Where Do You See Yourself When You Retire?

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Where do you see yourself when you retire?

There are four possible scenarios, according to a study of SunLife Philippines, who found out that:

Out of 100 Filipinos who are at age 65

2 are financially independent


23 are still working


30 are dependent on charity


AND 45 are dependent on their children or relatives



The 98% did not want that to happen to them.

They did not plan to fail… they simply failed to plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Where do you see yourself when you retire?

You have two options:

Sacrifice now… and enjoy later


OR Enjoy now… and suffer later


The choice is yours.

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5 Responses to “Where Do You See Yourself When You Retire?”

  1. Tiffany says:

    As much as possible, sana tinuturo ‘yung mga ganito sa mga young adults. We can’t deny the fact that talagang magastos ang karamihan eh. Sure, we appreciate our parents effort pero hindi lahat itatama ‘yung paggastos. Masyadong maraming pinaggagastosan ang mga teenagers, mostly ‘yung iba eh naaaddict sa mga bisyo, peer pleasure, and dahil sa tingin nila wala silang ginagawa kung saan saan na lang ginagastos ang pera. Only few are thought on proper handling of money by their parents. ‘Yung mga hindi natututo ng financial stuffs on their young minds mostly exerts too much effort to climb the financial ladder pero hindi lahat umaangat sa buhay…

  2. Sana college palang meron nang financial literacy yung mga students. Kasi parang normal na lang sa ‘tin na once we graduate and earn our own money, we can buy whatever we want. And once we’re too used to our spending habits while we were young, mahirap nang baguhin. Kaya maraming ayaw makinig sa mga financial advisors.

    Maybe financial advisors should make it their advocacy to teach financial literacy not just to working people, but to students as well. I think students are easier to brainwash. They believe everything their teachers tell them.

    Kung meron lang subject sa college na “importance of investment and life insurance” mas dadami siguro ang magiging financially prepared for the future.

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  4. Ada says:

    There really is a lack of financial education in our educational system. I had to learn by myself how to manage, save and invest my money. Without blogs like this blog, it would be really hard to teach yourself the basics of handling money and building wealth. Imagine if I knew what I know now when I was in my 20s. I plan to be in the 2% who did not fail to plan. Have to sacrifice now to save the remaining 60% that will complete my planned retirement amount.

  5. Hotch says:

    Fitz, u keep on dissing 65yr olds who are still working.. Well, if for them the work is cool & enjoyable, why not??

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