What You Need To Know About The No Return, No Exchange Policy

Updated: October 19, 2023

The other day, a friend bought groceries and discovered that a couple of canned goods had already expired. What’s worse, his brother also bought groceries, so they ended up with some duplicate items.

Fortunately, my friend knew his consumer rights and brought the items back to the supermarket. He had the cost of the expired goods refunded while the duplicate ones were replaced with other items.

If this happened to you, would you have done the same thing? You should! That’s because you have the right to do so as a consumer, as written under Republic Act 7349, also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines.


Below is your guide to understanding the most often ignored policy of the Department of Trade and Industry – the No Return, No Exchange Policy.

According to RA 7349:

The “No Return, No Exchange” or ANY equivalent tag line is NOT ALLOWED to be posted in stores nor written in the official receipt of ANY business transaction.

No Return, No Exchange — Points to Remember:

  • Inspect all products that you’re planning to buy. Check the expiration, test it out, and physically examine for defects. This will help you avoid wasting time going back to the store to have your item refunded or replaced.
  • In all your transactions, always ask for an Official Receipt that is duly signed or authorized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. More importantly, keep the receipt in a safe place, as most businesses need it to accommodate any refund, exchange, or warranty claims.
  • Don’t wait long before returning the item. Do it the next day if possible, and bring the item, including the packaging it came in, AND especially your receipt.

What are your options when returning a defective item?

  • You can have the item replaced with a working one.
  • You can have the item exchanged for a different item.
  • You can have the full cost of the item refunded.
  • You can have part of the cost refunded, so it’s as if you paid for the item at a lower price.

What about consumable items?

Yes, you can still return them as long as you can show proof that there’s something wrong with them, i.e., the food inside the can is spoiled, or shampoo has uncommon dirt inside.

When dining in restaurants, it’s important that you alert your server immediately when you discover something wrong with your order so you can have it replaced, exchanged with another item, or simply crossed off your bill.

On false advertising and wrong labels

When the net content in weight or quantity of your item is less than what’s indicated on the container, packaging, label, or advertisement, even if there’s nothing wrong with the item, then it is your prerogative to ask for any of the following solutions:

  • Paying for the item at a lower price or having part of the cost refunded.
  • Asking for more of the item to cover the differential weight or quantity.
  • Replacement of the item for another with the correct weight or quantity.
  • A full refund of the item.

There’s nothing wrong with the item; I just realized I don’t need or want it.

Experiencing buyer’s remorse? Well, I hope not. But in this case, individual store policies already apply.

But it’s still worth a shot to return the item for a refund or replacement. You’ll be surprised at how many businesses will actually accommodate your request.

How do you report businesses that violate the No Return, No Exchange Policy?

You may call the Department of Trade and Industry at 7513330 or visit the nearest DTI office in your area.

You can also go to the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection at 361 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City. Moreover, you can send them an email through [email protected]

Know your consumer rights. It will help you save time and money.

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  1. I wish every store would do the same. if the item is defective, it should be returned, refunded, or replaced. But there are times that the store owner or manager will not comply with the complaint. Even if you call the authorities. And besides, it’s just worth LESS of a complaint. I mean, what store will comply to a report if the item is just worth LESS? That’s reality. If you complained about an expired candy over a small store, will they really comply to the Law? That’s reality. Not everybody will comply. But at least, the BIG superstores will.

  2. The same thing happened to me last year during Christmas season as I was preparing my husband’s favorite salad, I ran out of cream. I asked our helper to go to the nearest retail store, only to realize that the cream is already expired when I saw the bubbly cream after opening it. I immediately checked the expiration date on the can and found out that the cream is already expired. I told our helper to return the cream and ask for a replacement. Good thing the store owner replaced the item; otherwise, he will need to do some explanation. I know my rights and I know what I should do in these situations.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I bought a pancake mix from a local grocery here in La Trinidad,Benguet.As I was unpacking the items,I noticed that the Pancake mix was expired a month earlier from the day that I bought it, I went back to the store 2 days after,but was unable to bring the item.I asked If I could return the expired item but an employee approached me and said that I should have returned the goods on the day that I bought it and said that it is against grocery policies to accept goods that has not been returned within a 24 hr. period.. Im just wondering,is a there a time frame for returning expired good? Because Big supermarkets like SM allot a 7 day time frame for the return and exchange of goods.

  4. Hello, I have a question, there is an online shop I bought from, a swimsuit, but when I received it, it is barely like the one from the picture posted, I also ordered a mint colored swimsuit but received a light blue, and there were lots of dark inks on it. I want to return it or maybe exchange it with another one, what should I do?

  5. Pwede bang ibalik ng costumer ang binili nito at papalitan sa kadahilanan na ayaw na nya, nagkamali ng bili o di na nya kailaangan?

  6. Bumili ako ng printer sa octagon sa sm fairview ang brand hp 3999 price. Ok nung simaksak nakapag xerox kami.sa bahay nagamit namin isang beses ung nag print kami isang beses. Sumunod na araw ayaw na mag on. Nilipat kona ng ibamg saksakan…inalis ko ulit.tas kinabit ayaw parin. After 2wks dipo kasi ako pede magbyahe na mag isa dahil maselan pregnancy ko need kopa antayin asawa ko para may kasama ako. Pagdating sa store ayaw palitan may recibo naman ako kesyo 1wk lang daw. .saka walang box kasi daw may barcode daw ung box. Testing nila pinalitan ng ibang cord ayaw din. Ang sabi samin 4wks pa kasi ung hp daw magsasabi kung ano final na decision. Ganun poba un eh binili namin un tas pa aantayin kami pero ung pagsoli ura urada gusto..ang lupit namn nun..
    Tulungan nyo namn kami.

  7. Nicholo “NO”
    If after buying a certain item, a customer changes his/her mind and wants to return said item. Can he/she invoke the prohibition on “No Return, No Exchange”?
    No, the prohibition is not an excuse for the consumer to return the goods because of a change of mind.

  8. how about rings? Or accesories? Cos I bought a ring tungsten daw and coated ng gold ngayon faded na 24hrs palang yun ah ahahahahahahahhaha bwisit lang #The4kRing

  9. I have a problem right now. The store person (i think he is a supervisor) said that I need to wait for a week on this particular item that I am returning today to be examined by the tech or engineered. I can’t recall what he said. The item is defective (powerbank). It’s not charging. They test it even the other stock left on their store. But both of it are not working. I said I don’t want the other item they are giving because it is expensive. Until now there’s no news if their other branch have stocks left.

  10. I bought an item from a well known auction store but found out later that there was missing parts. The item is supposed to be an enclosure for AUVs etc, etc. But the items didn’t include the frame for the enclosure, so there is no way to erect the enclosure. After 3 days i returned the items for either a refund or exchange. The manager and some personnel of that store argued loudly that the items explicitly says enclosure only, emphasizing “ONLY” so there are really no frame for the enclosure and therefore they have no obligation whatsoever to refund me. I explained to them that the said items lack description for unaware buyers like me and that i’m a regular of their store having bought many items, but my argument fell on deaf ears. And the sad part was they were shouting and mocking me at the same time for failing to understand the description and at one point almost ganging on me while the manager was trying to stare me down. I tried to reason to these arrogant people that they may have unintentionally forgot to clearly describe the items for us consumers to be able to understand. The manager was adamant that that’s their policy and cannot even go out of his way to accommodate a loyal customer who has spent large some of money on all their auctions. And i keep reminding them of DTI rules of no return no exchange policy but they seems not to mind or accept my reminder and shouted that they weren’t afraid of any investigation or complains. I just hope the management of this auction house located in sucat, do something about their arrogant employees specially the manager.

  11. I had an experience from a certain branded cosmetic store that still implementing No Return No Exchange Policy.
    My Bf bought me a lipstick with the same shade i already have. Without 24hours yet and without using/oppening, we imidiately try to bring back the item for just a SHADE change and planning to buy some additional items. Disappointedly, the staff told us it was impossible for them to change the item shade. She also admitted that she forgot to tell their policy with my BF. They have the policy of No Return No Exchange.
    Do we still have anything to do with this? Thanx

  12. @Cherry
    You should be able to ask for a refund, or at least, a change item. You can report to DTI. You can also talk to them on social media and publicly ask if this is really their policy. If they say it is, then you now have “proof” that they’re violating the rules set by DTI to protect consumers.

  13. Need advice po. I decided to buy inverter air-con via installment. A week ago after inquiring sa store ng appliances, I when back to process all the documents needed to claim the Item. Without checking it inuwi po namin and installed it ,then finally realized that it is not inverter instead a none inverter air-con. Nagkaroon po ng miss understanding between me and the sales person. Ask ko po if pwede ipalit sa inverter kahit may policy sila na no return if wala namang defect yung item, thanks po

  14. Hi guys! Want to ask for any advice here, hope you can help me. I purchased a necklace worth Php.15,000 this last Monday as a gift, only to find out that I chose the wrong length, it’s to short and very tight-looking once worn by the person who I bought it for.
    I went to the same store immediately the following day, explained that I only want to exchange it with longer length but same in design lace, mentioned that I am willing to pay for the additional amount but I was really shocked when the attendant informed that they don’t allow product exchange and she also mentioned that this is actually a common policy for jewelry stores.
    I, somehow have knowledge about no return, no exchange as a prohibited policy by our trading law but for me who is not used to this kind of transactions (buying expensive items such as) I left the store very frustrated and really don’t know what to do next.
    Some of my friends suggested for me to go directly to the customer service department of the mall, the thing that I will do immediately later, but if you have any suggestion please let me know. Thanks!

  15. My husband buy a milk for my 1 month old baby ,he says 0 to 12 and when he go home he found out that the milk that has given to him is 1-3 yrs old can we return it on the store

  16. Hi… inquiry regarding change of mind po, customer made down payment and leave pdc for a motorcycle. We process the sale and register the unit to the customer but the unit was still with us. Now customer change his mind and no longer want to purchase the unit. Can we not allow the return due to change of mind?

  17. I bought a pants with a wrong size for my husband. Unfortunately, i lost the receipt. The store refused to change my item coz their policy is no receipt, no exchange. Is that valid?

  18. Very important information, we are thankful that it is posted for all to see and learn from. If only a good number of folks would take the time to understand ad exercise their consumer rights, I think retailers would make more effort to be customer friendly. No more selling of out of code products. No more selling of defective products and then refuse to accept a return. I am a business owner and honestly, customers should be treated as you would want to be treated. “Do unto others…..”

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