How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Boost Your Confidence

Updated: October 6, 2023

Self-doubt is something that we all face in our lives. And oftentimes, self-doubt is coupled with fear and depression, which makes it harder to overcome.

I’ve had my share of bouts against self-doubt in the past. Unfortunately, I still get them today.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about self-doubt through all this time, it’s that — no matter how good you’ve become or how much you’ve accomplished — self-doubt will always be there to haunt you.

However, I’ve also learned that even though these doubts never go away, overcoming them gets easier every time.

And that’s what I hope to share with you today: some advice on how you can overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence to succeed.


Study and learn. Prepare and practice.

Whenever you set a goal for yourself, you must come up with a plan on how you’ll get there, which means you’d have to study and learn, prepare, and practice.

So that when the time comes that you finally need to step up and do what you have to do, which is also the time when self-doubt starts to creep in, you can just tell yourself:

“I’ve studied and learned this. I’ve prepared and practiced. I can do this.”

Share your doubts. Get some support.

In most cases, talking about your fears and doubts can help ease that feeling of inadequacy. Surround yourself with positive people.

Moreover, share your thoughts with those who can understand your self-doubts. They will surely offer you words of encouragement and support.

Use your passion as your fuel.

When you want something bad enough, nothing should ever stop you — most especially self-doubt. Instill in yourself that “go-get-it” attitude, and you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.

Be kind to yourself.

Realistically, there will always be moments when you’ll fail. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes.

When this happens, it only means there is still room for you to improve. Trust that things will be better next time, and always try again.

Appreciate your value.

One thing I do whenever I’m in a slump of self-doubt is remind myself of the good things I’ve already accomplished in life. I recall those times when I succeeded at something and linger at that moment until I felt better.

The great thing about appreciating yourself is that you don’t have to think about those really big accomplishments like finishing a hard project or closing an important business deal.

Sometimes, just thinking about those small everyday triumphs, such as being able to wake up on time for work or telling a joke that made everyone laugh, can amazingly lift your spirit.


Final Thoughts

Remember that having self-doubt is normal. Feeling it is NOT a sign that you’ll fail.

I believe that self-doubt is just a unique way for your mind to tell you that you’re about to do something extraordinary.

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  1. Last weekend I had self doubt and I forgot the lines to a poem at a open mic. I didn’t have enough practice. Preparation is great in destroying self doubt. Also You have to visualize yourself succeeding in your goals.

  2. hi…nice posting

    well for me self doubt is being alive and a test on how much you can push yourself to the unknown. some of us who are willing to take the risk are always the one’s that faces self doubt. but it makes also life more interesting and worth living. but with those who dont even take risk doesn’t even have self doubt since they let other people or the situation control them. letting others control one’s self is not a sign of not having a confidence to one’s ability but instead it showns one’s contentment of one’s situation.

    i always tackle self doubt with prayers and talking to my wife, who is very good on making me feelthat i’m the best person the world.


  3. Hi,

    Nice posting. few sentence in the posting were really encouraging and motivate. thanks for nice article

  4. Great article!

    I must say that, self doubt comes from a low self esteem. And that kind of self esteem is a by-product of a poor mental self image.

    Self image is formed when we were young and we begin to determine or interpret things as right or wrong.

    Self-image -> Self-esteem -> self-confidence. And with confidence, self doubt is hardly recognized.

    Have a great day!

  5. “I believe that self doubt is just a unique way for your mind to tell you that you’re about to do something extraordinary.”
    Very motivating Bro…Good Post Cheers!!

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