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Business Marketing Through The Results Triangle

Updated: October 24, 2010 | Business, Sales and Marketing | 2 Comments

Marketing is an integral part of any business, big and small. While there are many techniques and strategies on how to do a marketing campaign, I believe none is more simple and effective than The Results Triangle. The Results Triangle is a process developed by marketing consultant, Dan Kennedy to help marketers get sales results. […]

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Target Market: Getting To Know The Tweens

Published: January 12, 2010 | Sales and Marketing | 2 Comments

A television commercial by McDonald’s entitled Tweens has just been released in the country. The ad has created various reactions from its audience, specially parents, regarding the ad’s story line. Some say that it’s sweet and endearing while some say it’s awkward and disrespectful. Have you seen that McDonald’s TVC? If not, then here it […]

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Targeted Marketing: What, Why and How

Published: September 15, 2009 | Business, Sales and Marketing | 6 Comments

Many business gurus say that you should know who your target market is. Why so? Why is it important to know them and how does targeted marketing benefit your business? First and foremost, knowing who your target market is, and having a designed strategy on how to reach them is a low cost, low risk […]

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