7 Ways To Make Money During The Lockdown (Episode 16)

Updated: December 8, 2021

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Summary of Episode 16:

Tip No. 1: Sell something (2:00)

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Tip No. 2: Do freelancing (5:32)

Pinoy Online Freelancers Facebook Groups:

List of Freelance Job Marketplaces:

Tip No. 3: Offer online consultations or online coaching (8:19)

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Tip No. 4: Create and sell an online course (10:54)

Online courses sample:

Tip No. 5: Be a content creator (12:15)

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Tip No. 6: Be a live streamer (14:00)

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Tip No. 7: Do online trading (16:46)

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  1. Honestly, I am surprised there are no comments on this podcast since Fitz posted nearly one month ago. Perhaps, most readers are busy putting the information into action?

    Actually, I can see #1 happening in a big way with the on-going lock-down. People we never knew had a small business have been offering their products in a mini-wet market near the entrance to our subdivision. You can not get everything that a fully stocked supermarket offers but there is no lack of fresh veggies, both locally grown and trucked in from Baguio. Chicken, fish, beef, pork and OH YEAH, fresh ocean shrimp and shellfish! If you order a certain minimum, many will delver for free! We are fully aware that a great many folks are suffering and we are thankful we had extra to help others. I have to say that my family ate very, very well through this quarantine.

    On #2. My wife remains thankful for assignments that came in long past the time her busy season as an academic writer was supposed to end. When work finally did slow down one of our vendors asked Maria if she would consider writing his dissertation. She made a proposal that was accepted and presto, five more of the gentleman’s classmates lined up to also have their dissertations written by my wife.

    On #7. This one makes me feel a tad guilty. The vast majority of my trading involves option selling. In times of crisis, volatility spikes and so do the premiums for options. Here I sit, hunkered down at home every weeknight when the US stock & options markets open. The premiums I have earned the past few months have truly been INSANE! It is a blessing to you when you help others. We believe that God will continue to protect and guide us a long as we follow in his ways. We plan to continue to share a portion of what we harvest.

    We have three local business ventures that are idle due to the quarantine. We WILL BE BACK when the quarantine is lifted! This has been a surreal experience freely walking around in our subdivision like nothing is wrong and then you go out to the highway. When you look down the road each way there is NO traffic on the General Douglas MacArthur national highway. There is a checkpoint with two vehicles being looked over. One could easily get the feeling that they are in a sci-fi movie and who knows what lurks past that checkpoint !!! What I do know is that the Philippines and it’s people WILL get past this turmoil.

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