The 10 Most Viral Blog Posts of 2015

Updated: December 28, 2018

It’s time for another year-end countdown and just like last year, we’re listing today the ten most viral blog posts for 2015.

These are the articles with the most shares and the highest reach as measured cumulatively on various social networks.

But before we proceed, let me first say THANK YOU for being with me this 2015, for sharing these articles, and for joining the advocacy on financial literacy.

Because of you, we have helped a lot of people achieve better finances – so congratulations for a job well done.

You may not know it, but I’m sure somewhere out there, someone’s life changed after reading one of the articles below that YOU shared on Facebook or Twitter.

So without further ado… let’s now do our countdown for this year.


10. 7 Ironic Things That Poor People Do

Poverty is not about lack of money nor lack of time. Often, it’s about mismanaged money and wasted time. We start this year’s list with these seven reasons why people remain poor.

9. What Happens To Your Investments When You Die?

People don’t like talking about death, but in personal finance this is a necessity if don’t want to leave your loved ones with financial worries. On number nine, we discuss what happens to your investments when you kick the bucket.

8. How To Turn P50,000 To P1 Million in Less Than a Year

Is it possible to become a millionaire with only several thousand pesos on hand? Yes, it is! And our number eight post shares what eight other people have done to accomplish this.

7. 15 Money Mistakes I Regret Doing During My 20’s

They say that experience is the best teacher. That is true, but I believe that the best teacher is the experience of others. Number seven gives you my money mistakes that I did during my 20s.

6. 12 Signs That You’re Doing Good Financially Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

The journey towards financial freedom is long, and just like any adventure – there will be lulls and boring moments. Number six examines this particular phase of your financial life.

5. 7 Types of People You Should Avoid If You Want to Become Rich

It’s been said that you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. Number five gives you a list of people to avoid if you don’t want someone to pull down your average.

4. Why You Should Plan For Retirement As Early As Possible

Most people will not think about preparing for their retirement during their 20s. Number four will try to convince you that it’s actually an excellent idea to do so.

3. Philippine Stocks That You Should Buy For Long-Term Investment

On third place is a list of companies that you can buy if you want to do long-term investing in the stock market. If you’re confused which shares to buy in the market, then this article can help.

2. When You Hate Your Job, But You Can’t Afford To Quit

On second place is an article that gives advise on how to cope with, and then eventually quit a job that you hate. I know someone who followed the tips here, successfully left his job, and is now happily excited to start in his new chosen work.


1. Your Last Semester: An Open Letter To The Graduating Batch of 2015

I attempted to reach out to more Pinoy millennials this year because they’re the generation that marks the beginning of our country’s demographic window, and I want them to be part of their growth.

I wrote this article as an inspirational letter, sprinkled it with life lessons and nostalgia, and dedicated it to the future leaders and builders of this nation. I’m glad that the post resonated and was generously shared among them.

Is you favorite blog post for 2015 included in the list? Which one is it? If not, then please share it below in the comments section because I’d like to know.

And if you’re wondering what were the top ten blog posts from the past, then you can visit the countdown articles that I’ve published before below.

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