Business Marketing Through The Results Triangle

Marketing is an integral part of any business, big and small.

While there are many techniques and strategies on how to do a marketing campaign, I believe none is more simple and effective than The Results Triangle.

The Results Triangle is a process developed by marketing consultant, Dan Kennedy to help marketers get sales results.

This tool has three 3 major elements: Market – Message – Media

By collectively using these three M’s in a balanced process, one can expect good results in one’s marketing campaign.

So how exactly does this process work? Let me do a brief explanation.

Who is your target market? Who are you trying to reach?

At the most basic level, your market is segmented by:

  • Age: children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, etc.
  • Gender Identity: male, female, gay, lesbian, etc.
  • Income Level: lower-class, middle-class, upper-class, etc.

However, other factors such as religious beliefs, political inclination, lifestyle, habits and others should also be considered when defining your target market. Learn more about this in Targeted Marketing: What, Why and How

What do you want to say to your target market? What is your call to action?

Moreover, one should consider how that message is constructed and how your call to action is delivered. Remember to use an emotional rationalization in your message.

Don’t simply say that your product is one of its kind in the market or your service is the best among its competitors, but rather – emphasize on how your product will solve their problems and provide testimonials from customers who have found great benefits from your service.

Learn more about this technique in this article: How To Sell: The Secret of a Great Salesman

How are you going to send your message to your target market? What medium of communication are you going to use?

The world today is connected more than before. Aside from traditional media such as print, television and radio – the internet has created social networks, blogs, email, forums and other forms of social media which marketers can use. And even mobile devices have become an effective channel to use for marketing today.

Are you still trapped in the old world? Here’s a crash course you can take: Social Media Marketing: Establishing Your Business on the Web

To get effective marketing results, one should have the right market, the right message and the right medium – easier said than done, I know.

But successful marketing is also all about visibility, consistency and repetition – it’s a long-term process.

And along the way, you have to constantly evaluate if your business is indeed targeting the right market, that your message has not become stale and that your medium is still effective in carrying your message across.

Plan, do, analyze, adjust and repeat – that’s how you get real results.

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