Income Opportunities and Good Business Ventures During Philippine Election Time

Updated: December 3, 2009

The deadline for filing of the Certificates of Candidacy for the 2010 Philippine Elections has passed.

And now the country officially enters another nationwide campaign and election period.

For most entrepreneurs and freelancers, this time is a great opportunity to earn money.

No, this does not involve selling your vote to the highest bidder. But rather, it’s about legitimate income opportunities which you can capture as I’ve personally discovered and learned when I became part of an electoral campaign team many years ago.


So how do you make money during Philippine election time? Here’s a short list of what you can do.

As in individual:

  • If you’re good in music, then compose and sell campaign jingles.
  • Moreover, if you have the voice, then you can also offer your singing talent. Can’t carry a tune? Then just be the emcee or host of those campaign rallies.
  • Web designers and webmasters can offer their services to make websites for the candidates.
  • Practice citizen journalism and perhaps you can sell photos and videos of election related news that you captured to the media.
  • Bloggers can provide advertising spaces in their blogs for the candidates. Moreover, you can write about them and hopefully get visitors from those searching for candidate information. And depending on your personal beliefs, you can also allow paid write-ups on your site.
  • Provide a space at your home or business establishment for paid political ad posters or streamers.
  • Be a volunteer for a specific candidate. You’ll do things like put up posters, distribute flyers and most likely watch the polls on election time. It may be volunteer work but most of the time, they do give monetary allowance in exchange for your time and effort.
  • If you have a background on research and public relations, you can likewise offer your services to candidates, specially to the local ones.


Businesses actually have greater opportunities during this time, specially:

  • Tarpaulin and other print media businesses. A friend who has a printing press usually “hibernates” from his social circle during election time. That’s how busy he becomes.
  • Events management. There will be hundreds of campaign rallies, press conferences and other election related events to organize.
  • Research and PR firms will also be very busy during this time. In fact, I believe they’ve been busy since early this year.
  • Candidates will also need a variety of campaign materials – so maybe it’s time for you to finally put up that corporate giveaways or t-shirt printing business.
  • Food, specially the catering business, will also encounter a lot of opportunities during the campaign trail – not to mention the victory parties afterwards.

As you can see, there are lots of income opportunities and good business ventures during election time in the country, specially in the local or city level. With focus, creativity and some effort, you’ll be able to capture these opportunities and earn a decent income.

How about you? Can you add more to the list? Do share them below as a comment.

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Photo credits: amycgx and grooble


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing Brother. Right now gumagawa ako ng bio ng bawat presidentiable. Timing tong post mo. Thanks!

  2. I agree especially for tarpaulin and print companies. For sure, they are in demand this coming election.

    In addition, I think that corporate giveaways companies are also in demand.

  3. Fitz & Fellow Pinoys – Who do you think will win the election? Who do you think is the BEST candidate for capital prosperity, and who do you think is the worst?

    This is a crucial election, and I’m fascinated to understand the local point of view.



  4. @Sam (FS)
    Personally, I think Noynoy Aquino will win for he has the class D and E following, not to mention a good slice of the middle class as well. I don’t know about his upper class support but usually, having the lower and middle class is enough for you to win a national election.

    Furthermore, I haven’t read any of the candidates’ profile and platform in detail yet but my instincts tell me that Manny Villar would be the best candidate for capital prosperity, just because of his entrepreneurial background – but hey, that’s just me and I could be wrong. :D

    The worst? Hmmm… let’s not go into that. :P

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