Will Smith: Running and Reading is The Key To Life

Updated: May 5, 2010

Weekends have not been the same for me and some of my friends for the past months.

Our usual Saturday night outs have been adjourning earlier than usual because we’ve been actively participating in Sunday fun runs and marathons that has become quite common in the metro.

I’m not an avid runner and oftentimes I’d go to these events to take photos rather than run myself.

But in the few times when I actually did participate, and I reach that point where I couldn’t think of anything else but quit, I would eventually find myself remembering a short video I saw a couple of years ago.

I’m referring to this two-minute inspirational video of Will Smith when he received a Kid’s Choice Award last 2005.

It’s a video mash-up which highlights his acceptance speech that night when he said that the key to life is running and reading. Watch it below.

Short and sweet isn’t it?

And just in case you want to read more, I’d like you to check out my previous post: Eight Life Lessons From Running a Marathon 🙂

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  1. I really appreciate this blog. I’ve been thinking of so many ways on how would I be able to enjoy my life after work.. and your blog really gives me brilliant ideas and is lifting up again my spirit.. thank you!

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