4 Pillars of Financial Success

Updated: August 24, 2023

Do you want to achieve wealth? Are you looking for ways to become rich? Then let me tell you now that there are a lot of ways to become a millionaire, and it’s up to you to choose which path to take.

But before you pursue any of them, you have to first understand the basic tenets that people who achieve wealth believe in. I call them the four pillars of financial success.


Wealth always begins in the mind. And if you want to become rich, then you have to think like how they think. Particularly, you need to have a growth mindset.

Your mindset determines your beliefs, which dictate your behavior toward different situations and activities. Your behavior and actions then, ultimately, produce your results.

Hard work, grit, discipline, persistence — these are just some of the things that help a person succeed. However, these behaviors are often a result of having a growth mindset.


Financial freedom is a long journey. It requires years of focus and hard work. Understand and accept that building wealth will take time, and it will not be easy.

Commit to achieving your goals. Most do not achieve wealth because they are instead committed to their personal comfort.

Financial success requires a decision that you want it. And you’re willing to dedicate your time, invest your money, and make an effort to achieve it.


A lot of people don’t know how to invest. I’m not surprised because investing is not something we’re taught in school.

But what’s surprising to me is most don’t take the initiative to learn about it.

We live in a fast-changing world. And the best way to keep up is to continuously educate yourself. Be excited about learning, and you’ll discover a wealth of opportunities around you.

As a famous quote by American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker Jim Rohn says: “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”


The last pillar of financial success is also the most important. Having a growth mindset, making a personal commitment, and doing self-education should eventually lead you to take action.

I’ve met too many eager learners who don’t apply what they know because of fear that they’d fail. Some would try but give up too soon before achieving any tangible results.

Failure is part of success. You will make mistakes. You will lose money.

And that’s okay. Fail forward by learning from your mistakes. And apply what you learned by trying again.

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