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How to Save Money When Your Income is Low and Just Enough for Your Expenses

Published: February 26, 2018 | Money Saving Tips, Personal Finance | No Comments

A lot of times, I hear people say that they really want to start saving, but they can’t because their income is just enough to pay for their living expenses. They tell me that more often than not, they have no money left for savings by the time the next payday comes. And unfortunately, they’ve […]

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13 Things You Should Stop Paying For to Save Money

Published: December 1, 2017 | Money Saving Tips | 6 Comments

Would you pay for something that you can actually get for free? Apparently, most people will. Below is a list of things that Pinoys usually spend on unnecessarily. These expenses can be avoided because you can get them for free, there’s a free alternative, or simply because you don’t really need to spend on them. […]

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How To Save Money While Sleeping

Updated: November 13, 2017 | Money Saving Tips | 7 Comments

Many of us, if not all, wants to make money while sleeping – to earn passive income. And if you’ve tried finding these kind of opportunities before, then I’m sure you know how hard it is to earn a significant amount “while you sleep.” However, I’ve discovered that it is not the same for saving […]

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Money Saving Tips For People Who Hate Saving Money

Updated: June 13, 2018 | Money Saving Tips | 19 Comments

Saving money is important. We all know that. But knowing is not the same as doing. For some people, saving money is like going on a healthy diet. You get inspired and start to do it, but after a few weeks, self-pity creeps in and you begin hating it. If you usually fail at saving […]

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What It Means To Pay Yourself First

Updated: November 9, 2018 | Mindsetting, Money Saving Tips, Personal Finance | 32 Comments

Paying yourself first is the simplest way to save money. I’ve learned about this concept a long time ago. It took me a few months before applying it, but when I did, I never stopped. I still do it now actually. Paying yourself first is very simple thought it can be quite difficult to apply […]

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