Ways To Save Money On Hair Care

Updated: August 14, 2023

Once again, it’s time for some money-saving tips. Today, I’m going to give you simple ways how you can be frugal with hair care.

We’ll tackle hair products, styling practices, and some common sense strategies on how you can save a little cash and yet, manage your hair to stay “silky-smooth.”

I asked some of my girl friends (that’s two words, okay?) and did a little research on the internet on proper hair care.

Here are some money-saving tips I stumbled upon. I hope that you find them helpful and informative.


Shampoos and Conditioners

Expensive shampoos and conditioners are not necessarily better than their economical counterparts. Most of them use the same ingredients. Don’t waste your money paying for imported name brands if you can get the same beautiful result from using local commercial brands.

As a kid, I could remember only four types of shampoos – oily hair, normal hair, dry hair, and dandruff control. Nowadays, numerous varieties promise to solve various hair problems. I think that all this is just a marketing strategy.

Do you know that hair is a dead part of the body, much like our fingernails? This means that there is no such thing as oily hair type, only oily scalps, which are caused by hormones. Unfortunately, there isn’t a real solution to this, so just wash your hair regularly. Moreover, damaged hair cannot be repaired, and the only way to get rid of it is to cut them.

Frugal advice:
Buy hair products that fit your budget. Test several brands, even the cheap ones, and find the one that gives the best results for you. Don’t be swayed by new product advertising, especially if you already have a regular brand. If you insist, buy a sachet first to test if the new product is better.

Styling and Coloring

For styling products, the same advice for shampoos and conditioners apply here – expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. Find the one that gives you satisfaction and stick to it. Furthermore, try not to put on so many styling products and change hairstyles too often because this is the main cause of hair damage.

Now for hair color – if you just want a subtle change, then your most economical option would be to buy a commercial hair dye and just do it yourself. They’re cheaper and not much different from what salons use. Just be sure to carefully follow the instructions. However, if you’re going for some drastic changes, I’d advise that you solely seek professional assistance.

Frugal advice:
Simply go natural and just accessorize with the right attitude.

Hair Cuts

One of the best ways to save money in hair salons is to learn how to say “No.”

Hairstylists get a commission on every service you avail, so they’ll naturally push recommendations while casually chatting with you. Don’t believe them when they say you urgently need a hot oil treatment or you’d look better after a hair spa. If you go to the salon because you believe that you simply need a haircut, then just get a haircut.

Furthermore, always be on the lookout for salons that have special promotions. The hair service industry is so competitive nowadays, and most of them try to attract customers with discounts and incentives. Go ahead and try these places, especially if you just need a trim.

Frugal advice:
It pays to be loyal to a specific salon, but don’t be afraid to try others, especially the inexpensive franchises, now and then. Moreover, don’t let your stylist persuade you to avail services you don’t need, but always remember to give a tip.


Hair Care
Finally, here are some more simple tips on how you can save money on hair care:

  • Try not to shampoo and condition every day. Every other day usually works fine.
  • Sport a wash-and-wear style to lessen electrical expenses on blow drying.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair too much, it damages the hair.
  • Learn how to cut your own hair or encourage friends to learn with you and cut each other.
  • For parents, learn how to cut their children’s hair. It’s not that complicated.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Protein, iron, and vitamin B-enriched foods help in good hair production.

Can you add more to the list? Kindly share them and leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for the greeting but I did not win the influential blogger award. You must have confused me with Fritzified. :D

    Nevertheless, I sincerely appreciate it that you took the time to leave a comment to congratulate me. :)

  2. A tip for those with thick hair. You can get by using just a bit of shampoo. How? Just put a little bit of shampoo in a scoop, dilute it with warm water and mix well so it becomes very soapy. Then wash your hair with this solution. This way you will need to use less amount of shampoo and also if your hair is dry they say it’s easier on your hair when the shampoo is not so concentrated.

  3. Another tip: there are many stuff in your kitchen/pantry that u can use as homemade “hair treatments or spa”. Merong mga food items na pwede mong gamitin agad, meron ding ibang kailangan ng konting preparation . It sounds crazy but its worth the try, mura pa and a lot of people swear by it! There are some who use mayonnaise lathered and wrapped on their hair to moisturize it overnight. Yung iba naman itlog! Saka sa probinsya ang napaka sikat ang coconut oil or coconut milk.

  4. @ Angelica: I agree.. I would recommend to use an organic treatment for the hair compare to salon treatment, like Aloe Vera for example – it reduce dandruff, promote healthy hair growth (Aloe Vera contains enzymes), and for skin and scalp problems. Another tip is to use your hands instead of comb since may natural oil ang palm natin. much effective and least expensive. :D

  5. Our local supermarket has an entire isle devoted to shampoo and conditioners. another isle of single use sachets and a third isle stuffed with way too many choices of bar soap. I find it disturbing how badly young girls want to “get whiter.” If they only knew how much I would love to be able to enjoy a little more time out in the sun. I am of German descent, blonde hair, blue eyes and skin that will burn after only 15 minutes of exposure the first few times out in the summer. In the soap isle, I hear and understand enough of conversations in that isle to know what these kids desire. Parents, take some time and tell your daughters they are beautiful just the way God created you, no need for adjustments. Besides, if they had my skin, time in the sun would be very limited, sunburns would always be a risk and you will need a large (expensive) supply of not so healthy to use sun-blockers.

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