Money Saving Tips For People Who Hate Saving Money

Updated: June 21, 2024

Saving money is important. We all know that. But knowing is not the same as doing.

For some people, saving money is like going on a healthy diet. You get inspired and start to do it, but after a few weeks, self-pity creeps in, and you begin hating it.

If you usually fail at saving money or you think it’s really difficult to do, then here are some money-saving tips that could help you.

Save first, then spend the rest.

The instant you receive your income immediately set aside a portion and put it in your savings account. After that, you can now spend the rest of your salary without guilt.

This is what they call paying yourself first, which is easier and more fun to do than scrimping on your expenses, so you’ll have money left as your savings until the next payday comes. Try it; this really works.

Make saving money automatic.

How do you make saving automatic? There are several ways. One is to go to the bank that handles your company payroll account and ask if they have an automatic savings plan or if you can have one arranged.

What this means is that whenever payday comes, the bank will automatically deduct a fixed amount from your salary and deposit it into a separate savings account. There are also bank products out there that can do this for you like the BPI Direct Save Up.

Make your savings NOT easily accessible.

When your savings account is just one ATM withdrawal away, then you’re more likely to touch it. Make it inconvenient for you to get cash out of your savings.

Simply having a pure passbook bank account is a good start. As for me, I have a BDO Optimum Personal Savings Account, which only allows you up to three over-the-counter cash withdrawals a month (but unlimited deposit transactions).

The Filipino Paluwagan System provides similar inaccessibility to your savings. But you have to make sure that the members of the paluwagan are trustworthy and really dedicated to paying their dues.

Always use cash.

When you always use cash, you’ll be more aware of your budget. This will help you avoid accumulating debts and encourage you to live within your means.

Simply put, pay yourself first, then always use cash. Do this, and you’ll end up with no credit and a savings account that you don’t have to touch to pay your debts.

Set a benchmark and a reward for saving money.

They say that you should save money for the “rainy days.” Personally, I believe that’s a pessimistic (and vague) reason to encourage yourself to save. I find myself more motivated to save money when I set a reward for myself whenever I reach a certain amount.

For example, I allow myself to guiltlessly splurge P2,000 on anything I want whenever I can increase my savings by P10,000. Other times, I reward myself with a fancy dinner in a restaurant after every three No Spending Days.

Let’s Review

To sum it all up, if you find it difficult to save money, then try to pay yourself first. Find a way to make it automatic, and be sure that your money is not easily inaccessible.

Then you can spend the rest of your income without guilt but remember to always pay in cash and avoid debts. Lastly, reward yourself for being successful at saving. Make it as often as you can afford it.

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  1. Another nice article from your Fitz! I always pay myself first. Whatever left in my salary will be splurged… Hehe… When I withdraw other amounts after paying myself first, then that’s the time that I will watch my expenses because I already got into the quota.

    I also invest some of my money for it to work for me. Investments such as stocks, mutual funds, and UITFs are some of the provider of passive income. I also work on increasing my income not to limit it in my job alone but also to other means such as blogging. :)

    Way to go Fitz! :)

  2. Nice post! Sir Fitz, sorry wasnt able to email you back, was busy these past few days.. anyways, i’m still trying to absorb what you’ve emailed me, thanks thanks for the time :)

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  4. Hmmmmm. Well done list Fitz,
    What I always tell to my friends to save money, is to be addicted to it. Saving cannot be done in one mere action, it should become a habit. Commitment to the promise of saving money is one great key to achieve it.

  5. Great ideas here. I’d also add that When you are looking to save some money, I find it most helpful to list your expenses from the largest to the smallest. It really helps focus your energy on where you can make an impact. Too many people spend their time trying to shave a few dollars from the smaller items (which can be easy and worthwhile), but cutting one of your bigger expenses by just 5% could put a lot more savings into your pocket than things like packing your lunch twice per week.

  6. The first step to saving money especially when you don’t fee like doing so is to DECIDE. I realized na medyo matagal na ako sa job ko bilang call center agent pero wala pa akong nasisave. Ang kaibigan ko yung unang nag-encourage sa akin. So then I decided to make a change, nagsave ako paunti unti. Kahit sa 5000 mong sweldo, take 1000 and you’ll be surprised na dadami at dadami rin yan.

    Also, determine your needs para naman maiwasan ang mga unnecessary expenditures. Don’t forget to follow the list of NEEDS at hindi yung WANTS kasi walang kwenta ang paglista lista kung hindi rin naman susundin.

    Next, choose a bank na hindi gaano kalaki yung initial deposit at maintaining balance or doon nalang mapupunta yung savings mo! I found a bank named Citi Savings Bank, it’s a thrift bank na 100 lang ang initial deposit, unlike most banks ngayon na 1000 or worse, 5000 and initial deposit, so yung savings mo sa kanila pa mapupunta. Make sure maasahan din yung bank siempre or all is lost! The last time I withdraw ng medio considerable amount, ok naman bigay naman sila agad. What I mean is, kung kelangan mo mahuhugot mo din. It has to be safe!

    Wag kang withdraw ng withdraw, kaya I discourage ATM savings accounts, go for thrift savings banks, they will help you kasi they specialize in that area–SAVINGS.

    Well yun yung mga steps na tinahak ko sa savings, sa awa ng Diyos ok naman yung nasave ko, pwede ng wag magwork ng isang taon.haha..pero don’t stop there kapag ka meron ka ng savings, keep on saving,it’s the key to maintaining it.

    Keep a prudent lifestyle. Wag gasta ng gasta. Sige happy saving everyone!

  7. Nice post. I like how your managing your Filipino/Filipina community here too. Which by the way, I think I feel like I’ve read this article before. Have you read the book by Azizi Ali from He mentioned almost exactly what you wrote here. The idea was to “Pay Yourself First, and then the World.”

    Likewise, for health reasons, “Take care of yourself first, and then the world.” as would doctors recommend their patients.

    Just my two cents.

  8. Hi BD, no I have not yet read that book. Is it good? In any case, paying yourself first is a concept I first encountered from the book, The Richest Man in Babylon. :D

  9. Magandang araw po sa inyo ginoong Fitz,
    nais ko lamang po sanang itanong kung sakaling nasubukan ninyo na po ng aktwal ang pagiipon sa tulong ng BDO Optimum Savings? gusto ko po sana kasi malaman kung sigurado pong hindi babawasan ng BDO ang aking kapital sakaling magumpisa akong maghulog sa kanila kahit na bumaba ang economiya? salamat po :)

  10. Hi Mary Ann. I am not from BDO and I cannot really speak for them, but in my personal opinion, your money should be safe.

    I would just like to advise that you should do all your transactions inside the bank, with authorized personnel only to avoid any issue. Also, always read well and keep all the documents that you will receive.

    If something is not clear or you have concerns regarding the BDO Optimum Savings account, then don’t hesitate to ask the branch manager to explain it to you. If you need further help, just send me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!

  11. Hi Fitz what would you recommend saving up first or paying off mortgage earlier with redraws capability in case of emergency anyway…

  12. @Nanette
    If you can only afford one, then you can choose to pay off the mortgage first. Otherwise, it’s good to do both.

  13. Simple enough that a child can follow the savings plan but so many adults will not! I am thinking it will be a wonderful time to review the multi-point plan we have with our troops and share this article with them. It never hurts to reinforce solid concepts and good habits.Thank you for the post Fitz.

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