Earth Hour 2009: Vote Earth on March 28

Updated: September 22, 2014

Earth Hour 2009 is coming. On March 28, Saturday, beginning 8:30pm, I invite you to Vote Earth and turn off your lights for one hour.

Several cities in the Philippines are all gearing up to participate in this worldwide campaign against global warming and I’m inviting you to become part of it.

I showed my support for this event last year and along with an estimated 50-100 million people around the world, we switched off our lights and took a stand.

This year, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in cooperation with WWF-Philippines and the Philippine Department of Energy, is once again inviting families and local businesses to spread the positive message of Earth Hour and flick that light switch off.

Earth Hour Philippines 2009 hopes to involve 10 million Filipinos and 500 businesses in key cities and towns throughout the country. Thousands of people all over the country will likewise be coming together to light a candle in support of this global warming awareness initiative.

Here’s what WWF Vice-Chair and CEO Lory Tan had to say:

2009 is a destiny year for the entire planet. This is the year that we decide the future of humanity. Earth Hour is a message of hope and action and we hope it sends a powerful message to both local and world leaders. It is a global movement that proves that each one of us can make a difference. Imagine what we can do if we act together. (source)

Below is the official Earth Hour 2009 video campaign. Watch it and you’ll see the SM Mall of Asia Globe lights being turned off during Earth Hour last year. 🙂

If you’re interested to learn more about Earth Hour, then please visit Don’t forget to sign up and be counted. You can also contact the Earth Hour Philippines operations center hotlines at (632) 840-2134 / 812-5974 and know what Earth Hour activities are scheduled for your city.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that the goal of Earth Hour is to ultimately call us to action in doing our part to conserve energy for the long term. As they say, turning off that light is just the first step. We can (and should) do more for our planet:

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  1. The interesting thing about this years campaign is that, as we get into the home stretch with just over two weeks to go, there are over 1,000 cities involved with Earth Hour. Every day it gets more and more momentum. Japan is the only country that hasn’t truely got involved – however Tokyo Disneyland are.

    This year is different because everyones vote needs to be heard to go towards making a difference at Copenhagen. Everyone needs to join the Vote Earth community (live 13 March) on

    To have a look at the campaign material go to:

  2. i already put that date on my reminders… and also i already send emails to all my friend to remind and urge them to support the Earth hour 2009.

  3. i always participate whenver there is an Earth Hour event. it is a good thing that the World Wildlife Fund organized an event like this.

  4. Earth Hour is really a good concept on how we could spend at least a few minutes of our time in remembering mother Eearth. people should be more aware and more caring of our environment now that we have Global Warming and Climate Change.

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