Cry Poverty — With Style

Updated: September 22, 2014

Today is Blog Action Day – a time when bloggers around the world unite to talk, share stories, reflect and create awareness about a global issue. This 2008, the theme is Poverty.

I’ve known about this special event since early this year and I know that personal finance bloggers out there are truly excited to share their thoughts regarding this topic which is related so closely to their niche.

Personally, I had a really hard time deciding what particular story about poverty will I share to you, my readers. In the end, I’ve chosen something a bit more personal and practical.

Personal because it encourages us to look within ourselves for change; and practical because the call for action is something we can instantly do in our lives.

Cry poverty — with style.

In an article from MSN Money entitled 20 Ways To Save on a Shoestring, the author, MP Dunleavey, claims that Saving money is a state of mind.

I agree. If we want to save money and fix our finances, then we have to start within ourselves. We have to consciously make the decision to act or else our own personal poverty will loom in the horizon.

Interestingly, one particular advise in the article really caught my attention. It goes:

Cry poverty — with style. Learn handy phrases like, “Let’s eat somewhere cheap.” And “Shopping? Blech. Let’s go for a bike ride.” It’s less embarrassing than you’d think, because more people are in your shoes than you think — and they’ll be grateful you spoke up.

How many times have you been financially tight and was embarrassed to admit it to your friends? I’m sure there’s been a number of occasions. Personally, I can remember a few times when I chose to be silent about my financial troubles and pretended that I didn’t have money problems to my friends.

I would dine in expensive restaurants and go on trips out of town with them. Sure, it was fun being with my friends, but at the back of my mind – worry and guilt was eating me.

Indeed, honesty takes a little courage but understand that sometimes, it’s the only way we can free ourselves – emotionally and financially. If your personal budget is tight and you know you can’t afford it – then speak up, tell the truth and you’ll discover that it’s not at all a humiliating experience but a humbling one.

I believe that true friends don’t care whether you’re rich or not, what’s important to them is your character; and an honest one scores way up in the friendship value scale.

I guess that’s it. I hope this short and simple advise can help you save some money and likewise encourage you to be more honest – not only to your friends, but more specifically to yourself.

Once we accept the fact that there’s a need for us to change our money habits, more often than not, things will start to take a positive turn and we’ll soon realize that financial independence is not that far away anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I went through my archives a while ago and found a couple more articles that’s related to this year’s Blog Action Day theme of Poverty. I would like to invite you to read them as well.

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Blog Action Day Philippines

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  1. hmmmmmm, that was absolutely true kuya, there are times that we can’t admit that we are losing money and we are afraid to tell others about it, instead we still pretend that we have……. i know that, sometimes i’ve been doing that, hhehe, 😉

  2. interesting post. 🙂

    for my part, i turn to sites like freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways to help alleviate poverty online.

    it’s great that you’re participating. 🙂

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