How to Work a Crowd and Network Effectively

Posted by under General Information . Published: October 20, 2010

Have you ever been to a party where you don’t know most of the people?

How about attended a seminar, a convention or a meet-up where everyone is most likely a stranger to each other?

When these times happen to you, what do you do?

Do you scan the crowd hoping for a familiar face to be with? Or do you just stay quietly in a corner and do your own business and try to look busy?

Below is a short talk by Alexis Bauer from Ignite in Sebastopol, California on “How to Work a Crowd“.

In this 5-minute presentation, she gives us some of the most effective ways to strike conversations, meet people and network effectively in a crowd of strangers.

Did you enjoy the video? I hope you were able to get some good pointers. Moreover, you might also want to check out my past article on: 16 Simple Tips for Business Networking Success

Lastly, here’s another Ignite Talk that I featured last time here from Eugene Lin entitled, iPhoning My Way To Retirement.

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