The Longest Weekend Of My Life

Updated: September 29, 2020

For most people, it’s “back to reality” every Monday whenever there’s a long weekend. After enjoying their short vacation, it’s time to resume work in the office.

Long weekends don’t come by often, but they do come. And there are years like in 2009 when there were three consecutive long weekends.

So… what did you do during the last long weekend and what are you planning to do on the next one?

Long weekends are always a welcome break to the monotony of work. It’s a time to relax, get busy with your hobby, or go out of town to spend time with family and friends.


When I was still working in the corporate world, I always looked forward to these occasions. I would plan and arrange my schedule to ensure that I would get the most fun out of the short vacation.

That was until I realized that long weekends can be more than just a time to rest and enjoy.

For someone who dreams of financial freedom, long weekends are also opportunities. It’s a chance for you to…

earn some extra income by doing some freelance work.

… brainstorm and plan for a new business.

… study and learn about entrepreneurship and investing.

… take stock and analyze your current finances.

But if all these don’t appeal to you, then maybe just contemplate and design your goals and financial future.

Personally, for almost a year before I left the corporate world, I remember spending most of my long weekends (including the holiday vacation) doing freelance work.

I’d grab any income opportunity I could get and later on, work out my finances to see if I have enough to start a business.

This continued until I had the resources and the courage to resign from work. And upon doing so, I have consequently started living the longest weekend of my life.

No more manic Mondays nor TGIF, for every day seems to be a Saturday for me.

And I wish the same for you.

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  1. I agree.. ang daming weekends ngayong 2009! woooooooooooot!

    Sipag mo talaga.. bakasyon na nag fefreelance pa.. yung iba iniisip nila boracay, bohol, hong kong.. tsk tsk tsk.. 😀 hehehe

  2. yes. we should be happy because of the too many non-working holidays this month… least we can relax and at the same time we can focus on our online or the make money online jobs.

  3. yes.. this must be the happiest moment to those who are employed.heheheh at least.. they can relax and have time with their families… and we can also focus on our make money online.

  4. holidays are not so happy when you are “forced” to work on those days. =( did you know that if you work at philippine embassy, you are entitled to BOTH holidays on your host country and the holidays in the Philippines? That means 2x the number of holidays to enjoy! =)

  5. When I was young and wanted to get a jump-start in life, I loved long holidays because if I volunteered to work the holiday it was very lucrative. If I already would have my 40 hours in, all additional work would be at the overtime rate of time and a half. Then, since it was a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, add in the holiday pay for working those days and PRESTO, 2 1/2 your normal hourly pay rate. Now a days, a long holiday weekend (in the US) will shorten my trading week. That is OK, I can relax with my family here in the Philippines and use some of the time to study new positions to trade. Actually, an upcoming long holiday may be the deciding factor in weather I sell options for income on a Friday ahead of the shortened trading week or should I wait until the following Tuesday to sell options. It is good to be in full control of your time and be the Captain of your own ship. You have greater responsibility but also the freedom.

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