This Is How I Will Vote: Selecting The Best Presidential Candidate

Updated: April 6, 2022

The candidate who will win this year’s presidential election will be the most influential person in the Philippines for the next six years. That’s why I’m doing my best to choose the most competent person for the position.

Much like investing, I believe that one cannot simply rely on emotions and gut feel when selecting whom to vote for. There is a need to have a logical, information-based system that can efficiently determine who is most suited to be the next Philippine president.

And thus, I came up with exactly that, which I’d like to share below. My simple hope is that you can consider using it too in determining the candidate who deserves to be written in your ballot.

The system uses a spreadsheet that will tabulate each candidate’s scores according to two sets of criteria – Character and Platform.

The Character criterion lists the traits that I believe a president should possess to be an effective and efficient leader of the country.

Meanwhile, the Platform criterion evaluates the candidates’ stand and plan of action on various issues that are important to me.

In the end, points are added up and the one who has the highest score will get my vote. The system is that simple.

For me, the next Philippine president should not be tainted with corruption, has a good grasp of foreign and domestic issues, and charismatic among other things.

A candidate receives 10 points for each trait that they possess, and if ever you’ll use this system, you can customize the list with your own set of mandatory traits.


Next section of the spreadsheet is the Platform criterion where I now list down all the issues that are important to me.

For each candidate, I will now put a score between 0 to 5 depending on how much I agree with their stand on the particular issue. The higher the score, the more I agree with their opinion or plan of action. If a candidate has no platform or stand on that issue, they automatically get a score of zero.

Again, these are issues that are important to me, and if ever you’ll use this system, you should list down the issues which are important to you.


Adding It All Up

The candidate who will get my vote is simply the one who gets the highest score. I should mention that this system puts greater weight on Character because I believe these traits are more important than their stand on various issues.

Also, the scores in the screenshots are just sample data, and the traits and issues that are currently on my spreadsheet may still change as the weeks progress.


And that’s it! This is exactly how I will select the person whose name I will write and hope to become the next president of the Philippines.

Moreover, I will use the exact system for the Vice President position and to likewise fill my senatorial votes.

So are you ready to use this system and choose our country’s next president? Then you may download the Excel spreadsheet here.


  1. Interesting method to choose candidates. Too bad. Not everyone will be able that willing to research their candidate’s profiles.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with khayz. I can see that you have access to these info, would it be possible for you to share this to your readers? Could be a big help in choosing. Like me, I’m sure many voters are still undecided.

  3. I’m just curious.. the image or the picture of the respectful candidates you used were arranged in alphabetical order starting with Binay, Duterte, Poe, Roxas and Santiago. Is that also the same arrangement you used in the spreadsheet? “A” for Binay, “B” for Duterte, “C” for Poe, “D” for Roxas, and “E” for Santiago. If I’m assuming it right, then, alam ko na whom you are rooting for. 😉

    Or wait, maybe.. I’m wrong because if “A” is Binay and you said that “A” is not tainted by corruption then, that’s NOT right because he really WAS, tainted by corruption. (Okay, preno na ko baka magkaron pa ng debate.) I’m just sayin.. 😀

    Anyway, as always.. very helpful ulet itong post mo, Sir Fitz. Wish ko rin magkaroon na ulit ng unity ang sambayanang pilipino at malinis na ang corruption ika nga ng hindi mawalan ng saysay ang pinaghirapan ng ating mga ninuno na naging mga bayani ng ating pinaka-iingatang kasaysayan. #dapat_tama

  4. @khayz
    We can only hope that by doing this ourselves, others will follow. It may not happen this election, but sooner or later — my wish is that majority of voters will make the effort.

    I don’t have “special” access to these info. What I know comes from news articles, videos, and reputable websites that I’ve seen online. It helps to initiate discussions about these in your social network so that more information becomes accessible.

    They’re just random scores. Don’t read too much on that. My actual spreadsheet looks very different. Hehe. And I will make my final decision after the 3rd debate.

    But just to share, as of writing, Santiago is leading in my spreadsheet, followed very closely by Duterte, and then Poe. For VP, Robredo and Cayetano are tied, followed by Escudero.

    These could still change in the coming weeks as I stumble upon more information. Last 2010, Teodoro was the long-time leader in my spreadsheet, but a week before the elections when I did a re-evaluation — Villar came first — so I ended up voting for him.

    For Senators, I already have three people whom I’ll surely vote for — Colminares, Gordon, and Hontiveros.

  5. Hi Fritz, we have the same order preference for the presidency right now. Santiago, Duterte then Poe. But I have yet to use the spreadsheet. Most of the info ay makukuha sa recap ng past two debates. I just hope they will see Santiago’s value. Hindi yung sunod lang sa bandwagon.

    2010 my vote went to Richard Gordon.

  6. Hi Fitz! I’m glad to know Santiago and Duterte top your current list. I like them both but have chosen Duterte. In the 2nd debate, he said that more than platform, he can provide leadership, and he will copy the best of the others’ platforms. That’s what he did in Davao, he led well and he also listened to others. Good luck to all of us! And thanks for this article. – Liza

  7. I have no qualms if either Miriam or Duterte win. But I’m voting for Duterte as he has the higher chance of winning. A divide of the votes between the two most qualified is advantage for the other three. I just wish Miriam withdraws and declare her support for Mayor Digong. We all know she’ll always have a place in Philippine politics. Best thing now is for her to ger strength back.

  8. My vote goes to Santiago. She has the track record! I do wish Digong withdraws his candidacy, show support for Miriam and become head of DILG where he can best help her. 22 years na ang pamilya ni Digong sa Davao and they really still don’t have enough to tell me that he will be an exceptional president. 22 years. he’s got 6 years to help turn this country around. I don’t know what sort of Miracle his supporter are hoping for. We need change, I get it. So why not give your vote to someone who has dedicated her whole life serving her people and her country?

  9. I choose Miriam too. But the fact that implementation of his platform n law that she made is not obey. I change my mind and choose Duterte because he has the capacity to deliver the law that Miriam did. Anyway Miriam can stay as a senator.while Duterte implement her law.

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