An Open Letter To President Noynoy Aquino and A Pledge For The Filipino People

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In a few days, the country will officially have a new president.

I’m sure many of us have spent a good amount of time in the past weeks learning about our candidates.

Moreover, we have likewise chosen to endure the long lines last May 10 just to exercise our right to suffrage.

And as the end of “election fever” draws near, let me share with you two inspiring articles which best express how this election has been for me.

Let their messages be our lessons that will inspire us to continue doing our part in making this country better.

First, an open letter to President Noynoy Aquino, written by Orlando P. Gracia, Jr. and originally posted on his Facebook account.

Dear Mr. President,

Allow me to extend my congratulations to you on your impending victory. Please note that this victory should be celebrated as a nation’s triumph and not of one man alone. Now is the time to make good on your promises and do something. I know that you have a good heart and had good intentions when you ran for the presidency. However, good heart and good intentions alone does not necessarily make an effective leader. I may not have voted for you but since you’re still going to be my president, I will support you and in return, I am expecting a lot.

Be the man that your father wanted you to be. Be an inspiration. Awaken the sleeping giant inside of you and strive to make our nation great. It is not enough that you had the right slogan that carried you through the campaign. Be the walking slogan, Mr. President. Because when it comes to getting things done, saying the thought aloud is not worth a dime. Now is the time to get out there, and start turning things over with sweat, with force and with determination. I am not expecting you to change the country. No one man can do that. But I do expect you to be able to inspire the country to collectively make that change. Inspire the Filipino people. Inspire us.

You face a daunting task ahead of you Mr. President. Our country is sick. Our nation is flawed. Our culture is diverse. Heal the sickness, accept the flaws and embrace that diversity. Appreciate and empathize with your constituents. Though you will never please everyone, at least try to make the effort.

I am tired of working away from home Mr. President. I want to be able to go home everyday to my wife and my daughter and kiss them both goodnight. This is one of the reasons why I never did choose you. Because you don’t know what it feels like to care for a family of your own. Be that as it may, consider each and every Filipino your own family now. And, as head of that family, point us in the right direction and show us the way.

And lastly, a pledge for the Filipino people. An article originally posted by thegreatest.

Now That We’ve Voted

I pledge to support the incoming president. I will do my part to help him institute the reforms needed to wipe out corruption and propel the country in the right direction. I will help him bring back the integrity of our government by setting an example for others with my own actions. I will advocate everything he does that I feel will better my country.

If he strays from the path that he’s laid down for himself and from the promises he made that made me support him in the first place, I will be his biggest critic. I will speak out and strive to be heard. I will be the thorn in his side and I will be tireless.

Mr. President-elect, now that you’ve given us hope and led us to the polls with your words and the promise to bring integrity, transparency, and honesty, I await your actions.

Never forget those who believed in you.

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12 Responses to “An Open Letter To President Noynoy Aquino and A Pledge For The Filipino People”

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  2. Darqueangel says:

    Im counting on you Mr. New President.

    Sana bumaba na ang SINGIL SA KURYENTE,

    Sana dumami ang job oppurtunity,

    Sana maubos na ang mga jejemon (out of school youth),

    Sana tumaas ang antas ng Edukasyon,

    Sana lahat ng pamilya may graduate,

    Sana bumaba ang Income Tax,

    Sana hindi na kailangang lumabas pa ng bansa ang mga Filipino para maitaas ang antas ng pamumuhay,

    Sana mapalakas ang Sandatahan ng ating bansa.

    at higit sa lahat.. MAPAGKAISA MO ANG MGA FILIPINO.

    ilan lang yan sa mga hiling ko.. 🙂

  3. Liza says:

    I re-posted this on my FB. Thanks Fitz! I totally agree with the open letter and the pledge of support. Di talaga uunlad ang bansa kung bawat isa sa atin mismo ay hindi magsusumikap na magbago at tumulong. Kaya tama na ang bangayan (I still read lots of criticism online from non NA supporters). Let’s all do our part to help the country. NA wasn’t my candidate of choice. But then he was duly elected. Kung nagawa nga ng ibang kandidato na mag-concede at mag-alay ng suporta sa kanya, bakit hindi tayo. Onward to another day!

  4. Micamyx says:

    Sana mabasa ito ni Noynoy 🙂

  5. I did not vote for Noynoy (i still believe that Dapat GIBO!) but I know I have to respect the choice of the majority. I do hope that our new president will include in his programs personal finance education for every Filipino. He can start by promoting financial literacy to all government employees then spread the program to the private sector. I do believe that making every Pinoy take charge of his own finances will contribute to our nation’s prosperity.

  6. rogen rose prudente says:

    I’ve would like to congrats you our new President….i am a student had a wish that you could help all teacher in the Philippine…they had been teaching as nicely and accomplish so that we could learn…but they pass the pain and suffer the lowest rate that they could not support there family….plz help the teacher,,,

    sana mabasa to ni noynoy…

  7. james says:

    I would like to congratulation to you our beloving president
    noynoy aquino, i wish na narisulba po ninyo ang problima sa
    international Airport immengration kawawa naman po ang mga ibang
    philippino gusto mang tourish sa ibang bansa,kumpleto po sila lahat
    sa required at may visa narin sa passport galing sa bansang kanilang
    pupuntahan pero ang immegration ay hindi po ito pinapaalis
    at yon ang hindi namin maintindihan kami andito sa ibang bansa
    gusto naman maka bisita naman ang aming familya,dahil nangungulila
    kami kahit gumastos kami ok lang sa amin,bakit ang mga immegration
    sa International Airport ay masayadong mahigpit.sayang naman po
    ang ginagastos namin para sa ticket at visa apply namin hindi
    naman binibigyan nang support galing sa Immegration sa manila?
    yon po ang hindi naman maintidihan kailangan mo namin ang tulong
    ninyo mahal namin president sana po ay makarating sayo itong sulat
    ko at maresulba ang problima sa Immegration sa International Airport.

    please help Philippino. we love you po

  8. yelstar sarno says:

    Good evening po maam jessica,isa pong malaking karangalan ang mag e-mail sa inyo,ako po pala si Yelstar sarno ng davao city,20yrs old have wife and one son,open cab driver po ako….kumusta po kayo? fan po ninyo ako at gustong-gusto kopo ang programa ninyo…kaya ko po naisipang mag e-mail sa inyo dahil nais ko pong humingi ng tulong at ito po ay isang malaking pabor. May ginawa po kase akong liham para sa ating mahal na pangulo at may kasama rin po yung drawing, ang liham pong yun ay lubhang napakahalaga para sa akin, dahil naglalaman po yun ng isang mahalagang bagay..tinawag ko po yung isang project proposal.Dahil po sa lubos ang pagtitiwala ko sa inyo ay sasabihin ko na rin po sa inyo kong ano ang bagay na yun. Isa po yung film viewing project kung saan ang ipapalabas pong pelikula ay ang ” THE STORY OF JESUS CHRIST”(na tagalog version) kaya ko po naisipang gawin ang bagay nato at ipaalam sa pangulo, dahil naniniwala po akong magandang simulain ito para sa minimithing pagbabago at pag-asa ng ating bansa. A once or twice a month, o pwede ring every sunday na ipapalabas ang film na yun sa mga telebisyon o sa mga public places na madalas pinupuntahan ng maraming tao,like plaza,park,o sa mga simbahan,sa kahit saan po at sa kong anong paraan basta po makita lamang ng mga tao ng madalas ang pelikulang yun.Dahil lubha na pong nilalason ni satanas ang isip at ang buhay ng mga tao,naniniwala po akong si satanas ang dahilan ng lahat ng kaguluhan sa bayan at maging sa buong mundo.At sa pamamagitan po ng programang ito, gusto ko pong muling ipaalam sa buong bayan at sa mga tao ang kadakilaan nang ating DIYOS na nagligtas ng sanlibutan,dahil maraming tao na po ang lumimot dito at mas higit na sinamba si satanas.,masakit man po itong aminin pero alam ko pong ito ang nangyayari ngayon.Ito lang po ang mabisang solusyon na naisipan kong gawin,dahil naniniwala po akong DIYOS lang ang katapat ni satanas.Naniniwala po akong walang taong ipinanganak na masama sa mundong ito,dahil kong naging masama man ang isang tao, yun ay dahil naniwala ito sa tukso ni satanas, at naging biktima,…naniniwala po akong kayang baguhin ng DIYOS ang lahat, dahil walang imposible sa kanya….at naniniwala po akong may pagbabagong magaganap kapag napanood na po nila yun.Kaya ganito na lamang po ang kagustuhan kong maipaalam sa mahal na pangulo ang tungkol sa bagay nato.Sana poy wag itong ikasama ng iba,dahil wala pong kinalaman kong anong relihiyon man meron ang isang tao sa proyektong ito,dahil ito po ang katotohanan.Maam jessica, marami na po akong sinakripisyo para sa bagay nato..,sana poy maawa kayo,kayo lang po ang makakatulong sakin sa bagay nato,sana poy naunawaan ninyo ako tungkol dito.MAHAL KO PO ANG BAYAN,ANG MAMAMAYAN AT LALONG-LALU NA PO ANG MGA KABATAAN. Sana poy mabigyang katuparan ang aking kahilingan ..Kayo na po ang bahala maam JESSICA SOHO…at maraming-maraming salamat…:) Lubos na gumagalang: YEL 🙂

    cel# 09203629816

    sana poy mabasa nyo po ito president NOYNOY 🙂

  9. Jivson says:

    Dear MR President sana ay maka tanggap kami nang bagong pag asa sa iyo o anu mang scholarship assistance

  10. Antonio Santos says:

    Dear Mr. President Aquino,

    I am happy to hear from overseas that you have won the election. I worked for almost 18 years and been in so many countries. It is sad to say that with my observation,our country is realy dirty in many places. There is no way you can compare it most of our neighboring countries. I am realy not confident that my foreighn friends wil be impressed if they see mountains of trash anywhere you look even in key areas for exercise venue.

    What is our difference? I dont see much trash cans where people can throw their piece of garbage so it ends anywhere. If you see some trash cans it is either broken, full or dirty.

    I dont think it is not the people to be blame for this as they are left with no choice. When i was abroad you can find garbage bins in almost all busy areas and they are clean and emptied regularly.

    If an individual see a clean street and an empty or a garbage bin, will he throw it on the street or make few steps to throw it in right place? So i believe if we want to promote tourism, cleanliness should be given a priority not only to clean once a day and leave it for the rest of the day.

    There are a lot of unemployed people and i believe each local goverment has budget to clean each city and to maintain it.

    Mr. President I am sure your voice is powerful, let us keep our country clean and maintain it clean until everyone can learn how to adopt to this kund of culture.

    I believe clean city is a sight of progressive country. Then we can be confident that our foreighn friend will not tag us as dirty country.

    I wish you have time to consider this concern and ask all Mayors to show their best and be recognized publicly so people of each city will be aware of this campaign and drive to a clean city.

    It’s more fun in Philippines if we can bring them around in clean places

    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you. I believe in Aquino family can make difference an i supported your family since the Peoples Power

    Respectfully yours

  11. Antonio Santos says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    In addition to my earlier mail, please also consider the consistent implementation of smoke belching law. As I can see rules are being followed when authorities are around but it will stop when checking stops. Our pollution is so high. Specially in key cities and streets where public transport contribute to high smoke pollution. Same goes with factories.

    Please help us to make our country a place for healthy living. Not only in rich places but as well as main areas.

    Respectfully yours,

    Antonio Santos

  12. woodworkin' says:

    I tweeted this to my twitter! Thanks! I really agree with the whole open letter and the pledge of support.

    – W

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