Why New Year’s Day is Not Really Worth Waiting For

Updated: December 23, 2015

Are you excited for New Year’s Day? I’m sure you are, just like me.

Most people look forward to this day because it’s a great time to mark a new beginning in their life.

However, my friend April has a different view regarding this perspective. Let’s read what she has to say below.

New Year’s Day has always been an exciting holiday that we always look forward to. Aside from the loud hums, great parties, big reunions, and beautiful fireworks, it gives us that feeling of a fresh and new beginning.

The end and start of another year gives us a cut-off date for our lives. It triggers us to evaluate ourselves as we progress.

Just like a new chapter. A clean slate. A second chance.

To start is always electrifying, but how things eventually go is not predictable. Undeniably, there are those who elatedly begin but fail to follow through and finish what they started.

Which led me to believe that maybe, New Year’s Day is not really worth waiting for if you want to change and work on a resolution.


It’s too far.

Sometimes, we wait for New Year’s Day to come, so we can enjoy the remaining days doing the bad habits that we want to change.

We justify this as at least, we have something to put on our list of resolutions; at least we have some goals that we can work on and try to accomplish next year.

But often, I believe the new year is always too far.

It may be just a month, a week or a day before New Year’s Day, but for me, that time is still too far.

Sometimes, a single moment is all it takes to change a life, so imagine what can happen in a month, a week, or a day?

If the change that you want to happen is important to you, you will not wait.

When we wait, we often end up procrastinating and wasting time; or worse, we fail to properly start, eventually lose the motivation, and just stick to the same bad habits.

It’s just another day.

New Year’s Eve is exciting. It is one of the happiest part of the season – the fireworks, the food, the exhilaration, the anticipation for midnight – everything is just so rewarding and enchanting.

And after the immense partying, drinking, or whatever celebration you did, you eventually sleep and then you wake up to… hold on…

Just. Another. Day.

Not long after, you’ll return to work and everything will be back to normal. Regular days will greet us over until we forget those vigorously made resolutions.

This is the time when you begin to lose your drive for change. And the pressure we put on ourselves on this day often just bring us towards disappointment.

But you should realize that New Year’s Day is just another day, and it’s not a magical day that helps people change – it is us who has the power to change – it is within us.

So remember that if there’s a new year, then there’s also a new day, which happens every day.

New Year’s Day is a great mark to record our annual experiences. It gives us a concrete date to measure our achievements, and boldly look at the possibilities ahead.

However, one should not look solely on such special dates but rather also on the actual course. If we base our lives on significant dates, then we end up with limited chances to change our ways.

A new diet begins on New Year. I will start saving on my birthday. I will invest after my wedding day.

Does these sound familiar?

Dates are just dates, and it never adjusts for people, even if we want it to run faster or slow down a bit, time will remain constant.

The coming of New Year’s Day reminds us to recreate ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong about that. But when we arrive in the middle and fall short or fail, we loosen up until we forget our plans.

And the next time we will be reminded is when the same event knocks on our doors again.

Unfortunately, failure is always on the road. And no matter what happens to us midway, habit is the very thing that will direct us.

You have to realize that waiting for another new year postpones the materialization of your dreams. This is something you don’t want to happen if you are truly serious about building your future.


A year is composed of millions of moments. And when a life can change in a moment, it becomes right to change this very second and not wait for another year, month, week or day.

And because some things take time to achieve, it’s only right to start not a moment later.

When that moment comes that you’re motivated to change, when you’re inspired to begin anew, then have the courage to start, just do it, and wait no longer.

New Year’s Day is too far. When it finally arrives, it often becomes just an ordinary day for us, and less inspirational than we hoped for.

So rather, remember that every day is always a new beginning; a daily chance to correct our wrongs, reclaim our lives, improve our character and start a mission.

We all have millions of moments, all opportunities to change, but it is a finite number. It is not unlimited. And we could use it all up before we could reach our goal.

Remember that we do not own our lives, so use the privilege of time wisely.

This season is special and always worth celebrating if not for the food, gifts, surprises, celebrations, and reunions. But when it comes to making resolutions, remember that you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day to come.

It is not worth waiting for when what’s at stake is a better version of ourselves.

About the author:
This article is written by April Ann Ramirez. She is working as a credit analyst in a bank and a member of the IMG Wealth Academy.

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