Turning Lemonade Into Helicopters

Updated: February 7, 2023

In the past, I wrote a post telling How To Be Lucky in Life and Achieve Success.

Today, I’m sharing a video that compliments the lessons I shared very well.

Below is a short clip of Stanford Technology Venture Program Executive Director, Tina Seelig who says that entrepreneurs should learn how to make their own luck.

She emphasizes that while hard work is imperative, it also takes optimism, an open mind, networking skills and interestingly – the ability to “turn lemons NOT JUST into lemonade… BUT helicopters” to become successful.

Watch the video below and see what she exactly meant by that.

Did it feel like there was something more to this talk?

There is because it’s just a clip from a one-hour lecture entitled, The Art of Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

If you don’t have an hour right now but you do have a few more minutes to spare, then watch another fun and interesting clip from the same lecture here, entitled Make Money By Providing Value.

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  1. Great video! I thought she would literally turn the fruit into a flying helicopter! Good thing I watched the video and learned something new today. Thank Fitz for sharing this video. It’s truly amazing how unexpected things unfold when you allow yourself to truly connect with other people.

  2. Loving your encouraging articles. A good business tip is to be always open to possibilities.

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