9 More Quick Tips On How To Save Gas

Updated: March 10, 2022

In general, good car maintenance and relaxed driving habits will give you better mileage. This was the main point of my first article on how to save gas. If you haven’t read it yet, then check it out because it mentions a lot of the most obvious ways to save fuel that we often ignore and overlook.

Moving on, as fuel prices continue to go up in most parts of the world, including our own, one is forced to find more ways to save money on gasoline expenses.

After conducting experiments, doing online research, and asking my driver-friends on what they do to make the most out of their car’s fuel, I now share with you 9 more tips.

More Ways to Have Money on Gas

1. Survey gasoline prices.
Make it a habit to note the prices of the gasoline stations you often pass. You’ll discover that they significantly vary. This way, you’ll know where exactly to gas up. For example, here in Metro Manila, gasoline prices of the same brand are higher in Makati than in Parañaque.

2. Turn off the aircon near your destination.
If the air outside is tolerable for you, then it’s better to roll down your windows when driving around the busy city. However, if you’re using the airconditioner, you should turn it off around 5 minutes before you arrive. The little fuel you save will add up significantly in the end.

3. Stop looking for that perfect parking spot.
How many times have you driven around the parking lot several times, hoping to see a slot near the mall entrance? Remember that you are wasting gas by doing this. Just park at the first vacant spot and walk.

4. Do your errands in one day.
This is pretty much common sense but most people fail to do this because of improper time management. Write down your usual tasks for the week such as banking and grocery shopping and decide on which day you can effectively accomplish them all.

5. Drive behind large vehicles.
This proven technique is also called drafting. The theory basically states that by placing yourself behind a bigger vehicle, aerodynamics will effectively lessen your air resistance and thus, decrease the need to use gasoline to maintain speed. Just a warning, this can be dangerous if you’re not a seasoned driver.

6. Put your car in neutral.
Also referred to as coasting. This prevents you from constantly pressing the gas pedal to maintain your speed. Ideal when you’re driving on a straight road that’s free of traffic. Be careful though, this is illegal in some parts of the world. But here in the Philippines, I always do this in C5.

7. Go to the bathroom before you leave.
This will prevent you from making unnecessary stops. And this goes out to all your passengers as well.

8. Try less popular gas companies.
Here in the Philippines, the industry is dominated by Petron, Shell, and Caltex. Because of this, they are also the most expensive. Why don’t you try the least popular but cheaper fuel companies? I’ve tried Unioil, Seaoil, Jetti, and Flying V.

9. Use discount cards
Most major credit card companies in the Philippines offer rebates and a 24-hour price increase buffer to their partner fuel stations. If you have these cards, it’s wise to use them often.

How about you? Do you have more gas saving tips? Please share them below.

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  1. Hi raqs, yup drafting is an effective way to save gas, but it’s quite dangerous so unless you’re a professional driver, I wouldn’t recommend it. Thanks for sharing that one. 😀

  2. Been tested and proved by edmunds.com that using the AC on newer cars uses the same amount of gas as having the windows down. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  3. i guess a saving device can somehow help lessen use of gas..why not give it a try…remember!!!theres no harm in trying.

  4. @jacky
    But the gas saving devices are quite expensive. And I still have to meet someone who could vouch for its effective return in cost.

  5. How about LPG conversion? I have converted my car last 2 years ago and not only did I ROI in a year, I’m saving 30% of my fuel costs (since LPG is abt. 30% cheaper than gas). Try getting in touch with Green Autogas, they were the one who converted my car.

    Company: GREEN AUTOGAS
    Contact person: Sharon
    Telephone: 454-6770
    Mobile number: 0922-854-0525
    Address: VELCO GAS STATION, 18 Mindanao Ave, In front of Veterans Golf, Near Trinoma.
    Email: [email protected]

  6. Nice tips. We always gas up at Petron and use our Petron-BPI card to pay. Aside from the 3% rebate, we also get to claim free food from Major Fast food chains (Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, etc) for every 1000 pesos spent.

  7. I always do Tip No. 6, especially when approaching stoplights, humps, when making a turn, (sometimes on a downhill road) or whenever I am required to slow down. I only not save on gas, I also minimize the use of my car brakes. Just make sure they are always in excellent condition.

    Also, don’t “overfill” your gas tank everytime you gas up. This often results to spillage. Automatic sensors on pumps are there for a reason.

    I don’t recommend smaller gas companies, though. I’ve heard that most of the fuels they sell are smuggled and that the quality of their products doesn’t really comply with industry standards. Better find popular gas stations that offer cheaper prices. Baka mas mapamahal ka pa pag nagkaproblema kotse mo.

  8. Great tips again from sir Fitz. I did follow some of the steps here. I turn off the aircon at least 5 mins approaching my destination, and park on the first slot available.

  9. – Turning the aircon will save you as much as 20% (max) for city driving (moderate to heavy traffic) using a gasoline vehicle. Of course, weather conditions will vary the amount of energy used to keep the aircon working.
    – When your tires are due for replacement, get tires with a low roll resistance feature. This saves 10-15% of fuel consumption.
    – Try to avoid revolutions exceeding 3000. When your rpm exceeds this mark, you start burning more fuel than needed.

  10. Thanks for all the useful tips!

    I drive an automatic car and I like to shift to Neutral whenever I know I’ll have to stop for 15 seconds to a minute. I understand this saves gas as well.

    However, I don’t think point number 6 is applicable to automatic cars. In fact, if I’m not mistaken this could actually damage the car?

    Thanks again for the advice! =)

  11. Performing required maintenance on schedule has always proven to save fuel. Your engine runs at top efficiency and you reap the benefits of fuel economy and a long servicer life from the vehicle.

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