My IMG Convention Experience in Singapore

Updated: April 14, 2020

As most of you already know, I am a member of IMG or the International Marketing Group.

I signed-up as a member last October 2012, primarily because I got interested in attending the IMG-Wealth Academy – their school which conducts financial management seminars on investments and personal finance.

Then some time in December, I got a call one afternoon from my Marketing Director, Dr. Jaime Lorenzo, and he told me that I just got qualified to attend the IMG Train the Trainers Convention in Singapore set in February 2013.

A free trip to Singapore – who would say “No” to that, right? And thus last February 17, I attended my very first international IMG Convention.

The event happened at the Max Atria, Singapore Expo. It was one full day of learning and sharing, which ended with a simple celebration of everything that the members have accomplished for the past quarter.

I don’t want to bore you with every detail of what happened, so instead I’ll just share with you my favorite talk of the day – which was the one given by Mr. Rex Mendoza.

He is the CEO and President of Philam Life, and one of IMG’s most dedicated mentors when it comes to mutual fund investing.

Rex Mendoza

That day, he talked about the outlook of the global economy as well as the financial direction of the Philippines. Most importantly, he gave very useful tips and practical pointers on how we, as investors, can make the most out of the current bullish market.

My favorite slide from his talk is the one below. It shows the year-to-date earnings of PAMI, FAMI and PEMI – the three mutual funds that IMG is partnered with.

Mutual Fund Performance

If you’re familiar with investing in mutual funds, you’ll realize that at least 10% growth in just a little over 1 month is such an amazing performance. Most instruments earn that much only after a year.

So to all those who thought it was already late to invest last December, you just missed potentially earning this much. The lesson here really is to start investing today.

Aside from listening to the talks, I was also able to meet a lot of people, particularly fellow IMG members from other parts of the country, as well as those who are based in Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Here are a few photos… the first one, during the special dinner courtesy of IMG, the night before, at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant;

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

This one, together with the IMG members based in Makati, just after the convention.

IMG Wealth Academy

And last, but not the least, me together with my team members (and future CEOs), Juvy and Aries – or as we call ourselves, “Team Ready To Be Rich”. Wooosh! 😀


If there’s one thing that I will remember the most about the convention, it would have to be what Mr. Rex Mendoza said about Aman Futures. He told us that it was “our fault” that many Filipinos got victimized by the pyramid scheme.

There is a strong need for financial literacy in the country, and as financial educators, we at IMG have the best tools and opportunities to effect change in the mindset of Filipinos.

We need to stay dedicated and fully committed to the advocacy so that Aman Futures, Multitel or Royal Manchester Five will never happen again.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience at the IMG Convention. There is another one set to happen on June 22-23, and this time it will just be at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay – so I’ll surely be there again to attend.

Lastly, if you wish to also become a member of IMG, then just send me an email through my contact form – or better yet, sign-up to attend IMG-Wealth Academy’s Free Money Seminar HERE.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you at the IMG office soon.


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