Watch This 5-Year-Old Kid Do What 60% of Adult Filipinos Have Failed To Accomplish

Updated: November 13, 2014

According to the 2007 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report for the Philippines, four out of ten Filipinos between the age of 18 and 64 are self-employed or engaged in some form of business.

This means around 60% of the Philippines adult population are either unemployed or working as a full-time employee.

Now, I’d like you to meet Joe Jarvis, a 5-year-old entrepreneur from Houston, Texas.

“Garbage Man Joe” has been successfully running a local garbage service business for quite some time now, and the neighbors simply adore him.

Watch the feature report below:

This video report is proof that you’re never too young to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, and you’re likewise never too old to start one.

Note: Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at age 65!

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