19 Tips To Becoming More Self-Reliant

Updated: April 5, 2022

What do you call a person who is independent, resourceful, and pro-active? For me, that person is self-reliant.

A person who is empowered in creating solutions to his or her own problems. A person who is creative, innovative, and runs on a relentless passion that allows him or her to weather obstacles and failures.

Self-reliance is often an overlooked quality, but in today’s world where everyone is busy with their own lives – there will be times when nobody’s there to ask for help, and it is up to us to find the answers to our own questions.

Whether you are learning how to cook, or learning how to invest; whether you are lost in a foreign land, or lost in your own finances – being self-reliant helps a lot in improving oneself and achieving one’s goals.


So how do you become more self-reliant? Here are 19 tips.

  1. Find time to listen to your thoughts. Discover who you are.
  2. Hone your skills. Your strengths are your primary tools.
  3. Have short-term goals. Achieving them will build your self-esteem.
  4. Work for long-term goals. A sense of future direction will guide you in your present decisions.
  5. Take risks. Worry less.
  6. Smile when you fail. Take the lesson and just try again.
  7. Always finish what you start. Tie loose ends.
  8. Reward yourself when you do a good job, even if it’s just a simple task.
  9. Assume responsibilities. Be a leader.
  10. Speak in public. Find your voice.
  11. Look people in the eye when talking to them. Stop what you’re doing and listen.
  12. Be open to criticisms. You can’t correct a mistake if you’re not aware of it.
  13. Don’t dismiss compliments, just say “Thank You” and nothing more.
  14. Ask people questions. There’s always something you can learn from everyone.
  15. Be hungry for knowledge. Learn something new every day.
  16. Value simplicity. It usually requires less work.
  17. Read. Exercise your imagination.
  18. Find time to do the things that give you self-fulfillment. Do it often.
  19. Accept that life isn’t meant to be perfect. Find happiness and contentment in the imperfections that make life beautiful.

I hope you found my “imperfect” list of 19 tips on becoming more self-reliant helpful.

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  1. I think that last point you made is key for me. Learning to accept that life isn’t perfect and that I should not expect it to be. Good tips about becoming self reliant. I think we could all use more of those traits.

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