Video: How To Manage Your Family’s Income

Posted by under Personal Finance . Updated: September 25, 2016

Last week, I was invited to guest in 9TV Philippines Daybreak to talk about family finances for their Wise Spending Wednesdays segment.

If you missed it, then below is the video replay, which I hope you find informative.


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2 Responses to “Video: How To Manage Your Family’s Income”

  1. Good article. Been looking for some practical info on finances. I read a great book my Charla Aylsworth and Marcia Manchester called The Joy of Skinny: Finances, their site is, some good practical lessons in their book stuff anyone can do. There is something to be said for that.

  2. medina dela cruz says:

    i want to join in the webinar online seminar. pls let me know the schedule when. thank you.

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