Your Easy Flowchart Guide To Regifting

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“Christmas is a time of forgiving and forced giving,” a friend jokingly tells me the other day.

I can understand her frustration – and I think everyone can relate to that.

Personally, I do believe that true friends won’t mind what gift you give them (or if you don’t give one at all) – because friendships should go much deeper than material things.

And besides, nobody really wants to receive a half-heartedly given gift.

However, if you’re feeling generous this holiday season but you also want to save some cash along the way, then I suggest you regift your old gifts – which by the way, could also include some of the “old” but “great” stuff you own.


Below is an easy to follow flowchart I made to guide you with regifting.

Do you want to learn more about regifting?

Then read How Regifting Can Help You Save Money

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7 Responses to “Your Easy Flowchart Guide To Regifting”

  1. Maricel says:

    Your flowchart made me smile. Made me remember those days when I was still taking up Computer Programming. Thanks. 😀

  2. Love it. Reminded me of the time that a set of good friends gave us a gift and forgot to take off the original card – so we were able to see who gave it to them. Doh! Perhaps a red box to add to your chart!

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  4. Victoria says:

    It doesn’t have to be a secret, as long as the person receiving the re-gift is comfortable with receiving it, or is a re-gifter as well. I once received an elaborate make-up set eye make up, blush etc in many different colors. For one, I don’t wear make-up, so I re-gifted it to a friend who likes make-up; and told her that someone had given it to me and would she like it since I was never going to use it. She loved it and said I saved her time and money (and apparently it was a costly item that she wouldn’t have bought for herself).

    Books make great re-gifts, too. A bunch of friends and I all decided we were exchanging books instead of buying gifts.

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