How To Manage a Business Facebook Page

Updated: October 19, 2011

Does your business have a Facebook page?

If not, then you’re missing a big marketing opportunity that is not only effective, but very affordable as well.

Imagine yourself hanging out with friends and all they’re talking about was the party you missed last night – that’s how your business is without a Facebook page.

It’s okay to miss the party, but you risk being left out of the conversation.

So why should your business have a Facebook page?

  • To have an online presence: If your target market are internet users, then it’s natural that they will search for your business online. Having a Facebook page allows your business name to come out in search engine results without the need to invest on having your own website.
  • To connect with your customers: Social media allows current and immediate feedback of your products and services from your customers. That’s free market research and also, a cost-effective way to render customer service.
  • To create an engaging community: Social media presents an opportunity for businesses to convert their consumers into brand advocates. Additionally, having a community will allow you to easily promote new products and services to your customers.
  • To generate sales: According to a recent study, 56% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook; and 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan on Facebook. A slideshow of that study is shared below.

10 Quick Facts You Should Know About Consumer Behavior on Facebook

My business already has a Facebook Page, what should I do next?

Creating a Facebook page is easy. If you can build your own business, then you probably can learn how to make a Facebook page for your business in a few minutes.

But what many business owners and marketing managers miss when it comes to Facebook is how to go about building their community. Many times I’ve actually been asked, how to do you manage a business Facebook page?

While outsourcing this kind of task is a viable option, it helps to also know some of the best industry practices on Facebook page management. Below are a few tips:

Design for engagement and interaction
Your Facebook page is not a static website – it’s a social portal. So be sure to add applications that engage visitors and fans. Some examples are putting a discussion board, a video box, free content downloads and other custom tabs.

Convert your own network into fans
A Facebook page is worthless if it doesn’t have fans. Building a community initially starts with your own network. Don’t just invite your friends, but also your professional contacts, and even your business mailing list, suppliers and existing customers.

Update your offline marketing media
Integrate Facebook in your television, radio and print advertisements. Update your posters, streamers, fliers, billboards and brochures. Put your Facebook page address in your next business card design.

Make regular status updates
Leverage on the News Feed to reach your fans regularly. By putting out useful, informative and engaging status updates, you can increase the chances for your brand to be seen by fans on their own feed. More importantly, be social and interact with your fans.

Create a social persona
In Facebook, your brand is often seen as more than just a business entity, but a social entity as well. And just like how people use Facebook, don’t be afraid to share and discuss current events; post trending topics, videos and photos; and other relevant and engaging content.

Do a Facebook fan promo
An effective way to generate new Facebook fans is to offer giveaways and incentives. This can be a simple raffle, a referral promo, a photography contest or whatever relevant activity you could think of. Just be sure to check out the Facebook rules on running online contests for businesses.

Consider Facebook Ads
Rolling out advertisements on Facebook is an effective way to increase your fans. It’s simple to set up and you can customize a campaign to fit your marketing budget. Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to reach new targeted markets in this social network.

Cross promote and co-market
It’s a social network. So don’t be afraid to promote your business partners through your Facebook page. Use it to “Like” other brands that complements your business as well. Oftentimes, those brands will reciprocate, producing a symbiotic marketing relationship in the end.

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  1. just a question, what if my facebook site will become a discussion of negative image to my business? say, someone will post that he doesn’t like my product? how can we handle that?

  2. That’s why there is a need to have a social media manager, to monitor those negative posts.

    How you handle that situation depends on the intention and gravity of the message…

    You can do damage control by turning the post into a customer service opportunity – ask how you can help with his/her concern.

    For purely negative feedback, assess the comment and best response would be to apologize if indeed there is fault and end by stating that the business will do its best to improve on that area.

    And of course, there are those who are just there to troll, and deface your wall with ridiculous and pointless comments. Just delete the post, move on and don’t look back.

    There are of course, other possible actions you can take. These are just the common strategies which I’ve seen.

  3. Indeed, a very informative post. Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites are now the largest market in terms of business. Therefore, a business facebook page is a must for every company.

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