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This Is How I Will Vote: Selecting The Best Presidential Candidate

Updated: March 23, 2016 | In Focus | 13 Comments

The candidate who will win this year’s presidential election will be the most influential person in the Philippines for the next six years. That’s why I’m doing my best to choose the most competent person for the position. Much like investing, I believe that one cannot simply rely on emotions and gut feel when selecting […]

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Good Business Ideas for 2016

Updated: August 26, 2016 | Business | 2 Comments

Let 2016 be the year that you will become an entrepreneur. And to help you get started, I’ve come up with a simple list of business ideas that you can consider. I’ve divided this list into three main categories, which I believe are the niches that have the most potential to earn this year. However, […]

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Income Opportunities and Good Business Ventures During Philippine Election Time

Published: December 3, 2009 | Business, Freelancing, Income Opps | 9 Comments

The deadline for filing of the Certificates of Candidacy for the 2010 Philippine Elections has passed. And now the country officially enters another nationwide campaign and election period. For most entrepreneurs and freelancers, this time is a great opportunity to earn money. No, this does not involve selling your vote to the highest bidder. But […]

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