7 Important Life Lessons That Improved How I Live

Updated: February 11, 2024

Years ago, I was invited to share stories about my work as a Registered Financial Planner at a university career orientation seminar.

As I also was when I was about to graduate college years ago, the idea of “facing the real world” daunted most of the students that day.

One of them bravely asked me for important life lessons that helped me survive “adulting” – and these are the things I shared.

1. Have a strong WHY

It’s not enough to have a goal. You must also know why you’re working for that goal. And that reason should be strong enough to push you through all the challenges you’ll face.

You’re working hard because you want to get promoted; that’s good but it’s not a powerful why. Personally, I work hard because I want to provide financial security for my family — that’s my strong why.


Do you want to get promoted at work fast? Solve a problem in the company that many have attempted and failed. Do you want to succeed in business? Sell a solution to a problem that many people have.

Anyone can work hard if they choose to. But not everyone can be an effective problem solver overnight. It’s a skill that you need to nurture and grow. So, develop this mindset as early as you can.

3. Ruthlessly PRIORITIZE

Sometimes, good opportunities can knock on your door all at once. What I’ve learned is that your chances for success on any venture are directly proportional to how focused you are in the pursuit.

A lot of people can easily get distracted. Don’t be one of them. Decide on that one thing you’d like to achieve, and put all your energy into it. Make it your one and only priority, everything else must take a backseat.

4. PROGRESSION instead of perfection

Always do the most that you can with what you currently have. That right moment seldom comes, so don’t wait for it. You’ll never be perfectly ready. It’s better to just take baby steps, every day.

A friend wants to start a beauty soap business. She’s currently busy testing and reformulating her products. In fact, she’s been busy doing that for almost 10 years now.

Hey… you know who you are. So if you’re reading this, my friend, I’m telling you now to please start selling your soaps already. They may not be perfect for you, but they could already be exactly what other people want.

5. HABITS change your life

Inspiration is everywhere — from motivational posters and feel-good videos in social media. They’re great because they’ll push you to get started. But if you want to reach the finish line, the key is in developing good habits.

Do you want to lose weight? You can’t achieve that by reading success stories, you get that from creating a fitness routine and changing your eating habits.

6. KINDNESS is sexy

Most people focus on being in great shape or having a good sense of humor to be attractive. But those are subjective traits. What looks good or funny to one person, might be unappealing or lame to another.

However, being kind and compassionate — it’s the same for everyone. And it’s another level higher than what most people find attractive in a person.

7. Your MENTAL HEALTH matters

Take care of your physical health. But never forget about your mental health as well. Having a 10-minute daily meditation practice will go a long way to help you get through life’s stressors.

Moreover, surround yourself with good people and develop a sense of gratitude for life’s simple joys. Lastly, remember that the person, which deserves your kindness the most, is yourself.

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  1. what a beautiful article! you are a very good writer AND financial adviser … #7
    is very true… unfortunately people are unconsciously taking it for granted.
    Its nice that you were able to give importance to it… mabuhay ka!

  2. All seven bullet points are accurate. Number 6. “Kindness is sexy” really hits home for with me. Beautiful Bride gives folks the impression of a hardened business woman. It is a protection zone she places around herself. In reality, she often cry’s with clients, offers comfort and advise way beyond what many would do and has extreme patience for someone who tries hard to succeed. My first Bride who passed away sixteen years ago was exactly the same in this respect. I have been truly blessed in my marriages.

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