How Regifting Can Help You Save Money

Updated: November 8, 2022

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like?

Tacky mugs, ugly photo frames, clothes that didn’t fit, shirts that didn’t suit your taste, the list could go on. I’m sure you can remember a few of those gifts that didn’t quite put a wide smile on your face.

So what did you do with them? Did you throw them away? Did you keep and hid them inside your closet? Or did you regift them?

Indeed, one of the best ways to get rid of these unwanted gifts is simply to regift them. Yes, give it again as a gift. Not only will that item find a more suitable owner, but you’ll also get to save some money.

Feeling guilty about regifting? You don’t have to be because if the thought is sincere and the item is worth regifting, then you’re not being rude. You’re simply being smart and frugal.

Regifting was once the topic of the award-winning sitcom, Seinfeld. Below is an excerpt from that episode.

Seinfeld: “The Label Maker”. Season 6 Episode 11. Aired January 19, 1995.

Elaine: Hey. Oh, is that a label maker?
Jerry: Yes it is. I got it as a gift, it’s a Label Baby Junior.
Elaine: Love the Label Baby, baby. You know those things make great gifts, I just got one of those for Tim Whatley for Christmas.
Jerry: Tim Whatley?
Elaine: Yeah. Who sent you that one?
Jerry: One Tim Whatley!
Elaine: No, my Tim Whatley?
Jerry: The same, he sent it as a thank you for my Super Bowl tickets.
Elaine: I think this is the same one I gave him. He recycled this gift. He’s a regifter!

Number 1 Rule of Regifting

Thinking of regifting? Then ask yourself if you can handle it. This means you’re capable of keeping it a secret and you won’t have feelings of guilt afterward.

General Rules of Regifting

  • The newer the item, the better. Always consider regifting first the ones you received most recently.
  • Be good and sincere with your intentions. Only give items that you believe the recipient will like and appreciate.
  • Regift items that are complete and in good, working condition. Unopened and unused items are ideal. Products used only once or twice are negotiable.
  • Never regift an item that you don’t know anymore whom it originally came from.

Keeping It A Secret

  • Triple check the item for any sign that can give away your secret. This means no broken parts, scratches nor dirty marks.
  • Never regift anything personally handmade. The original giver can recognize their work instantly and discover you regifted their labor of love to another person.
  • Personalized items such as signed books or monogrammed items can never be regifted.
  • Don’t regift an item that the receiver has already seen before or knows you have one in your house.
  • Make sure that the giftee and the original giver are from different social circles. It’s best if they don’t know each other.

What are the items that can and cannot be regifted?

  • Never regift free or promotional items such as those with company or product logos.
  • Good and unopened bottles of liquor or wine are great candidates for regifting.
  • Unused household items and appliances are also good choices.
  • Never regift an item that is too old. Unless your giftee is a collector, don’t regift out-of-date and expired items specially those that are already discontinued in the market.

Wrapping It Up

  • Clean the items and give it a fresh look.
  • It’s best if you can put the item in its original form and packaging.
  • Rewrap with brand new wrapping paper and materials. Don’t forget to buy a new card or gift tag too.

Being Honest Also Works

Sometimes, being honest is all it takes to regift an item.

Tell your friend about it (i.e., where you got it, why you don’t use it, etc.) and ask if he or she would like to have it as a gift.

If they agree, then you just spared yourself the additional expense of rewrapping the gift.

Your Last Option

Aside from regifting, you can always choose to sell the items online, take them out for recycling or simply donate them to charity.

What Do You Do When You Receive A Regift?

If you think you received a regifted item. Don’t point it out. Receive the present graciously and thank your friend for the thought.

I hope you find these helpful. Is there anything more you could add? Please share them below in the comments section.

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Photo credit: Seinfeld


  1. Love this post…especially the subtle picture of the fruitcake. Been re-gifted more than one of those in my lifetime.

    Perhaps with the economy the way it is now, people might be more forgiving of the re-gift.

  2. regifting has always been my secret. now, you know it already! hahaha! well, it’s not that bad to regift. its the thought that counts, ryt?

  3. Great tips! I agree that if you are going to do it, do it right! has an archive of more than 900 regifting stories ranging from horrifying to hilarious.

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  6. Regifting really needs to be de-stigmatized! My book club and I do a regift swap every Christmas, and we have more fun than we probably would if we did a regular swap. It’s light-hearted and nobody over-extends themselves – what could be better?

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