Always Keep Cash at Home as your Emergency Stash

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A couple of months ago, two of the biggest banks in the country, BPI and BDO, experienced prolonged downtime.

Their online banking was down, a lot of ATMs were offline, and the only way to withdraw money from your account is to transact over the counter from your home branch.

A lot of people expressed their disappointments, irritation and anger over these banks on social media. A handful even went as far as blaming the corruption in the government for the incident.

But here’s the thing… Banks will go offline, whether you like it or not.


This may be caused by internal network problems, or worse, due to circumstances beyond their control such natural calamities.

In fact, as I’m writing this article… personal banking on both websites are currently down while strong gusts of wind and rain are ravaging outside due to a typhoon.

And as expected, complaints about not being able to withdraw money or do online transactions are all over social media. Personally, such rants are unnecessary because the solution is so simple…

Always keep cash at home as your emergency stash. Avoid anxiety, stress and worry by simply having money in your house for use in such emergencies.


How much should you keep?

Five days worth of your household’s daily expenses.

Why? Because that’s enough for you to survive our country’s longest weekends – Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, December 24 (on a Thursday) until December 27, December 30 (on a Thursday) until January 2.

“But I have bills to pay!”

This is not a valid excuse because it means you have the habit of waiting for the due date before paying your bills.

Don’t wait for the due date, instead pay your bills as soon as you receive them.

Again, this is a great way to avoid unnecessary stress because when you immediately pay your bills, you’ll have one less obligation to remember and worry about for the rest of the month.

Furthermore, billing statements often come one or two weeks before the due date, so even if banks are offline when you receive them, you will have enough time to pay them.

That’s it for today’s personal finance advise. I’m posting this now before my internet connection goes offline due to the typhoon outside.

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6 Responses to “Always Keep Cash at Home as your Emergency Stash”

  1. juby says:

    Thank you,, very helpful. I will do this.

  2. edelweiza says:

    Great tip, Fitz! Re: bills, as soon as I have the budget to pay them, I pay them and don’t wait for the due date. It’s more convenient and systematic for me, that way. 🙂

  3. Ele Lagi says:

    if ur gonna pay the bills after the due date…… merong 10% ata yan.. surcharge…..

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  5. Jack says:

    We can hope the systems banks are tied into will improve over time. I must say I have never seen ATMs and banks in other countries off-line as much as I do here the Philippines. Perhaps it is growing pains in the economy? I think those with potentially larger emergencies may want to plan beyond the 5 days worth of cash for survival needs. I had to rush my beautiful bride to a hospital when she collapsed. The same could well happen again due to her medical issues. She was admitted, tests done and a diagnosis given. The admissions office then demanded P15,000 down payment toward her estimated length of stay and further treatment. I am not sure everyone carriers that much pocket money around just in case.

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