An Innovative Way To Market Using Leaflets

Updated: December 15, 2010

I’ve already given you some flyer design tips and marketing strategies before and for today, I’d like to share with you a guest post that complements that article well.

When you or your staff is out on the field giving out leaflets to passersby, how do you do it?

Do you simply stretch out your arms and hope that someone will grab and read it?

This sort of “passive way” of distributing flyers is certainly wasteful of your resources, because you are failing to optimize the opportunity to reach out to your market.

However, with some simple adjustments on just how you give those leaflets out can have great positive results for your advertising campaign. Let’s now read today’s contributed article below.

Whenever I commute and pass by MRT train stations, I would always observe the people who are giving out leaflets. Typically, they’d stand in the middle of the crowd and like robots, raise and stretch their arms out hoping that someone would grab a leaflet from their hands.

Then, I’d also observe the reaction of the people walking past them, and noticed that like me, we would either:

  • Ignore them.
  • Grab the leaflet, take a glimpse and then hide or throw it away.
  • Grab the leaflet, and if it’s big enough – use it as a fan! (it tends to get hot inside the train station afterall)

What can a leaflet distributor do differently to make their marketing strategy more effective? How can they make sure that the precious piece of paper they’re giving out gets their advertising message across?

Here are some thoughts on what they can do:

Greet and smile
Good customer service is important and they should learn how to relate to the customer by listening and making them feel understood. Majority of commuters are in a bad mood (or stressed), so why not lighten up their day with a smile?

Tell what the leaflet is all about
They can raise up their hands all day and still people will pass by not knowing what the leaflet is all about. I could be busy thinking of other things when I walk on the train station and it would take more than a person raising his arm to make me pay attention.

If they told me what the leaflet is all about (or simply speak out what they’re trying to market), then they might just catch my attention specially if what they’re promoting concerns me.

Dress appropriately
First impression lasts, especially in what they’re doing. When I get a leaflet about personal loans from silly-dressed people, then I would think that these people are scumbags. But if I get it from a well-dressed lady smiling towards me – then my arm automatically raises and my hand grabs the leaflet.

Not only will I remember the fascinating feeling, I will remember to take a look on what was given to me.

So, if you’re a business owner, then I hope that this has helped you re-think your leaflet marketing strategy. Remember that you can always innovate without spending much just by “encouraging” your people to re-invent themselves. Plus, it helps save precious time and paper.

This guest post is contributed by Tim, a fellow Pinoy blogger who also writes about business and entrepreneurship at Every Peso Counts.

How about you? Do you have your own business tips to share?

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  1. Namimigay din ako dati nang flyer noong nasa MLM Business pa ako. Mas malaki ang gastus sa pag invest sa flyer and you have to make an effort to distribute. Thanks for the advice I did it too. Try Cheap News Ads that can distribute your ads on their cover territory more than 10k copies.

  2. Hi Dangal, It’s nice to know that someone has actually done this in the real world. It shows how proactive you are. And yes, we can always look for cheap and alternative way to advertise. That is marketing, that is innovation.

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