first burn is also like the hurt one feels whenever the risk burns your ego. I get that a lot. Pero ika nga, time will heal. Tama si reyna, its so rewarding when you take risks.

  7. @pusa
    I’m not really good at teaching poi but I can try. I’ll show you how to do a few tricks if ever we meet. If you’re really interested, you can start by searching the internet for free poi lesson videos.

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve tried bungee jumping in Subic. It was fun but it’s not something that I will get addicted to unlike spinning poi. πŸ˜€ And yes, you can speak Tagalog, okay lang po. πŸ™‚

    >_< πŸ™‚ @bluep Hey, thanks for the visit. Yes, that's really me in the pictures. Those were taken a little over a year ago. Anyway, what you said reminded me of a quote by Bill Cosby, "I don't know about success, but the secret to failure is pleasing everybody." Lastly, I haven't considered that taking a risk can likewise burn one's ego. That was very insightful. And indeed, time will heal.

  8. @Dexter
    Why don’t you try it? I think you already have an advantage because you’re DEXTERous. πŸ˜€ Buy a pair of knee high socks, put two tennis balls inside and you can practice spinning with your homemade sock poi.

  9. Interesting post Fitz! I haven’t tried this one yet. I’ve seen several people doing this in Boracay and Puerto Galera and last week i’ve found out that one resort in Batangas is doing this as their main attraction.

    I’ve changed your link and stumbled too!

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  12. I’ve started reading your blog, and it’s very inspiring and truly empowering. Makes me feel that, with a lot of reading (from your blog), a little help, and a lot of heart, I can do anything!

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  13. File this under ” Facts About Fitz” ,,,,all the things we did not know. The longer I read this blog, the more you surprise me Mr Fitz.

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