Welcome To Version 3.0

Updated: May 24, 2014

Finally, after almost 6 years. I am able to change the theme and layout of this website.

This has been what I’m doing for the past few days and I hope that you like my blog’s new look.

Changes in the background include optimization of the source code, so the website now loads faster than before.

Also, the theme is now “responsive”, giving smartphone and tablet users better readability. No more zooming because everything is now automatically scaled according to your screen!

Moreover, I believe the overall layout now looks cleaner and easier on the eyes.

I’m still ironing out some of the kinks from the migration, so if you find a bug or error, then please tell me in the comments section below.

So… what do you think?

Please share your thoughts, reactions and suggestions below.

And one more thing…

This is just the first of the handful of surprises I have for you in the coming days. So make sure you’re subscribed to Ready To Be Rich so you won’t miss out on these announcements.

I promise, something big is happening very soon! 😀


  1. Hi Fitz, great to hear your latest update. I was really wondering if there is any business opportunity that we can go into. This is Robert and sometime ago I met you at IMG. I continue to be a sales man in my present company. A small company engaged in selling products and technology outsource abroad. Our company as I have observed has the potential to grow but a family business and its concept remains a family business — they own everything and no potential for employees to be someday become part owner, part decision maker or at least take a small slice of the pie.

    I know some extremely potential business that can be started. I just need a partner — a blogger, a social media enthusiast, a person like you FITZ.

    Either way, I would like to work with you in some capacity.

  2. Um, where’s the column that shows previous topics? I liked your version before. Sorry, not a techie here..

  3. Thank everyone for the positive feedback. 😀

    @Tet, I decided to remove it because it only adds clutter and only a few people click on them. My suggestion is to click the blog title above so you’ll go back to the homepage, and you can browse through the previous articles there.

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