Trash To Cash: Recycling Market at SM Supermalls

Updated: March 7, 2008

Do you have useless junk accumulating at home or in your office? When are you planning to get rid of them? I suggest that you do it now and convert your trash to cash by joining the Recycling Market events at SM Supermalls.

The Waste Market Day happens every first Saturday of the month, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the open parking in every SM Supermall. (Update: It’s now every first Friday and Saturday of the month) You can just come and bring all your trash and junk and exchange them for useful items and cash. This event is sponsored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the SM Group of Companies, in partnership with the Philippine Business for the Environment


What can you trade or sell at the waste market?

Items you can trade:

  • Scrap paper and cardboard – for bathroom tissue, table napkins, bond paper and notebooks.
  • Empty ink and toner cartridge – for quality remanufactured ones
  • Plastic bottles and plastic scraps – for plastic household items like hangers, basins and pails
  • Used lead batteries (from cars, UPS and voltage regulators) – for car check-up coupons

Items you can sell:

  • Used PET bottles (containers of softdrinks and mineral water bottles)
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Junk electrical appliance, specially computer monitors

Items you can just drop off:

  • Polystyrene
  • Styrofoam
  • Junk cellphones and cellphone batteries

This project is in support of Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. The act calls for “practical applications of environmentally sound techniques of waste minimization such as segregation, recycling, resource recovery, re-use and composting.

For more information, you may contact the administration of the SM Supermall nearest you.

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  1. been joining their waste fair since late last year. you help the environment & you earn too! =)

    p.s. what’s wrong with entrecard? i can’t drop my card!

  2. Living far from Manila, I only knew about this idea through your blog. I hope other commercial establishments will follow such an environmentalistic example from SM.

  3. ok yan ah.tamang tama gusto ko na itapon yun luma kong pc.kaso wala ata niyan dine sa SM malapit smin.baka sa manila laang yan.

  4. @issa
    me too, i joined their waste fair late last year and has been a regular ever since.

    @wangbu and itot54joni
    i think that this is a nationwide activity, so this includes your local SM branches there in Iloilo and Batangas

  5. our place is just 2 Km away from SM in our place. This is great since we always have recycle bin at the back of our house. What I like about SM is that they are not just a commercial conglomerate but they also try to mix their industry in the efforts to preserve the environment. Like the Sm in Baguio, instead of using aircondition, they made the place open air. Dumaan lang fitz. Thanks for visiting from time to time. I’ve added you on my roll so that I can visit here often.

    Pax et bonum

  6. Thanks bluepanjeet for visiting and for adding me to your roll. I discovered your blog through Ambo and have become a subscriber. Keep up the good work and more power to your blog.

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  8. Hi jayl. Yes, you can bring those but they’ll just be weighed for the metal parts and not as an appliance. That’s the case when I went one time with a broken VHS player. I also remember one of the coordinators saying that they don’t always accept old electronic appliances. I suggest that you bring those anyway.

    As for the computer parts, are those still working? Why not sell them in TipidPC instead? If not, then bring those as well to the waste market.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  10. […] Immediately, I checked my schedule and was glad to see that I didn’t have any important appointments for the weekend. So I decided to pack everything and prepared to bring them to the upcoming recycling market in SM. […]

  11. ask ko lng ano ano ba pwede dalhin doon. sbi nila meron different paper,plastic,bakal,bottles etc. pra masort ko na d2 s bhay at mbilis ang process pagdala ko doon.

  12. mas ok ba benta s sm kaysa sa mga junkshop? sayang meron n ako naipon na iba pwede mdala. d ko kc alam 1st fri@sat lang. dat mean hhntayin ko ulit nxt month pra mdla s knila. ang styro b hndi mbbenta dmi kc d2. ano pla yung polystyrene?tnxs

  13. Actually, you can also sell them sa junk shops. I heard that the selling price is almost the same. Mas maganda lang sa SM Trash To Cash kasi one-stop na sha, unlike sa junk shops, selected lang ang tinatanggap at pupunta ka sa iba pang junk shop para ibenta ang ibang items. Also, you can also bring and sell empty original ink cartridges.

    With regards to the styro, better ask the organizers if they know a junk shop where you can bring them for recycling. Lastly, polystyrene is plastic usually used as material for cooking utensils.

  14. thanks 4 d info. iipon ko n mga parts ng comp at ink carts. dmi ko d2 mga elec junks. just need to wait nxt month pa pra magkapera na.

  15. i have saved most of the juice foils from my g-daughter’s baon and i’m wondering if they accept these also…or do they buy these? i know there are organizations that use these materials to make bags and other stuff then sold worldwide.

  16. Hello. I was planning to bring my unused electrical appliances and empty ink cartridges at SM Supermalls. Is the SM trash to cash fair still on going?

  17. Yes sm recycle is still active they held it every first friday and saturday of the month. the time starts at 8am up to 2pm only. So don’t be late. Thier price usually don’t differ from the junk shops.

  18. we have a lot ink cartidge na naipon. If i bring it with you can i sell it instead of a trade-off?

  19. hi! i just found out about this event from my friend. i was wondering, do they accept papers? coz we have tons of papers (thousands of photocopied materials) from school and i was wondering where to put them all.. i have i think around 2 boxes full already but i dont want to throw them away. thank you!

    btw,informative blog :) hehe

  20. Sorry everyone for the lack of replies. In any case, the SM Trash to Cash is still ongoing but it usually varies for every branch. Ask the nearest SM in your area for the junk that they will accept.

    Yes, they do accept paper. It’s one of the best things to bring there. You can also bring cardboard boxes and other paper junks.

  21. is it only on supermalls? like mall of asia and mals out of town? its so far,, i live here in q.c. can we drop also in any other sm branches?

  22. hello, do you know if sm accepts magazines? i have tons of magazines here like candy mag etc., i was wondering where i can recycle them… tnx!

  23. Hi Fitz,

    Does all SM branches has certification from DENR. This appears to be a requirement by Philippine Economic Processing Zone (PEZA) before e-waste are allowed to be hauled out. We are located in a PEZA-governed industrial park and we have a few items we would like to get rid of.


  24. @eric
    I’m sorry but I don’t know. Perhaps you could talk to the admin of SM regarding your concern. Thanks.

  25. hi, ask ko lang if what kind ng empty ink cartridge yung pwede dalhin, kasi may mga ink cartridge na hindi binibili ng ibang shop?thanks

  26. i brought some empty epson ink cartridge and they weigh it. a personnel from the Trash to Cash told me that sayang daw kasi i can sell it by piece sa labas. they do not Trash to Cash it by piece but by weight.

    for the plastic containers/pet bottles, mas mataas ang buying sa SM kesa junkshop so i see to it that i have enough every month.

  27. I googled info about the SM Cash to Trash event and was glad to find your site. It was very useful! Thanks a lot!

  28. I sold my papers and plastic scraps expecting for an exchange for new ones, but unfortunately they paid me instead of following their conditions which is to trade it! I’m really really disappointed not only because of that, but also because they paid less and it felt like they’re trying to fool you with the prices. I won’t ever join this again never.

  29. hey! I have here more than a box of used but in good condition imported pocketbooks and novels. Is it possible to sell it to sm trash to cash?thnx..

  30. Hi, I just want to know if you still have this Trash to Cash activity here in Cebu City. I have lots of junk which I want to dispose now but I heard that you can trade in your junk for more useful items or sell it. Let me know if this is still on-going. Thank you:)

  31. Hi anybody knows kung saan ako makakabili ng volume na used poster ads yung parang cardboard na glossy ang quality. Thanks in advance

  32. Good day po..ask ko lng po kung pwede rin yung notebook na acer..nabasag lang po kc yung board nito..thanks..god bless..

  33. youre selling trash, so pls dont expect a price in exchange like for a brand new item… of course its cheaper because the title is trash for cash? right


  35. food magazine luma,like yummy,old books,ang bigat pag walang car,baka may gusto pick-up las pinas. how much kaya?any idea?useful pa,sayang sa junkshop, Thank you mr. fitz for this post!

  36. I thought SM was doing something for the good of the environment & Manila so today I went to SM Marikina to offload a bunch of old appliances. Guess what, SM just contracts a junk dealer that gives you junk money. I had to wait for 2 hours because the junkman was not there. SM does nothing for free as it takes a commission from the junkman. So SM is not doing this for the betterment of society. I could have gone to my local junkshop & completed the transaction in 10 minutes. Shame on you, SM.

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